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Do I Need a Document Shredding Company for my Business?

Document Shredding Company

Data loss and data breaches have recently become some of the most talked about topics in the business community. This is no doubt because of the media frenzy surrounding Apple and AOL when they grappled with their own data losses.

And it’s even worse for small businesses. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 70% of businesses that lose client data end up shutting down within seven months.

How A Data Breach Can Ruin Your Business

Data loss isn’t good for anybody. The costs of losing financial data are due to the following reasons:

  • bad for business
  • bad for stakeholders: can lead to costly litigation
  • bad for business reputation

These three things combined can easily kill any business.

Benefits of Hiring A Document Shredding Company

On the other hand, hiring a document shredding company can potentially save your business from financial ruin. Not only that, but hiring a document shredding company will also improve your company and brand’s reputation.

Your clients will appreciate the value you place on their privacy and confidentiality. There’s no better way to show your commitment than to hire a document shredding company. And it will ensure the safety of your clients’ information all the time.

How A Professional Document Shredding Company Works

Shredding documents is the best way to ensure that no one can access your important data. In fact, analysts now argue that a professional shredding service is more important than ever for guaranteeing secure financial management.

Your documents will be destroyed in our state-of-the-art shredding truck, on your property. When you opt for onsite document shredding, the documents will never leave your sight. An authorized client representative will watch the document destruction with you to ensure all the documents are destroyed. Then, the documents will be recycled into another paper product.

Do I Really Need A Document Shredding Company?

First, it must be said that the law requires businesses to have a data protection system in place to protect their customers and employees. Shredding is an important part of this system.

For most businesses there are certain sensitive documents that need to be destroyed immediately. These documents may contain important financial info or social security numbers.

On-site shredding services are the most effective and convenient way for a business to destroy documents. It also lends the business more credibility when dealing with a credible NAID certified document shredding company.

And finally, remember that thieves are just as likely to target businesses as they’re to target consumers. So, consider involving a document shredding company in your overall business strategy.

Cross Cut Shredder vs Strip

Over 8 million Americans have been reported as victims of identity theft last year. With these kinds of numbers, people are starting to realize the importance of keeping their personal information safe.

One of the first questions that come to mind is – what to do with all of those sensitive documents? The easiest way to get rid of them is by shredding them.

However, different people have different needs and therefore, different shredding solutions. There are many different paper shredders suited for different kinds of businesses, big businesses, small businesses, and home users. The choice of cross cut shredder vs strip also depends on personal taste.

Cross Cut Shredder

Defining Characteristics

  • A cross cut shredder will cut papers into little pieces.
  • Maintenance: will require more oiling because the gears work harder cutting more.
  • Security: the most secure.
  • Convenience: in terms of cross cut shredder vs strip, more papers can be shredded with the cross cut shredder before needing to empty the bin. The shredded papers fit more compactly inside the bin.

Who It’s For

This paper shredder cuts both lengthwise and widthwise. It offers the highest level of security with level 3 security and above. This is defined by the NSA as a shred that is no larger than 3/16″x3″. As such, cross cut shredders are the norm in offices, businesses, and government agencies.

If you work with highly confidential documents, the cross cut shredder might be your best choice. On the other hand, strip cut shredded documents can potentially be reconstructed.

Strip Cut Shredder

Defining Characteristics

  • A strip cut shredder will shred documents into strips, which is also known as the spaghetti cut. You might be able to choose how wide the strips are, in multiples of about 2mm.
  • Maintenance: requires oiling, but not as often as a cross cut shredder.
  • Security: not as secure as cross cut shredders. For the best security with a strip cut shredder, documents should be shredded width-wise, not length-wise.
  • Convenience: waste bin needs to be emptied more often because the long strips take up more space.

Who It’s For

In terms of cross cut shredder vs strip, the strip is much faster with a higher throughput. It’s best suited for the home user who requires a lower level of security, but still wants to protect his information from identity theft.

Cross Cut Shredder Vs Strip: Final Verdict

Depending on the quality of the particular shredder, both cross cut and strip cut shredders can shred credit cards or cds.

Both shredders can do the job, but the best one depends on you. Every business and individual will have different needs.

However, in terms of security, on-site shredding services beats both of them. Keep your documents secure and save extra time by working with a professional shredding company. Give us a call and get a quote today.