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Why is a Document Disposal Company Necessary in the Digital Age?

Document Disposal Company

What is a document disposal company today, and why are they necessary? Well, just consider this startling fact: on average, the total loss per fraud victim was last recorded at $6,278. The average out of pocket expense for consumers was just over $400. It took an average of 25 hours to resolve each case.

With a society that’s becoming more aware of these statistics, people are now worried more than ever about identity theft. In this digital age, the first thing we think about concerning identity theft is safeguarding our computers and smart phones.

However, many people don’t place enough (or any) importance on discarded documents containing their personal information. There are still plenty of old fashioned criminals out there who would love to look through your thrown away documents. Don’t let them!

Why Do You Need A Document Disposal Company?

The most important reasons why businesses need to work with a document disposal company are:

  • preventing identity theft
  • protecting the identities of customers
  • ensuring compliance with state and federal laws

Besides these reasons, there are some other little known benefits of hiring a document disposal company. They are:

  1. Customer comfort. Your customers will be comfortable knowing that you won’t leave their documents lying around. You’ll have a plan to destroy documents when they’re no longer needed.
  2. Prevent corporate espionage. Technology companies in particular rely heavily on innovation to stay ahead of the game. Therefore, it’s paramount that you safeguard your company’s secrets with a shredding policy to prevent other technology companies from copying them.
  3. Eco Friendly. Although counterintuitive, shredding is actually good for the environment. Shredding documents makes them easier to recycle.

How Does A Document Disposal Company Work?

A document disposal company is the most cost effective and practical solution for any medium to large business’s shredding needs.

You might be thinking that you can get by with just an in house shredding machine, and that hiring a document disposal company is an unnecessary expense.

Well, just consider this: shredding is a business expense, and it isn’t just limited to the shredder.

The expense also comes in the form of employee salary when shredding. Finally, it should be noted that corporate espionage is statistically more likely to come from within your own company. Therefore, hiring a document disposal company is more secure and affordable than shredding documents yourself.


These are the main benefits of hiring a document disposal company:

  1. Be in full compliance with the law.
  2. Prevent harmful rumors from cropping up about your company and protect your company’s reputation, as well as the reputation of your clients.
  3. Give your company a more eco friendly image.

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