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Mobile Shredding Service in New Jersey

As a business, your moral and legal responsibility is to properly safeguard your company’s data—to protect both yourself and your customers, who have entrusted you with their personal information. For this reason, you need to know how to properly dispose of sensitive information, since you can’t just casually throw it away. That’s where our on-site shredding service comes in.

IntelliShred takes the extra step to provide mobile shredding services throughout New Jersey so that companies don’t have to gather, package, and send off sensitive data themselves, which adds a sense of vulnerability because they have to simply trust that it will reach its destination and get destroyed properly. This means we show up on site with all our equipment, reducing the time it takes for sensitive information to move from a business to our shredding equipment. Having data destruction done on site allows companies to witness the destruction of their documents so that they can rest assured the data has been securely disposed of.

With the workplace becoming more and more digitized, we also provide hard drive shredding in order to properly dispose of electronics and ensure no one can recover the data. This service is a part of our mobile shredding service, so you’ll be able to witness that destruction as well. Electronics need to be disposed of in specific ways to ensure they don’t harm the environment; we can simplify this problem by taking care of your electronics with our expertise and equipment.

We operate all over New Jersey, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today if you need a trusted on-site shredding service to manage and destroy outdated and unneeded sensitive documents, hard drives, and electronics. We are the only shredding service able to provide you with the absolute peace of mind that your data has been protected and made unrecoverable.