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Paper Shredding Services for Bucks County, PA

It’s no secret that many companies find it difficult keeping up with identity theft and data breaches in Bucks County, PA. Make life a little easier on yourself and hire a local paper shredding company for all your data destruction services. If you value your company, safeguard it is through proper shredding and destruction services. We offer you the very best in paper shredding services in Bucks County, PA.

If you are a business in Bucks County and are looking for a credible shredding company, read on to see what you should be looking for.

Not all document shredding companies are the same

Don’t give your documents to someone you know nothing about. Look for a company with credentials. IntelliShred has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We come by this certification by complying with all industry standards, ethical requirements, and all regulations established by NAID.

Always ask questions about the exact procedures followed by a shredding company

There are methods any paper shredding company in Bucks County, PA, should be more than willing to go over with you. The use of the latest equipment for shredding and destruction is essential. For any company, big or small, but especially for companies such as medical companies, data is particularly sensitive and you never want to see it fall into the wrong hands. A paper shredding company in Bucks County, PA, should welcome any questions you may have concerning what they do.

Ask about their expert technicians

Any paper shredding or product destruction services company needs the tightest security. You may want to ask specific questions about the people who get the jobs done every day and hear how trusted they are dealing with your confidential documents. Ask about the hiring process. Find out about the people who make up the company you are being asked to trust.

Today, it’s all about being mobile

Back in the day, a company would gather up all of your documents and products and cart them away. If there was an accident or documents got lost or stolen, you never knew how that might affect your company in the long run. For paper shredding in Bucks County, PA, that is no longer necessary with mobile or on-site shredding services available. With on-site shredding, you can monitor the destruction process and rest assured that others are not viewing your sensitive data.

For over 20 years, IntelliShred has provided the best in document shredding and product destruction. We have the highest ethical standards and practices, and we only offer the most outstanding, personalized customer service.

For any business today, it is not easy putting your trust in a service that promises to deliver and rarely lives up to promises. IntelliShred was built on the foundation of not just personalized customer service but its innovative approach to shaping the future of the shredding industry.

We have many years of expertise in the commercial shredding and destruction services in Bucks County, PA. We have assisted hundreds of companies throughout the region protect their private information. Every day, we employ the highest standards, helping our customers destroy and recycle paper, floppy drives, CD’s and DVD’s, video cassettes, microfilm, microfiche, and much more.

You won’t find a company that disposes of private, sensitive information better than us. Contact us today to learn more about our services and find out how we can help your business with all its paper shredding in Bucks County, PA.

To our Valued Clients,

We are all experiencing very challenging times as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. The IntelliShred family would like to take a moment to assure our loyal clients that we will do everything within our ability and control to deliver the same level of support and service that you have come to expect. IntelliShred’s service representatives and office personnel are working harder than ever to assure business continues as usual to avoid any interruptions in service to our clients.

We are open for business and plan to continue our operations for as long as our clients stay open for business.

We our carefully monitoring the health of our service and office personnel. No one will be permitted to service our clients or work in our offices if they are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.

We have established aggressive disinfecting protocol to sanitize touch points in our service vehicles and handheld scanning devices. Additionally, all employees are urged to be vigilant to minimize physical contact and wash hands thoroughly before and after client service.

If your company has employees working from home, please remind them of the importance of document security. Employees can store sensitive materials while working at home, then return the documents to the secure consoles for destruction when you re-open. Reminding employees of the importance of document security is critical to keeping your corporate information out of the wrong hands.

We will continue to monitor the changing Coronavirus/COVID-19 mandates and regulations that State and Federal officials are providing. As the situation continues to develop, we will be sure to communicate any changes in our support of your business. Please contact our office at 866-747-3360 with any questions.

The safety and security of your business is our highest priority and we truly appreciate the trust you place in our team and our company.

The IntelliShred Team

IntelliShred is your NAID-certified vendor, ready to destroy medical records to protect your business and to give you and your patients peace of mind. If your work involves medical records, it’s essential to understand why, when, and how to destroy it securely.

Here’s our guide to medical records destruction to help you make the best, informed decisions for your organization and your patients’ needs.

Why Must Medical Records Be Destroyed Securely?

The destruction of medical records is mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Part of its reason for being is to protect access to health data and to ensure its integrity and confidentiality. This critical act was enacted in 1996 and if your business involves medical records, it must comply. It’s your business’s responsibility to keep medical records secure, but that doesn’t mean you have to do so alone.

Businesses such as IntelliShred are specialists in destroying sensitive data, so that you can rest assured that you comply with legislation. Ensuring the secure destruction of medical records will help you avoid fines, as well as ensuring that that your business, clients, and patients are safe.

What Constitutes Protected Health Information?

HIPAA states that protected health information (PHI) must be secure and disposed of securely. It’s worth examining your records or consulting with a professional data destruction firm, because the HIPAA considers many elements as sensitive information that must be protected.

PHI includes patient histories regarding surgery, immunization, and family history, as well as data about physical examinations that have taken place. PHI also means orders and prescriptions, allergies, and growth charts or other developmental history.

Within these records and elsewhere, you may also have such details as fax and phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, IP addresses, and device serial numbers that can identify people. Other identifying data include social security numbers, certificate or license numbers, account numbers, and vehicle identifiers. Photos, geographic data, and dates, and many more elements also make up PHI.

This is why it’s critical to have medical information destroyed securely. If there is any chance that data or physical copies can be retrieved and pieced back together, this puts your organization and your patients at risk.

When Should I Destroy Medical Documents?

While some medical records, such as patients’ birth certificates or a register of surgical procedures need to be kept permanently, others can be destroyed after a recommended delay. Diagnostic images should be kept for five years. Patient health records should be stored for ten years after its last use. A physician index or disease index ought to be kept for ten years. Get in touch with our specialist team to learn more about when you should destroy PHI.

If the files have not passed their retention times, it might still be time to destroy records if a) the organization is transitioning from paper records to a paperless or electronic health records (EHR) system or b) the medical records contain administrative errors requiring new records to be created.

Whatever the case, old medical records should not be disposed of haphazardly. Even if they contain errors, they still constitute PHI as described by HIPAA and must be destroyed securely.

How to Destroy Medical Records Securely

While HIPAA states that organizations must dispose of their old medical records securely, it’s up to those organizations how they achieve this. Medical documents must be shredded or destroyed electronically.

IntelliShred destroys medical records using one of two 100% effective methods to suit you and your needs.

  • Mobile Shredding:our trucks come out to your location, destroying medical records while you watch. We provide certificates of destruction that detail project specifics.
  • Off-Site Shredding:trucks will come out to your location and pick up medical records. These are stored in locked bins and taken to an off-site facility for destruction.

The destruction of old medical records is a legal requirement, but it doesn’t have to be a worry. Our courteous, industry-certified staff is knowledgable and will take care of your medical records and your compliance with HIPAA regarding destroying old medical records.

We make it easy for you to protect your organization and your patients. Contact us today to learn more.

Most companies need a reliable system for getting rid of documents and old equipment. Data breaches and identity theft are some of the biggest problems you can run into when old data is not disposed of properly. Many businesses have information stored on hard drives and on documents that can compromise even the most trusted of companies.

When it comes to hard drives, people incorrectly assume they can chop up, crush, or burn the devices to make them unusable. Not so. Believe it or not, information on those old hard drives can be stolen even if the equipment is damaged. Don’t destroy old hard drives yourself. Leave hard drive destruction to the professionals.

Here are the top 5 reasons to destroy old hard drives:

#1 Data Is Destroyed Permanently

Even when you think data has been destroyed on old hard drives, it is still there. Deleting files does not rid your computer of them – they are still in the hard drive and can easily be recovered by hackers or thieves.

IntelliShred guarantees the destruction of old hard drives. We put them through industrial-strength shredders that reduce them to thousands of pieces. This is the only way to ensure there is no chance of any data recovery.

#2 Be In Compliance And Avoid Fines

Today, every company must comply with many things. Data storage media is just one of them. You don’t want your company to be the next involved in a security breach – this could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

Sensitive information needs to be disposed of properly. Once we complete our hard drive destruction services, we provide you with a certificate of destruction. This certificate verifies that you have done everything within regulatory compliance.

#3 Keep Your Workplace In Top Shape

The last thing your company needs are old hard drives taking up space. Valuable time is wasted when you take on the task of destroying old hard drives. And data will still be recoverable. Leaving old equipment sitting in closets or storerooms makes them vulnerable to theft or electronic breaches.

With IntelliShred, however, your worries are over. Let us help you to free up workspace to generate more income for you. This is why it’s always safer to turn to us for reliable and verifiable old hard drive destruction.

#4 You Have A Reputation To Protect

You have built your company on trustworthy ethical standards. Nothing less will do. When you don’t destroy old hard drives, the data could fall into the wrong hands. That data breach could be substantial and costly.

Corporate information management 101 – keep your company’s private information private. You have customers to protect and they rely on your good services to keep their information safe and away from those who would love to attain it for illegal purposes.

#5 Be Assured That All Data Is Removed

With our data destruction services, all data becomes unrecoverable. You cannot just throw away hard drives or damage them where you think they are destroyed. Even if you are a small company, your private data can impact larger business partners and lead to many unanticipated problems.

Data breaches and security leaks compromise people every day. Don’t take risks when it comes to your company’s sensitive data. Don’t attempt physical destruction of hard drives on your own. You need high-security data destruction machines that will ensure company data is destroyed.

If you are looking for a reliable company to handle your business’s hard drive disposal, be sure to contact us today. We destroy old hard drives and more and ensure that your company is in total regulatory compliance.