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What Does it Cost to Shred Hard Drives?

To make sure that your business complies with regulations on data protection, you must destroy not only your confidential paper material but also relevant electronic data storage devices. The cost of data loss or a security breach can be far higher than the cost of destroying hard drives. We recommend that your primary concern be the reliability, safety, and security offered by the hard drive destruction.

At IntelliShred, we are experts in document shredding and e-waste disposal. The destruction of e-waste takes place in our state-of-the art shredding trucks at your location. This ensures your data is irrecoverable forever. It’s not enough to wipe hard drives or delete files. Similar to documents (see our previous blog on a shred all policy) hard drives must be physically destroyed to render the data irrecoverable.

Hard drives can potentially contain vast amounts of confidential, sensitive data. They have incredible storage capacities and don’t take up much physical space. The loss or theft of a hard drive may be a relatively simple affair but the consequences can be disastrous. This is why it’s essential to use a professional firm that can:

  • keep track of your hard drives
  • ensure they are physically destroyed, and
  • provide you with certification to demonstrate to you and your clients that you have taken care of confidential information in line with government regulations.

Hard drive shredding ensures that your sensitive or confidential data is destroyed. This protects your business and your clients. And it can ensure that you are compliant with data protection legislation. By having a clear data shredding policy, your clients can trust you with their information and will be more likely to do business with you.

At IntelliShred, we offer state-of-the art, high-quality e-waste services. We have the proper equipment, practices, training, and dedication to securely destroy your hard drives, CDs and DVDs, microfilm, microfiche, x-ray film, floppy drives, and video cassettes. We will also recycle computers, monitors, and many other electronic devices once the data storage elements are destroyed.

Hard Drive Shredding Cost

The cost of fallout from not shredding hard drives can be far higher than what hard drive shredding costs. It’s harder to recover lost reputation than it is to recover data from a hard drive, so make sure that you hire a reliable firm to shred your hard drives, not necessarily, the cheapest.

Our staff is trained, courteous, professional, and reliable, so you can trust us with all of your document shredding and hard drive destruction needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about what our hard drive shredding costs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you secure your business with 100% successful hard drive shredding and other services available as and when you need them.

With a shred-all policy, you destroy all your business documents when they are no longer needed. The alternative is selective shredding, where employees determine which documents need to be shredded. All businesses handle sensitive information, so whether to use selective shredding or a shred all policy is a discussion all managers and owners need to have.

Confidential information includes personal information, account details, and other basic business records. When no longer needed, this information needs to be destroyed securely to avoid the risk of it being compromised. The loss or theft of customer information can have severe repercussions, including loss of reputation or trust, legal issues, and severe fines as a result of not complying with data protection regulation.

A shred-all policy appears to have the edge over selective shredding for most businesses. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing secure document shredding for all of your unneeded documents in your business.

Advantages of a Shred-All Policy

  1. Efficiency. A shred-all policy reduces the burden on staff regarding decision making. Having to decide what needs shredding and what doesn’t takes up valuable time and energy, leading to decision fatigue and potential errors. By removing that decision-making process, you can free up your workers to get on with their core roles.
  2. Effectiveness. By shredding every document the business no longer needs, there is less chance for something critical to slip through the net. Instead of risking mistakes every day, shredding all unneeded documents reduces the possibility of human error and ensures that no confidential data will end up in the wrong hands.
  3. Fairness. Making individual workers responsible for a company’s data protection is a burden. A shred-all policy prevents any one person from being to blame for the loss of confidential information. All workers should work together and share the responsibility to ensure the security of data.
  4. Staff training. It’s easier to train staff to shred everything than it is to explain how to identify truly critical confidential and sensitive information. A shred-all policy simplifies the workday and training procedures.
  5. Compliance. Shredding everything means that you are not taking chances with compliance. Breaking laws that govern the protection of private information, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), can incur severe fines, even if the violations are accidental.
  6. Space. Shredding unneeded documents saves money that would otherwise be used on storage. Many businesses use expensive office space or storage units to maintain old files. Shredding them freeze up valuable real estate that could be used more effectively and profitably. The use of storage units could be reduced or eliminated.
  7. Cost. You may find the cost of shredding everything is not much more than the cost of shredding only your critical information. By shredding everything, you streamline your processes and clear the decks in one fell swoop. Get in touch with us for a quote to see the potential cost savings a shred all policy.

In our experience, a shred-all policy has significant advantages over selective shredding. If you would like to talk about adopting a shred all policy, we can help you make it happen and facilitate the transition. You will be certain that everything is destroyed that we have destroyed everything securely, removing the worry that things may slip through the net.

We will help you implement an effective shred all program. Get in touch with our professional team for helpful, friendly, expert advice, and a quote with no obligation.

If you need confidential data destruction in Burlington County, get in touch with IntelliShred today. We offer state-of-the-art on-site data destruction and shredding services for businesses throughout the tri-state area. We have 20 years of experience, so you can expect the highest standards and effective, responsible document and device destruction.

Document Destruction in Burlington County

Data security is increasingly important. Data theft, security breaches, and misuse of confidential information are on the rise. Cybercriminals are increasingly savvy and understand the value of accessing private and personal information.

The loss of sensitive information, whether by human error or by theft, can lead to loss of business, loss of reputation, and even the demise of the business. Not to mention steep fines imposed by regulators, even for accidental violations.

While some small business owners think that they are exempt from data protection regulations, many cybercriminals target small businesses because they tend to have fewer security measures yet provide access to their larger business partners. The best way to protect your business, your partners, and your clients is to ensure regular, secure document destruction.

Our Burlington County Paper Shredding Services

When you utilize our on-site paper shredding services in Burlington County, you can look forward to us arriving at your location with our modern equipment. We provide on-site document shredding so that we can take care of your sensitive documents in front of you. You can watch your documents as we destroy them via a live screen on the side of our truck.

Because your documents don’t need to leave your premises, it makes the destruction process even easier and more secure. You place your documents in our security containers to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. We pick these up and destroy them on site. Then we will provide you with a certificate of destruction that will report how many documents we shredded and attest that they were destroyed safely, securely, and professionally.

Paper Shredding Tailored to Your Needs

We pride ourselves on offering a truly customizable service. To this end, we offer one-time shredding and regular shredding services.

  • One-time shredding / purge shredding – This is for those situations in which you need to destroy documents urgently or once in a while. Some of our clients require one-time shredding because of a change in the law, to ensure secrecy regarding products or services, annual file cleanup, or before moving location. Whatever the reason, you can rely on us to arrive promptly and to take care of your large-scale shredding needs on-site.
  • Regular shredding service – This service is ideal for businesses that destroy sensitive information that is produced daily. Regular document destruction helps to maintain the security of your sensitive documents, keeps your office organized, and helps ensure compliance with document destruction laws.

Give us a call so that we can assess your needs and we can design a shredding schedule to suit you. We can perform shredding weekly bi-weekly or monthly.

You can rely on our professional service to integrate with your business seamlessly. After our professionals arrive promptly to collect your confidential information from our secure document bins, they take these to mobile shredding vehicles where you may watch the document destruction process for yourself via active video screen.

Whatever your shredding needs, get in touch with us for a flexible service, a customized response, and a fair quote. We’re looking forward to meeting your paper shredding needs in Burlington County and the surrounding areas, so get in touch with us today for peace of mind, a professional service, and compliance with data protection legislation.