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Category: E-Waste

Secure Your Space: Tips for Organizing Shredding Events

In the business world, where data breaches and identity theft are increasingly common, taking steps to protect sensitive information has never been more important. Organizing a shredding event might seem daunting at first. But with these tips, it... read more

5 Tips for Disposing of Outdated IT Equipment

In our fast-paced digital world, the turnover rate for technology is almost as quick as the development of new gadgets. Managing the disposal of outdated IT equipment is a multifaceted challenge for businesses. Not only do you need to stay compliant... read more

4 Things To Know About E-Waste Recycling

Can you imagine going a week or month without using any electronic devices? While you might initially welcome the mental reprieve, you will soon find that it makes daily life quite difficult. We tend to store a great deal of important information... read more

3 Services That Can Simplify Your Office Relocation

Did you know that moving is one of the top five most stressful life events? When we think about it, we must completely uproot our lives, stuff them into boxes, and place them in an entirely new environment—that would definitely get anyone’s eyes... read more

Why You Need Secure Electronic Waste Management

Whether you use your technological devices to manage a business or for personal reasons, your devices will always store and keep that data on the hard drive. Usually, you won’t worry much about that until the time comes for you to purchase new... read more

7 Best Ways to Safely Dispose of Sensitive Data on Hard Drives

As you get ready to shut down your company for the night, you are reminded of a task that needs to be completed before tomorrow morning: securely disposing of old hard drives. Where to dispose of hard drives? How can they be disposed of safely? This... read more

The Most Business Friendly Hard Drive Destruction Service

Hard Drive Destruction Service Once upon a time, documents with vital information could be shredded, and that was it. One could rest easy knowing that their private information would remain safe. Those days are now over. The digital age has made... read more

A Guide to E-Waste Pickup Services in the Tri-State Area

Getting the latest and greatest device is always an exciting time, but it leaves a trail of outdated and unwanted hardware. Not only does this take up space, but getting rid of it is more complex than a trip to the trash can. Proper e-waste... read more

How to Dispose of E-Waste and Electronic Scrap

More than 50% of iPhone users upgrade their phones as soon as their provider allows it. That's usually two years after their previous upgrade. The phones that we ditch when we upgrade are usually perfectly usable. We've come to see electronic items... read more

Secure E-Waste Disposal: What To Destroy and Why

Secure E-Waste Disposal There are many new terms used to describe electronic equipment that is no longer useful to a business or an individual consumer. Recently, the term “e-waste” is more commonly used to describe these specific items and... read more