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Where Can I Get The Best FACTA Shredding Service?

FACTA Shredding

In this day and age it is important for companies with access to their customers’ personal files and information in form of documents to have this information destroyed.

This information is mainly gathered from consumer reports and can be available to hackers and unlicensed third parties. This can cause great harm to the customer and the company. Thus the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) law came into place to ensure that businesses and persons in possession of this information destroy the same through secure shredding.

Parties to which the Disposal Rule applies:

The FACTA law is applicable to banks, insurance and law firms, large or small companies and individual companies which all deal with consumer reports.

How to carry out the disposal of consumer records

One may wonder, as a company or individual, how to get rid of countless documents. Well, there are several shredding companies that will carry out this task for you.

IntelliShred has trained staff who are ready to help you dispose of these consumer related documents. It could be a one-time task or you may need to hire our staff repeatedly depending on the quantity and need for this shredding service.

How to choose the best FACTA shredding company

Getting in touch with the best shredding company is an easy task. Our company is only one call away and is available at any time, 24/7, so we can handle emergency situations.

IntelliShred has state-of-the-art equipment with video technology for secure and confidential document destruction.

IntelliShred emphasizes with our staff the importance of confidentiality. Our clients are assured all documents have a clear chain of custody and shredding is completed quickly, efficiently, and confidentially.

Proper shredding practices

IntelliShred is one of the best and most reputable FACTA shredding companies especially since we follow these guidelines to the core and can be relied on to carry out the disposal of consumer reports for a very long duration.

What To Shred

Most of us know that we should shred our personal documents. However, you might not know just how easy it is for identity thieves these days, even with strip cutting.

We all have so many documents. It’s all too easy to overlook a certain kind of document that seems innocuous.

This is why, to drive down identity theft, everyone should learn what to shred.

So we’re going to do the public a service and list the top 5 things that everyone should shred religiously.

  1. Your Personal Information

Shred anything with your:

  • account numbers
  • passwords
  • signatures

Destroy monthly bills that contain your:

  • full name
  • address
  • signature
  • account details

The most important things to shred include:

  • bank correspondences
  • expired identity cards
  • expired credit and debit cards
  • tax related documents that are older than 7 years old
  1. Your Social Security Number

Your social security number is as good as gold to identity thieves. This is why you should destroy any unnecessary documents containing your social security number.

What if you notice that there’s a persistent source of documents containing it? In that case, it’s worthwhile to ask the provider if they can withhold your social security number from printed forms as an extra precaution.

  1. Utility And Credit Card Bills

Your bills and account information won’t open as many doors as your social security number will, but a clever thief can still use them against you.

It’s important to remember that any of your financial information can be used against you. This includes your utility bills and credit card bills.

When thinking about what to shred, always remember that this sort of information is useful to thieves. Therefore it should be shredded religiously.

  1. Credit Card Offers

Yes, even those annoying spammy credit card offers you receive in the mail must be taken out right away and shredded promptly.

Why is this necessary you ask?

It’s a sad fact of life that identity theft is most often perpetuated by those who know us well. This includes friends, neighbors, and even family members.

Any of the above people can fill out one of these forms, claim your new credit card and then proceed to destroy your credit rating without your knowledge.

  1. Expired Or Cancelled Credit Cards

It may come as a surprise to some, but thieves actually love finding expired or cancelled credit cards. Why?

Well, oftentimes renewed credit cards have the same account number as the expired or cancelled card. Often times the only difference between the two cards is the expiration date. This makes stealing your new account easy.

Even cancelled credit card accounts provide a way for thieves to gain access to your new account, or to open a new account under your name.

As you can see, the number of ways that identity thieves can use your personal information is scary. The best way to protect your identity is to learn what to shred and then shred religiously. If you have too many things to shred on your own, our mobile paper shredding service can help.

Document Disposal Company

What is a document disposal company today, and why are they necessary? Well, just consider this startling fact: on average, the total loss per fraud victim was last recorded at $6,278. The average out of pocket expense for consumers was just over $400. It took an average of 25 hours to resolve each case.

With a society that’s becoming more aware of these statistics, people are now worried more than ever about identity theft. In this digital age, the first thing we think about concerning identity theft is safeguarding our computers and smart phones.

However, many people don’t place enough (or any) importance on discarded documents containing their personal information. There are still plenty of old fashioned criminals out there who would love to look through your thrown away documents. Don’t let them!

Why Do You Need A Document Disposal Company?

The most important reasons why businesses need to work with a document disposal company are:

  • preventing identity theft
  • protecting the identities of customers
  • ensuring compliance with state and federal laws

Besides these reasons, there are some other little known benefits of hiring a document disposal company. They are:

  1. Customer comfort. Your customers will be comfortable knowing that you won’t leave their documents lying around. You’ll have a plan to destroy documents when they’re no longer needed and this plan can be custom scheduled to your liking.
  2. Prevent corporate espionage. Technology companies in particular rely heavily on innovation to stay ahead of the game. Therefore, it’s paramount that you safeguard your company’s secrets with a shredding policy to prevent other technology companies from copying them.
  3. Eco Friendly. Although counter-intuitive, shredding is actually good for the environment. Shredding documents makes them easier to recycle – it’s a win win!

How Does A Document Disposal Company Work?

A document disposal company is the most cost effective and practical solution for any medium to large business’s shredding needs.

You might be thinking that you can get by with just an in house shredding machine, and that hiring a document disposal company is an unnecessary expense. Well, just consider this: shredding is a business expense, and it isn’t just limited to the shredder.

The expense also comes in the form of employee salary when shredding. Shredding machines can only handle so many documents while going at a fixed rate of speed. Our shredding trucks can knock out thousands of documents in minutes. Finally, it should be noted that corporate espionage is statistically more likely to come from within your own company. Therefore, hiring a document disposal company is more secure and affordable than shredding documents yourself. In situations like these, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

You also don’t have to do anything! At IntelliShred, we come to YOU and shred all of your documents right in front of you. If you don’t have time to watch that’s fine as well because we record the process to further ensure you that your documents were disposed of in a secure manner. When you enlist the help of a document disposal company, you free up more time for yourself, and in the end, your business as a whole.


These are the main benefits of hiring a document disposal company for your business:

  1. You’ll be in full compliance with the law 100% of the time.
  2. You’ll prevent harmful rumors from cropping up about your company and protect your company’s reputation, as well as the reputation of your clients.
  3. You’ll give your company a more eco friendly image.

If you have any more questions or would like a free consultation, feel free to contact us.