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Month: September 2018

Protect Confidential Information of All Types, Not Only Paper Documents

Protect Confidential Information In today’s world, identity theft has become a regular occurrence – and it’s now easier to steal someone’s confidential information, because it exists in other forms, not only on paper. More companies are... read more

Block Your Risk of Identity Theft with a Professional Shredding Company

Professional Shredding Company In today’s corporate environment, there’s been an overwhelming increase in identity theft from businesses – and it has continued to be huge liability issue. Your company’s confidential documents are always at... read more

E-Waste Destruction Is Easier Than You Think

E-Waste Destruction In today’s corporate environment, we tend to push for better technology faster than we often need it. Through computers, tablets, cell phones or other electronic devices, we have always produced electronic waste. This constant... read more