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Usually when we think of identity theft, data breaches of large companies like Target, Marriott, and Yahoo! come to mind. But did you know that identity theft happens from paper documents as well? Over half of all identity thefts in recent years are non-digital.

This often comes as a surprise, as most people don’t realize that identity thieves are still out there trying to steal identities and confidential information from paper documents. This is why commercial paper shredding is so important.

If your company has sensitive paper documents with customer and employee information, patient information, or other things that you wouldn’t want in anyone else’s hands, you need to consider a paper shredding service. Read on to learn more.

What is Commercial Paper Shredding?

Commercial paper shredding companies provide your company or organization with a shredding bin that looks much like a large trash can. It has a lock that can only be opened with a key so you are safe putting sensitive documents inside of it. When it is full, or when you schedule with the shredding company, they come to your site to shred your documents.

Most companies will bring a truck to your office building and shred on-site. They never leave your offices with the paper documents intact and you can be present for the shredding. Reputable companies like IntelliShred will provide you with a certificate of destruction which details exactly how many documents were shredded and states that they were destroyed safely and securely.

Benefits of Commercial Paper Shredding

There are many benefits to commercial paper shredding, including:

  • Regular or one-time shredding (you can schedule a shredding bin to be placed once or twice a year or have on-site shredding be a regular occurrence)
  • Safe and secure document destruction
  • Eliminates the need for office paper shredders and disposal of shredded materials
  • Peace of mind that sensitive information will not end up in the wrong hands
  • Ability to see your documents be shredded

In addition, commercial paper shredding saves you a great deal of time and resources. By hiring a company to handle your shredding, you don’t have to assign an employee to handle the shredding and you don’t have to have multiple shredders available to employees if they are responsible for shredding their own documents.

What to Look For

There are certain things you should look for in your commercial shredding company, including:

  • Onsite shredding
  • Guarantees that information on the documents is not recoverable
  • Locked shredding bins placed in your offices
  • Certificates of destruction
  • Bonus services, such as destruction of electronic material or recycling of keyboards, monitors, printers, etc.

Hire a Commercial Shredding Company Today

You wouldn’t leave data security to someone without experience in cybersecurity, so don’t leave document destruction to someone who doesn’t specialize in commercial paper shredding. Keep your information safe and secure with a company that can handle the shredding for you.

If you’re looking for a commercial paper shredding company in the Tri-State area today, IntelliShred is here for you. Our services include on-site document shredding as well as e-waste disposal and destruction of sensitive electronic materials. Contact us today for a quote.