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The Pros and Cons of Offsite Document Storage

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When it comes to ensuring the protection of documents that contain sensitive information, you need options. One popular option is offsite document storage. Companies will store files containing sensitive information that they no longer need. When you know where your sensitive documents live, you feel more secure. But are they really as protected as you think? Here are the pros and cons of offsite document storage.

Pro: More Office Space

Of course, you automatically get more room in your office with offsite document storage. Clearing out the mess is necessary, but is it tidying up if the clutter simply moves to another area? You might find that your storage space becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth, as it is easy for these areas to become unmanageable and disorganized.

Pro: Easily Retrievable

One of the main reasons companies like to use offsite storage is because it makes these files easily retrievable. It is important to keep in mind that companies will only retrieve these files in the rare cases that they need them. However, the accessibility of these documents can quickly become a con.

Con: Accessible to Everyone

Unfortunately, not all storage spaces are the same, and some are less safe than others. When you keep your company documents in an offsite storage space, you risk this information becoming accessible to anyone that crosses its path. What’s more, you can’t keep an eye on these documents, which can become an issue if you store information with governmental mandates that can make offsite storage non-compliant.

Con: Not Compliant

Company documents often contain information that is sensitive and protected under consumer privacy laws enacted by The Federal Trade Commission. As such, these laws require you to destroy documents to keep that information private. That is why offsite storage is sometimes not an option for certain company files.

However, you must destroy those documents in such a way that the information is entirely unobtainable. Tossing them in the trash can lead to a hefty fine. Thankfully, we are happy to help you ensure your documents are wholly unobtainable. At Intellishred, we offer secure document shredding services that you can rely on to keep your consumer information safe and protected.