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IntelliShred is starting the year off BIG!

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HDD Shredding

As a business owner, you understand the necessity of shredding outdated and sensitive information to keep your company, and your clients, safe from identity thieves. The first important step is to contact a professional company like IntelliShred to handle document and hdd shredding.

There are different ways to destroy information on computer hard disks, and they range from using software to the physical destruction in the form of shredding. When you want to get rid of sensitive data and protect confidential information, you need to consider the method that is most effective and affordable.

The use of software may help you to save the hard disks, but it can be quite costly, and in many cases, it is necessary to repeat the process sometimes to get the results you want.

There are several reasons to use the physical method:

Recycling your equipment

You can embark on hard disk shredding while recycling the rest of the equipment. If you are dealing with many computers, this method will help to save time as you can deal with a large amount of equipment at the same time. If you are upgrading all the computers in your company, this method will help you to overhaul everything at the same time.

Using professional services

IntelliShred offers hdd shredding services, and we can guarantee very effective results. It’s especially important to use professionals when you are dealing with sensitive data. We always carry out the shredding on-site with our hard drive shredding equipment. When you are dealing with sensitive information, on-site shredding is a must, as off-site shredding only increases the risk of a possible security breach.

Consider privacy laws

When destroying data, you have to consider the privacy laws. Sensitive data falling into the wrong hands can be very costly and can have serious legal implications for the company. Using professional services will help to prevent this from happening. With IntelliShred you’ll get documentation to show that you have complied with the law.

Specialized shredders

Hard drives have metal parts; this means they need special equipment to do the shredding. A reliable company must have quality equipment that will ensure that all the data is destroyed. IntelliShred has the experience and equipment necessary to do the job properly.

If you opt for on-site hdd shredding, you can rest assured that all of the destroyed material will be recycled properly. This will help you to avoid spending extra costs to get rid of the waste.

Hard Drive Shredding Equipment Solutions

Suspicious paperwork, printing forbidden files in a company, top secret information in documents – those things always have been easy to destroy. For the paper, just put them in the shredder. But what to do with digitally written information such as CD’s, DVD’s, hard disc, smartphones and memory sticks?

Thanks to the 21st century technology, there are available hard drive shredding equipment solutions. Our machines ensure total security by physically destroying all the magnetic media.

IntelliShred specializes in hard drive shredding equipment solutions. Our equipment can destroy paper, digital hard drives, metal, plastics, practically anything.

Why Hard Drives Need To Be Physically Destroyed

For individuals, companies and government agencies, the possibility of digital data returning from hard drives can be very risky.

Simply deleting or formatting the hard drive doesn’t result in permanent destruction. Information such as banking transactions, pin codes, usernames and passwords, which the old owners believed they had permanently disposed of, can be recovered by those who want to abuse them.

By using a hard drive destruction service that shreds with state-of-the art machinery, it is certain the data on the hard drive cannot be restored ever again.

How Is Restoration Possible?

Namely, each hard drive has a small disc of magnetic material, on which data is physically written. After deletion or formatting, the magnetism remains. Even in some case of significant damage to the hard drive, specialized laboratories will manage to recover the data. Therefore, the process of destroying the hard disk information is not so simple.

Improper destruction can lead to the release of toxic substances, which has a great impact on the natural environment.

Why Use Hard Drive Shredding Equipment

On the other hand, the physical destruction of hard drives through the process of shredding is financially easy. There are also no negative environmental consequences. And finally, the return of the recorded data is absolutely impossible – because simply, the device does not exist anymore.