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6 Tips for Preventing Theft of Sensitive Business Materials

6 Tips for Preventing Theft of Sensitive Business Materials

No matter the purpose of your business’s operations, you will inevitably obtain sensitive materials you must protect. This sensitive information can be from consumers, employees, or company secrets you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. That is why you need these tips for preventing the theft of sensitive business materials.

Thorough Background Checks

It may seem shocking, but nearly 75 percent of employees steal from their employer at least once. While this might make you feel that you can’t trust your employees, that is not the case. You might consider conducting thorough background checks on all your employees to ensure they are a trusted resource to the company.

Document Shredding Service

One of the most significant weaknesses a business can have is the failure to dispose of sensitive information properly, as this makes them vulnerable to theft. When you utilize document shredding, you ensure that confidential information remains unobtainable to unauthorized people.

At Intellishred, we are passionate about ensuring the privacy and security of your business in the easiest way possible. That is why we offer on-site document shredding services to ease the process; you can see us destroy your information right in front of you. You can trust that your information will remain confidential when you choose us.

Up-to-Date Software

Hackers can easily infiltrate and make their way past your security system if you don’t keep your software up to date. One of the best tips for preventing the theft of sensitive business materials is to automate your software updates. When you automate your updates, you don’t have to worry about manually keeping things up to date, as these changes will occur automatically whenever an update becomes available.

Employee Training

Unfortunately, security breaches can occur due to a lack of knowledge on the part of employees who don’t understand security protocols. That is why training your employees on online hacking tactics, security risks, and how to follow the best practices is incredibly important.

Security System

It may seem exhaustive to think about the various areas that your business is vulnerable to, but with knowledge comes the ability to protect yourself. In addition to installing online security systems, you must also think about physical security. Installing an alarm system in your business is a great way to ensure your physical documents remain confidential.

Restricted Access

You have likely visited an office where the receptionist area had information that you could easily see. You might have even been left alone with a computer you could easily access. You don’t want to emulate these business practices; ensure that your devices have restricted access. To restrict access, you can physically bolt your computers to a surface, limit Wi-Fi access, and only allow authorized users to access the computer through a personalized password.