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4 Things You May Not Know About Mobile Shredding Services

4 Things You May Not Know About Mobile Shredding Services

You know how easily the paperwork can pile up when working at an office. As such, you are likely quite familiar with the office paper shredder. However, much of that paperwork contains confidential customer and employee information that isn’t safe to pass through your regular shredder.

Many companies will hire professional shredders to ensure those documents go through proper destruction procedures. Read on to discover some interesting things you may not have known about mobile shredding services.

Not the Same

You might find yourself wondering why you need a mobile shredding service when you can simply pass the confidential information through the office shredder. However, you likely have noticed that standard shredders cut the paper in strips that one can easily piece back together. Under many privacy and security laws, this type of shredding doesn’t count as proper disposal as it is not complete destruction. Shredding companies will destroy your information until it resembles confetti, making it completely inaccessible.

Insured and Safe

Many companies outsource to professional shredders to ensure the proper disposal of confidential information. Are you looking for a product destruction company to help you dispose of your confidential information in a way that keeps your business safe? Professional shredders like Intellishred know exactly how to destroy information that abides by privacy and security laws to ensure they do not fine you. What’s more, we provide you with a certificate of destruction, which is extremely useful in the event of an audit.

More Than Paper

You are likely familiar with the fact that a whole host of customer and employee information is on both paper documents and technological devices. Of course, that information is safe when the paperwork and devices are in active use by your workforce.

However, there might come a time when you purchase new computers and must dispose of the old ones, and a simple reset won’t suffice. Thankfully, professional shredding companies destroy more than paper. They also know how to destroy technological devices, from hard drives and computers to X-ray files and microfilm.

Save Time

Disposing of, destroying, and shredding paperwork is time-consuming busy work than can take your employees hours of company time. This is an issue as it takes your workforce away from the tasks they need to finish. One thing you may not have known about mobile shredding services is that they save your company time and money. The best part is you barely need to lift a finger as we come to you—just show us what you need us to get rid of.