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Mobile Shredding Service Lehigh County, PA

Every business has sensitive data and information related to their inner workings and their customers. As a business, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure such information is well protected, and that includes data that has become outdated and needs to be disposed of. Simply throwing away old files leaves the material vulnerable to theft. That’s where Intellishred comes in with mobile shredding services in Lehigh County, PA.

What Is Mobile Shredding?

While secure document destruction is nothing new, Intellishred improves the service by bringing it directly to your doorstep. Mobile shredding eliminates the vulnerable period when your sensitive data is being transported to the shredding facilities; instead, we bring our shredding machinery to you. These trucks come to your business, where documents and hard drives can be destroyed on-site. This allows you to witness the destruction for yourself, which gives you the peace of mind that your private data is protected.

Hard Drive Destruction

The world is firmly in the digital age, so many of your sensitive documents may be electronic files. It’s important to remember that simply deleting a digital file is not enough. Deleted digital files can be retrieved or rebuilt, so sometimes more drastic measures are needed—the hard drive itself needs to be destroyed. Intellishred provides hard drive shredding services to ensure outdated but sensitive data is irretrievably annihilated.

Regularly Scheduled Shredding

Different businesses have different needs. While one business may need only an occasional, one-time purge of sensitive documents, others may require more regularly scheduled shredding services. In that case, Intellishred is the ideal solution for businesses that need to shred documents on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis—you need only inquire.

Take advantage of our mobile shredding services in Lehigh County, PA, today! We’ll be happy to provide you with more information and help you plan out the best solution for your shredding needs. We are happy to address any concerns or walk you through the process.