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Paper Shredding Is Essential For Essex County Businesses

essex county paper shredding

Essex County Paper Shredding – Why?

It’s necessary for today’s companies to deal with all forms of sensitive information. In today’s economy, most businesses struggle with the balance of managing the storage and disposal of their sensitive and confidential information. Paper shredding and destruction of all types of this information is essential to the future success of any Essex County business.

There are many types of confidential information that a company may store – everything from legal documents and employee records, to trade secrets, proprietary and other private information. It’s true that not only will a professional shredding company get rid of your information security risks, it can help you remain compliant and avoid the high cost of litigation.

In this crazy information age, paper files seem “old-school” and they are certainly a hassle to keep secure, but even safely storing digital media storage devices safely can be a challenge. It’s absolutely essential for your company protect itself by regularly shredding and destroying any sensitive materials that may no longer be needed. In order to protect your company from theft, fines or penalties, be sure to hire an Essex County paper shredding service.

Companies in the U.S. must abide by specific legislation that protects the privacy of information in the workplace. If information on employees, clients, vendors and others is not kept safe, there’s a chance your company could be liable. Avoiding the risk of theft is easy – shred and destroy any sensitive information to save your business from receiving severe penalties, fines or even harsh litigation.

Want another reason to hire an Essex County paper shredding service? Shredding and destroying sensitive information also help protect the planet. There’s a huge impact on the environment when digital media storage devices end up in the regular trash. E-waste has become an issue that is adversely affecting the planet, but one of the most effective methods to keep metals and other toxins in those devices out of our soil and drinking water, is to properly destroy them. Saving the environment is an added benefit when you choose to protect your company and the valuable information it stores.

One could argue that store-bought, office shredders are easier to help solve this issue because they are capable of shredding documents in small batches. However, these small machines can’t handle the same volume of paper as a professional shredding machine. A professional machine is much more efficient and cost-effective to shred and destroy confidential items – and now there are special mobile shredding trucks with security cameras to ensure the shredding is done in a secure and safe manner. When you search for this type of service, look for a company that has excellent references and a strong reputation. The service you hire should also be currently insured and certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) with a AAA rating.

IntelliShred has over two decades of experience helping Essex County businesses and organizations with full-service paper shredding and destruction services and offers daily, weekly, monthly, service packages. Learn more about how we can help you protect your business, contact us today!