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The Most Business Friendly Hard Drive Destruction Service

Hard Drive Destruction Service

Once upon a time, documents with vital information could be shredded, and that was it. One could rest easy knowing that their private information would remain safe.

Those days are now over. The digital age has made security a constant battle. Hackers are always on the prowl, and no company is too big for them to attack. While shredding is a wise choice for paper documents, what does one do about hard drives with vital data?

The best solution is to hire a hard drive destruction service. This ensures that not even the greatest hacker can get their hands on a company’s vital information. Another plus is that hard drive destruction can take place right in front of one’s eyes. The on-site option can give allow a company to rest easy and focus on their work.

A Wipe is Not Enough

Ask the average person about hard drive security, and they will say that a complete wipe is needed. While this does provide some level of security, it is not enough. If the hard drive remains intact, then hackers can find residual data. This is a fact that one cannot ignore. These malicious elements will take any chance they can get to steal vital company data. The damage to a business’s reputation and brand in the eyes of the public may never recover.  The best course of action is to employ a destruction service. 

For consumers, the standard hard drive wipe might be fine. But for businesses, this isn’t acceptable. A hard drive destruction service done by a professional shredding company is the only solution. Here’s a case study that illustrates why this is:

The Blancco Technology Group and Kroll Ontrack did a security study that involved 200 used hard drives and solid state drives. They purchased these used hard drives from Amazon, eBay and Gazelle.com.

  • 36% of the hard drives had residual (left over) data.
  • Only 10% of these 200 hard drives had secure data erasure done. Secure data erasure requires a special software program.
  • Deletion attempts were made on 75% of the drives with residual data.

The deletion attempts were largely unsuccessful because common but unreliable methods of data deletion were used.

This potentially could have left much sensitive information available to cyber criminals. A cyber criminal only needs the right software and know-how to access deleted data from a used hard drive.

Peace of Mind

Electronic data security can drive one mad. There are numerous stories of destruction and ruin arising from stolen data. No business can afford for this to happen to them. The simple oversight of not properly disposing of a hard drive can lead to ruin. This infectious fear can distract one from doing great business.

Why waste time and energy worrying about one’s electronic data security?

Choosing on-site hard drive destruction can set one’s mind at ease. One can watch as their vital information is handled securely. An average business can waste time wallowing in fear. A high-quality business implements intelligent solutions and wastes no time being afraid.

No Stone Unturned

Why not just assign some employees to destroy the hard drives? Make no mistake, it may seem that hard drive destruction is self-explanatory, but that is far from the truth. Few people know to properly dispose of a hard drive. This goes beyond mere breaking and smashing. IntelliShred has a tried and true method of hard drive destruction. This ensures that not a single crucial piece will remain intact.  Electronic data security is not something that any business can cheap out on. One must leave no stone unturned.

So if conventional data removal methods aren’t effective, what can you do?

Proper E-waste Solutions

The goal of this post is to show you that there’s a 100% reliable and practical method to properly destroy a hard drive or solid state drive.

This is most important for businesses that handle confidential information from customers, including important information like credit card numbers. For this type of business, a hard drive destruction service is necessary.

Properly Upgrading

The challenge that many businesses face is when they have to upgrade their computer systems. They carelessly throw out old hard drives or computers, and this leaves them easily accessible to computer hackers and thieves.

The safest and most practical course of action for a business is to utilize a hard drive destruction service from a professional shredding company. A professional will come to your office and remove the hard drives from the computers for you.

Don’t Manually Delete Data

As we mentioned earlier, the most commonly used methods of data removal: manually deleting files, hard drive wiping, formatting, are not effective enough, and a business certainly needs to do better than that. Not just for the sake of the company and the customers, but to also comply with business regulations, a hard drive destruction service is necessary.

Again, manually deleting data doesn’t work. It doesn’t delete the data from the hard drive; it only hinders the ability of the device to locate the data. However, the actual data is still on the device and it’s recoverable.

And when it comes to formatting a drive, results vary because each operating system is different. The “quick format” is also unreliable.

How To Properly Dispose Of Old Hard Drives

When you have a fair number of hard drives to dispose of, a shredding company’s hard drive destruction service is the best option.

There are software programs that can do a decent job of erasing data, but this requires some upfront knowledge, and more importantly, a lot of time if you’re dealing with several hard drives. Modern hard drives are getting larger and larger, which makes erasure programs take longer as well.

Physically destroying the hard drives is the safest and most practical option. A proper hard drive destruction service will physically destroy the hard drives so that they are nothing more than tiny little bits and pieces of metal. Afterward, you will receive a certificate of destruction showing proof that the hard drives were properly disposed of.

The Hard Drive Destruction Service to Use

IntelliShred offers a hard drive destruction service that is efficient and reliable. No shortcuts are taken to ensure that any given company’s electronic data is kept safe and secure. The on-site hard drive destruction service is an intelligent choice for any business that cares about its data security. Reach out for a quote and let go of all worries about secure hard drive destruction.

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Working with a commercial paper shredding service can improve your business document management. Many businesses overlook the benefits that come with the commercial shredding of paper documents. They also may think it’s more efficient to do it themselves. However, these companies miss out on low-stress, high-quality service at an affordable price. 

In this article, we discuss how IntelliShred can help your business document management through commercial shredding services. Continue reading to find out how you can save time, save money, and ensure compliance with federal laws.

1. Protect Sensitive Information

Part of owning a business is access to sensitive information. This includes credit card information, employee files, and more. Your clients trust you with this information and trust that it will be well taken care of. Someone with access to sensitive information can wreak havoc on your company and your clients. This can result in identity theft, which is costly to resolve. Working with a commercial paper shredding service can help you avoid these issues. Shredding paper documents prevent dumpster divers or other unwanted persons from accessing your documents. 

2. Regular Scheduled Service

You can improve your business document management with regularly scheduled shredding. A recurring schedule makes sure you stay on top of document destruction. For example, if you considered using paper shredders in-office, it’s easy to overlook regular shredding. This causes a buildup of paper documents to shred. Regularly scheduled service helps avoid this. You can schedule pick-ups based on your office’s needs. Our team will help you decide if weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly pick-ups are the best options for shredding services. Not to mention, we are always on time or we shred for free! Plus, with a secure paper waste management bin, there’s no disruption to you or your staff. At IntelliShred, our team retrieves the bin, empties it, and returns it.  

3. Customizable Service

Working with IntelliShred means you get a commercial paper shredding service that offers a customizable service. We understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to business document management. Companies that require regular service have the option of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance plans. Our team can help determine the best option for you based on volume. In contrast, your company may benefit more from a one-time shredding service. One-time or purge shredding is great for businesses looking to clean out old documents. It’s also helpful for annual audits or legal purposes. Whether you choose regular or one-time service, your office will see improvement in clutter. You’ll also see improvement in security from shredding paper documents.

4. Maintain Compliance

Improper handling of secure files will result in hefty fines for your company due to legal requirements. In 2003, the FACTA was created to ensure the privacy of client’s through the proper disposal of sensitive documents. This law requires businesses to destroy documents with client data after they were finished with it. Among the options for shredding services, working with a commercial paper shredding service is one of the best options for shredding services. 

IntelliShred takes your and your client’s security seriously. With our dependable staff, you can trust us to provide high-quality paper waste management. We even provide a Certificate of Destruction showing the number of documents shredded. 

5. Benefits the Environment

Our clients frequently ask us what we do with the documents after they’ve been shredded. IntelliShred cares about the environment, so we recycle after shredding paper documents. This shredded paper is recycled into ordinary household products. For example, it gets converted into paper towels or other paper products. This helps conserve trees as resources.  By using our commercial paper shredding service, you receive the benefits of decluttering, securing documents, and getting to help the environment. Plus, we know how to recycle right.

6. Destroy Other Materials

One of the benefits of choosing the right commercial paper shredding service is the option to dispose of other materials. At IntelliShred, we realize sensitive information is stored on more than paper. This is why we also offer products and e-waste destruction. If you have defective products or electronics, we can help dispose of them. We have a trained representative pick up the product(s) and take them for disposal. Our team makes sure to follow a strict chain of custody while the product is in our care. After disposal, you receive a Certificate of Destruction showing our compliance with all federal and state regulations. Plus, we make sure to take an environmentally-friendly approach to disposal whenever possible. 

7. Save Time

Some companies decide on using paper shredders in-office thinking they’ll save on the cost of commercial services. However, this process is not as efficient or cost-effective. As we said earlier, without regular and reliable paper shredding services, paper waste management falls to the wayside. Your team ends up with an overwhelming amount of paper products to take care of. This translates to the use of company resources, specifically employee time. Most in-office shredders can’t handle the same capacity as our machines. If you want to save time, thereby saving money, it’s worth the investment in a commercial paper shredding service.

Invest in a Commercial Paper Shredding Service

The decision to invest in a commercial paper shredding service will benefit your company by saving time, money, and resources. Avoid unnecessary clutter and excessive employee time when it comes to business document management. We know how important your client’s security is. So, gain peace of mind in knowing that your documents are being held securely and in compliance with federal laws with our company. If you want to start reaping the benefits that come with working with a top commercial paper shredding service, contact us today for a quote.

Could a large-scale shredding intervention save your company money? How much is your collection of paper records, data, or other information costing you? IntelliShred offers bulk shredding services in NJ that could save your company a considerable amount of money.

Digitalizing data has clear benefits for customers and companies. From the ability to improve client convenience and service through to the enhanced security that encrypted data may provide, many enterprises choose to store their information in an electronic format. Whilst digital storage isn’t perfect, the general consensus is that it’s usually preferable over paper storage. In the past few years, a growing number of organizations have transferred their data from paper to cloud or server storage.

The question of what to do with the paper data records that are left once digitalization is complete can be a challenging one. In many cases, companies may end up with vast amounts of valuable storage or office space taken up by filing cabinets and record boxes of redundant paperwork. Security and data protection concerns mean that it can’t be just discarded in the garbage. The obvious answer is to use paper shredding near me. 

Read on to discover five reasons why NJ bulk shredding is a popular option with companies looking to slim down their overheads.

Paper Storage Costs Money

It’s little surprise that the cost of commercial floor space continues to rise. Unfortunately, for companies that have vast quantities of unwanted paper, this may mean renting additional space to house it all. Whether office space or specialist storage space is employed, the end result is an unnecessary outlay. The paper serves no purpose if its contents have been digitalized. 

A bulk shredding contractor can shred and remove as much paper as required. The bulk shredding NJ companies use is designed to comply with security and data protection legislation. Affordable privacy shredding could free up vast amounts of space. This can be repurposed or dispensed with – both options provide a favorable financial outcome.

Reduce Security Costs

The information you hold on your clients is protected by law. In the event that paper records are stolen, copied, or otherwise tampered with, your clients could have a good case to bring against you. For this reason, paper data requires security protection. How much is your company spending on security guards, specialist security storage, secure premises, and related costs? 

When you find an NJ shredding company that can dispose of your redundant paperwork, there’s clearly no need to spend valuable dollars on protecting it. Customers are often amazed by the amount they save on security-related functions once their paperwork has been securely disposed of.

Piecemeal Disposal Costs

Some companies opt for an “eating the whole elephant” approach to their waste paper. This involves attempting to dispose of paper filing in small, “bitesize” quantities. The main reasons this approach is rarely cost-effective are:

– A small reduction in paper volume is not going to make a meaningful reduction in the sums needed for storage and security of the remaining files. It will take many months of piecemeal paper removal before there is a measurable difference.

– The security shredding NJ businesses can access is usually cheaper when bulk disposal is requested. 

If you want to save money on your document destruction, waste bulk shredding is usually the cheapest way to go.

Labor Costs

Whilst a company holds on to the paperwork, it’s also responsible for it. This usually means the files will need to be regularly inspected to check they’re in good condition. If digitalization hasn’t been completed correctly, administrative staff may have to trawl through the paperwork to find data. Any interaction with paper records costs staff time. 

Can you really afford the labor costs associated with managing redundant paper data records? 

If you look for the cheapest bulk shredding NJ organizations can use, you’ll usually end up saving a bunch on labor costs.

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Protecting your business is a vital part of successful trading, but how much are you spending on insuring your outdated paperwork? In most cases, the paperwork will need to be insured against fire, flood, and theft. Insurance cover is needed to protect your business in the event that the data contained in the paperwork is misused or lost. Chances are if the data is already digitalized, you’re paying premiums to protect it twice – once in electronic format and again in paper format. 

Once the unwanted paperwork is safely destroyed, there’s no need to insure it. The one-off cost of paper record disposal almost always compares favorably with the cost of ongoing insurance and related outlay. 

It’s worth noting that data protection and security is a topic that’s grown in prominence over the past few years. Your clients are likely to be very sensitive about how their data is stored and utilized. When considering whether to cost of paper record disposal outweighs the benefits, it’s worth taking a look at the potential implications retaining paperwork could bring.

A flood, fire, theft, or loss of paperwork could mean your company’s reputation takes a  nosedive. It is likely clients affected would take legal action. Your company might even end up subject to legal action from the government for failing to meet appropriate data protection standards. Why risk it?

If you’re looking for document shredding near me that’s fast, efficient, and complies with all relevant data protection and security legislation, our services could be just what’s needed.  The on-site, bulk shred NJ companies receive from us is discreet, thorough, and effective. When you’re Googling, “Where can I shred paper in bulk?”, we’re the affordable answer.