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The Advantages Of A Shred-All Policy And How To Start One

With a shred-all policy, you destroy all your business documents when they are no longer needed. The alternative is selective shredding, where employees determine which documents need to be shredded. All businesses handle sensitive information, so whether to use selective shredding or a shred all policy is a discussion all managers and owners need to have.

Confidential information includes personal information, account details, and other basic business records. When no longer needed, this information needs to be destroyed securely to avoid the risk of it being compromised. The loss or theft of customer information can have severe repercussions, including loss of reputation or trust, legal issues, and severe fines as a result of not complying with data protection regulation.

A shred-all policy appears to have the edge over selective shredding for most businesses. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing secure document shredding for all of your unneeded documents in your business.

Advantages of a Shred-All Policy

  1. Efficiency. A shred-all policy reduces the burden on staff regarding decision making. Having to decide what needs shredding and what doesn’t takes up valuable time and energy, leading to decision fatigue and potential errors. By removing that decision-making process, you can free up your workers to get on with their core roles.
  2. Effectiveness. By shredding every document the business no longer needs, there is less chance for something critical to slip through the net. Instead of risking mistakes every day, shredding all unneeded documents reduces the possibility of human error and ensures that no confidential data will end up in the wrong hands.
  3. Fairness. Making individual workers responsible for a company’s data protection is a burden. A shred-all policy prevents any one person from being to blame for the loss of confidential information. All workers should work together and share the responsibility to ensure the security of data.
  4. Staff training. It’s easier to train staff to shred everything than it is to explain how to identify truly critical confidential and sensitive information. A shred-all policy simplifies the workday and training procedures.
  5. Compliance. Shredding everything means that you are not taking chances with compliance. Breaking laws that govern the protection of private information, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), can incur severe fines, even if the violations are accidental.
  6. Space. Shredding unneeded documents saves money that would otherwise be used on storage. Many businesses use expensive office space or storage units to maintain old files. Shredding them freeze up valuable real estate that could be used more effectively and profitably. The use of storage units could be reduced or eliminated.
  7. Cost. You may find the cost of shredding everything is not much more than the cost of shredding only your critical information. By shredding everything, you streamline your processes and clear the decks in one fell swoop. Get in touch with us for a quote to see the potential cost savings a shred all policy.

In our experience, a shred-all policy has significant advantages over selective shredding. If you would like to talk about adopting a shred all policy, we can help you make it happen and facilitate the transition. You will be certain that everything is destroyed that we have destroyed everything securely, removing the worry that things may slip through the net.

We will help you implement an effective shred all program. Get in touch with our professional team for helpful, friendly, expert advice, and a quote with no obligation.

Shred Sensitive Documents With IntelliShred

With the fresh air blowing and the birds chirping, Spring has finally arrived! It’s a new season for purging and cleaning up your office space or home. It’s time to shred sensitive documents, destroy old information storage devices, and any media and electronics that have been sitting around, collecting dust.

It may be difficult to determine what documents need shredding because they contain all sorts of confidential or personal information. Of course, certain records need to be retained for a longer period of time, but it’s important to be clear on what needs to go.

Tax and bank records are definitely important, but it’s recommended that you only keep 4 years of them on hand. It’s wise to sort through and shred sensitive documents like these records, because they contain detailed information which needs to remain secure. Businesses and individuals tend to save these records for far too long, increasing the risk of them getting lost or stolen.

Personal and employee medical records shredding should also take place from time to time. Unfortunately, there have been numerous cases of people having their medical records stolen. Employee medical records are highly confidential and should be shredded as soon as the employee is no longer working.

You may not realize that hard drives and other electronic media that store information also require shredding. Just because you delete data files off of a computer or flash drive does not mean it’s gone forever. There are several kinds of data retrieval software out there that can be used to recover deleted information. Taking it another step with a hard drive destruction service makes the data irretrievable.

Sure, there are multiple ways to shred sensitive documents and electronics, but why shouldn’t the method you choose be efficient and cost-effective? It’s easy to find a mobile shredding service that can handle the job for you. Mobile shredding trucks can come straight to your location and perform the shredding right there on site. There’s no other secure and cost-effective way to shred sensitive documents.

IntelliShred has been a shredding industry leader since 1999. We provide security shredding services and confidential electronics destruction, as well as other information security solutions. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices, and outstanding, personalized service. We’re proud to be members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and we have consistently achieved AAA Certification – the highest level of security in the shredding industry.

Contact us today for more information of how we can help keep your information safe.

Secure Records Storage

Your business documents are of critical value to the success of your company; therefore they should receive the utmost protection available with secure records storage. Storing sensitive documents on-site at your New Jersey office is a risky decision for several reasons; should your building experience a flood or fire, your records will be entirely destroyed. Identity theft is another aspect to consider, as even while awareness is on the rise, identity theft cases continue to occur.

At IntelliShred, neither of these concerns are an issue. We securely store your documents offsite, at our monitored, state of the art facility in New Jersey. For your safety and convenience, we implement a bar coding system which assures quick retrieval if necessary. Plus, we’ll deliver vital documents to you if the need arises.

New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, experiences a climate that is greatly influenced by the city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Winds, mostly easterly and southeasterly, can moderate temperatures, which vary from very high in the summer, to extremely low in the winter.

All of us in the Newark region are aware of how vulnerable we are to the elements. We are particularly prone to winter storms which blow off the ocean, and bring high amounts of snow and rain. A standard storage unit or office may not supply efficient protection for your documents. Turning to a professorial provider such as IntelliShred, will ensure that your documents are contained in a safe place, away from any outside risks.

IntelliShred provides secure records storage to the following locations In New Jersey:

  • Newark
  • Princeton
  • Morristown
  • Somerville
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth
  • Toms River
  • Edison
  • Trenton
  • Camden
  • Clifton
  • Cherry Hill
  • Passaic
  • East Orange
  • Union City
  • North Bergen
  • Irvington

Additional benefits of secure records storage with IntelliShred in New Jersey:

Protects Your Staff – Storing your confidential employee documents in our Newark facility, guarantees that their information is kept entirely safe and secure, deterring any chance of identity theft or even dumpster diving identity theft.

Protect Your Clients, Customers and Patients – IntelliShred is currently trusted by many healthcare providers in the Newark region, as well several other businesses from a variety of industries. Regardless of your particular industry, your documents will remain secure until you are ready to retrieve them again.

Save Time – Our IntelliShred location in Newark can save your company time and money. If you need immediate access to your files, they can be delivered, faxed, emailed or you can securely access them from any computer that has an internet connection.

Save Money – Did you know that renting more office space to store your documents is up to 80% more expensive than storing records in our Newark facility?

IntelliShred provides secure records storage in Newark. We can help to reduce the costs of regular storage and protect your Newark business from any potential natural disasters.

If you are located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and have document destruction, paper shredding, or document management needs please call us today at 1-866-747-3360 for a free price quote.