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7 Best Ways to Safely Dispose of Sensitive Data on Hard Drives

As you get ready to shut down your company for the night, you are reminded of a task that needs to be completed before tomorrow morning: securely disposing of old hard drives. Where to dispose of hard drives? How can they be disposed of safely? This blog explores how you can dispose of sensitive data on your company’s hard drive with minimal risk and maximum benefits!

First, it is important to understand the scope of sensitive data. While hard drives are often associated with financial information and company files, there are also a number of other sources that may have confidential information that needs to be disposed of securely. This includes printed documents (such as e-mails and contracts), paper documents stored on-premises (these could be old corporate records) or in the cloud (for example, sensitive customer communications). It’s not just about destroying these items one by one; when large volumes of data need to be destroyed simultaneously, appropriate disposal methods need to be considered for each type before you can dispose of them safely!

Wipe It and Recycle

Recycling isn’t only for plastic water bottles and paper. If you don’t want to physically destroy your company’s hard drives, recycling is an alternative method of disposal. In order to recycle your old hard drives, first, wipe them of data by using a program like DBAN. You can also wipe data from hard drives with PGP whole disk encryption. After the data is wiped, recycle old hard drives by taking them to a recycling station.

Sell Your Hard Drives

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of old hard drives, sell them! You can do this by posting an ad on your company’s website or listing the used hard drive online in order to find a new home. If you plan on selling off your old hard drives, make sure they are wiped clean before putting them up for sale. This will ensure that any information stored within is safe from potential buyers who might want access to sensitive data (including).


If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to dispose of old hard drives, consider shredding them. Hard drive shredders are designed specifically to destroy data on disks by cutting it into tiny pieces with rotary blades. Shredded hard drives can be recycled or disposed of in the trash without any worries about identity theft or other personal information that might have been stored on the drive.


One of the more complex techniques is known as degaussing. This process involves an electric current flowing through the hard drive in order to produce a magnetic field. The device is then rotated at high speeds for 30 seconds and that erases every single bit of data on it.

This is not only more expensive but also very time-consuming compared to other methods because you need special training and equipment in order to get this done properly.

The degausser will need some time (usually up to three hours) before they are ready again after each use, which means you can’t do multiple jobs back-to-back with these machines. It’s worth noting, though, that they might be right for your company if there’s no possibility of any future reuse or recycling of the drives involved.


Disintegration is a preferred method of disposing of hard drives, another option. It involves putting the hard drive in a machine, a disintegrator, that slices it into small pieces.

This is the most expensive option of all three, but it’s also often the best. Disintegration eliminates any possibility that someone in your company could lose their job due to lost or stolen data. However, you’ll need to use a professional disposal service to use a disintegrator.

Physical Destruction

The other option is to physically destroy the hard drive. There are a number of ways that this can be done, such as crushing or drilling holes in it and putting it through an industrial shredder. If you’re considering physical destruction, remember that these methods will create small metal pieces which could pose a danger if they find their way into water sources like rivers or streams.

Professional Data Destruction Services

The best option for destroying sensitive data from your company’s hard drives is professional data destruction services that offer specialized equipment such as hydraulic presses, magnets, and high-powered deionizers. These types of devices will completely obliterate all traces of your important documents, so they won’t end up falling into the wrong hands. This is by far the most effective way to ensure all the data is destroyed along with the hard drive. It is much more thorough than home remedies or software.

They also offer the best security for your sensitive information by being able to destroy every last trace of it, making sure that nobody else will ever have access to your personal and professional data again. IntelliShred’s professional data shredding services specifically help companies dispose of hard drives, reducing the risk of data security breaches. This can be especially helpful if you work in an industry with strict regulations on how long certain types of information should remain private before disposal.

How Safe Are Hard Drive Disposal Methods?

There’s no perfect answer here: every method has its pros and cons, from environmental impact to cost-effectiveness. However, degaussing might come out on top for some companies because it doesn’t require any expensive equipment or training – all you need is time (which most businesses have).

Where to dispose of hard drives?

If your company is looking for a professional hard drive disposal service to help them safely dispose of their old or outdated hard drives, IntelliShred’s data shredding service can help! We offer affordable rates and fast turnaround time, so you don’t have to worry about how long it’ll take us to get rid of all those pesky old hard drives taking up space on company shelves. Contact IntelliShred today for 

Hard Drive Destruction Service

Once upon a time, documents with vital information could be shredded, and that was it. One could rest easy knowing that their private information would remain safe.

Those days are now over. The digital age has made security a constant battle. Hackers are always on the prowl, and no company is too big for them to attack. While shredding is a wise choice for paper documents, what does one do about hard drives with vital data?

The best solution is to hire a hard drive destruction service. This ensures that not even the greatest hacker can get their hands on a company’s vital information. Another plus is that hard drive destruction can take place right in front of one’s eyes. The on-site option can give allow a company to rest easy and focus on their work.

A Wipe is Not Enough

Ask the average person about hard drive security, and they will say that a complete wipe is needed. While this does provide some level of security, it is not enough. If the hard drive remains intact, then hackers can find residual data. This is a fact that one cannot ignore. These malicious elements will take any chance they can get to steal vital company data. The damage to a business’s reputation and brand in the eyes of the public may never recover.  The best course of action is to employ a destruction service. 

For consumers, the standard hard drive wipe might be fine. But for businesses, this isn’t acceptable. A hard drive destruction service done by a professional shredding company is the only solution. Here’s a case study that illustrates why this is:

The Blancco Technology Group and Kroll Ontrack did a security study that involved 200 used hard drives and solid state drives. They purchased these used hard drives from Amazon, eBay and Gazelle.com.

  • 36% of the hard drives had residual (left over) data.
  • Only 10% of these 200 hard drives had secure data erasure done. Secure data erasure requires a special software program.
  • Deletion attempts were made on 75% of the drives with residual data.

The deletion attempts were largely unsuccessful because common but unreliable methods of data deletion were used.

This potentially could have left much sensitive information available to cyber criminals. A cyber criminal only needs the right software and know-how to access deleted data from a used hard drive.

Peace of Mind

Electronic data security can drive one mad. There are numerous stories of destruction and ruin arising from stolen data. No business can afford for this to happen to them. The simple oversight of not properly disposing of a hard drive can lead to ruin. This infectious fear can distract one from doing great business.

Why waste time and energy worrying about one’s electronic data security?

Choosing on-site hard drive destruction can set one’s mind at ease. One can watch as their vital information is handled securely. An average business can waste time wallowing in fear. A high-quality business implements intelligent solutions and wastes no time being afraid.

No Stone Unturned

Why not just assign some employees to destroy the hard drives? Make no mistake, it may seem that hard drive destruction is self-explanatory, but that is far from the truth. Few people know to properly dispose of a hard drive. This goes beyond mere breaking and smashing. IntelliShred has a tried and true method of hard drive destruction. This ensures that not a single crucial piece will remain intact.  Electronic data security is not something that any business can cheap out on. One must leave no stone unturned.

So if conventional data removal methods aren’t effective, what can you do?

Proper E-waste Solutions

The goal of this post is to show you that there’s a 100% reliable and practical method to properly destroy a hard drive or solid state drive.

This is most important for businesses that handle confidential information from customers, including important information like credit card numbers. For this type of business, a hard drive destruction service is necessary.

Properly Upgrading

The challenge that many businesses face is when they have to upgrade their computer systems. They carelessly throw out old hard drives or computers, and this leaves them easily accessible to computer hackers and thieves.

The safest and most practical course of action for a business is to utilize a hard drive destruction service from a professional shredding company. A professional will come to your office and remove the hard drives from the computers for you.

Don’t Manually Delete Data

As we mentioned earlier, the most commonly used methods of data removal: manually deleting files, hard drive wiping, formatting, are not effective enough, and a business certainly needs to do better than that. Not just for the sake of the company and the customers, but to also comply with business regulations, a hard drive destruction service is necessary.

Again, manually deleting data doesn’t work. It doesn’t delete the data from the hard drive; it only hinders the ability of the device to locate the data. However, the actual data is still on the device and it’s recoverable.

And when it comes to formatting a drive, results vary because each operating system is different. The “quick format” is also unreliable.

How To Properly Dispose Of Old Hard Drives

When you have a fair number of hard drives to dispose of, a shredding company’s hard drive destruction service is the best option.

There are software programs that can do a decent job of erasing data, but this requires some upfront knowledge, and more importantly, a lot of time if you’re dealing with several hard drives. Modern hard drives are getting larger and larger, which makes erasure programs take longer as well.

Physically destroying the hard drives is the safest and most practical option. A proper hard drive destruction service will physically destroy the hard drives so that they are nothing more than tiny little bits and pieces of metal. Afterward, you will receive a certificate of destruction showing proof that the hard drives were properly disposed of.

The Hard Drive Destruction Service to Use

IntelliShred offers a hard drive destruction service that is efficient and reliable. No shortcuts are taken to ensure that any given company’s electronic data is kept safe and secure. The on-site hard drive destruction service is an intelligent choice for any business that cares about its data security. Reach out for a quote and let go of all worries about secure hard drive destruction.

Contact us today for a shredding quote!

Getting the latest and greatest device is always an exciting time, but it leaves a trail of outdated and unwanted hardware. Not only does this take up space, but getting rid of it is more complex than a trip to the trash can.

Proper e-waste disposal reduces the impact of electronics on the environment. It stops all the toxic fluids and broken glass from getting where it shouldn’t. The only way for e-waste disposal to work, though, is with a proper place for e-waste disposal.

We here at IntelliShred pride ourselves in serving the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania areas for all their e-waste pickup needs. Let us dive deeper into the importance of proper e-waste disposal.

Global E-Waste Issues

Whether it’s cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, our fast-paced world is always eager advance to a better technology, year after year. Electronics have always produced waste, but in recent years, the rate at which we use and discard devices has rapidly increased.

For every person who purchased a cell phone last year, their device should still be working up to par – so then why replace a perfectly good, recent model with the newest one? Whatever the device, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or TVs, the fact that consumers are replacing them so quickly causes a significant increase in e-waste, thus a need in e-waste pickup.

This constant accumulation of e-waste is difficult to ignore and it’s becoming yet another threat to our environment. E-waste is a global issue that impacts ecological systems and if not disposed of properly, they could cause a whole host of other issues. Electronic devices often contain a variety of hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and silver and these toxins can pollute the soil and drinking water supply, which makes e-waste pickup a vital service.

Electronic waste needs to be handled in the most environmentally responsible manner. Companies need to find a service provider with the right expertise with the proper disposal process. For compliance purposes, you must ensure that the vendor you choose to hire meets all federal, state and local regulations for proper e-waste pickup and disposal. The destruction process should be secure, convenient and compliant from end to end, see our mobile hard drive shredding service as an example.

e-waste pickup servicesThe Precautions to Take Before E-Waste Disposal

No matter the reason for disposing of any piece of electronics, the first step to proper e-waste disposal is to take some precautions. Electronics use fragile pieces that can be sharp and hazardous if broken. Not to mention any liquids in screens or batteries.

Before you take your e-waste to a disposal site, check these 3 major parts.

1. Cover Leaks and Dangerous Materials

The first issue is dealing with any obvious danger that the electronic might possess. If you are only upgrading an intact and working piece of equipment, this step can be simple and easy. If you are replacing something broken, then make sure to take care.

Gather up any broken glass into a hard container. If you use a flimsy bag, it may cut through, so even a plastic bin can work wonders for busted monitors and such.

If there are any leaking fluids, make sure to contain the object as soon as possible into a tight and sealed container. Make sure to clean up any leaks outside of the container, using gloves and disposable cleaning rags. Double-check the potential toxicity of an item before touching it with your hands.

2. Clear Your Data

We do so much on our phones and computers. Anything that once had financial or personal information needs clearing of any data. If you can’t access the data because the item has too much damage, then talk with the professionals at your e-waste disposal site.

3. Organize Similar Items Together

After the hazards, make sure to organize the items as well as you can. This means putting together similar products, like phones with phones. You also should keep all the individual pieces of a single electronic together. Any cords or batteries that went with the electronics should go together. This helps the e-waste pickup attendants to make the process smooth and simple.

Finding An E-Waste Pickup Site Near You

Now that your items are safe and in one place, where do you take it? Finding the right retailer or government facility that can take e-waste can be time-consuming. Instead, trusting to a specialized e-waste disposal company like us at IntelliShred helps you know where you can go. We have locations in New Jersey and beyond, each armed with the best tools and personnel on hand to get rid of your electronics and any sensitive data left on them.

Getting The Best Disposal With Intellishred

When you are replacing your next tech gadget, you now know the best way to get rid of it safely, securely, and quickly. Find your nearest e-waste pickup site and get back to enjoying the best in electronics. For all of your questions, from site locations to the best waste organization, we at IntelliShred are happy to help. Contact us today for more information.

More than 50% of iPhone users upgrade their phones as soon as their provider allows it. That’s usually two years after their previous upgrade. The phones that we ditch when we upgrade are usually perfectly usable. We’ve come to see electronic items as disposable; ready to be replaced as soon as something new appears.

There’s a problem with this, however: it’s generating a large amount of electronic scrap.

What Is Electronic Scrap?

Electronic scrap refers to any unwanted commercial or personal electronic equipment. This can include items such as phones, computers, printers, monitors, and more.
These kinds of items can’t just be thrown away with the rest of your trash. That’s because they can contain hazardous substances such as heavy metals or combustible material that could cause a health hazard.  Another issue with throwing away items such as computers is that they could contain personal or business information that could easily fall into the wrong hands.

All the data in discarded electronic devices must be destroyed to ensure your business and your clients are safe. Even if the device appears to be destroyed or is simply not working this does not mean that the data has also been destroyed. Confidential data may remain in CPUs and internal hard drives. Many businesses also discard external hard drives, often because they become defective. However, the data on hard drives remains recoverable with the right technology and know-how. Even hard drives that do not work and are physically damaged pose a risk to your security because the data remains accessible.It’s not enough to discard electronic devices if they may contain storage. They must be destroyed safely and securely. At IntelliShred, we can process your electronic scrap to give you peace of mind and protect your business and clients.

How To Get Rid Of Electronic Scrap

E-waste materials can’t just be tossed in a landfill – there are laws which require the safe disposal of e-waste because it may contain hazardous substances which could seriously damage our environment and public health. The National Safety Council projects that mobile phones are discarded at a rate of 130 million per year and nearly 250 million computers will be obsolete in the next five years.


As we have seen, people often get rid of phones that are only two years old and still in perfect working order. If you have a fairly new piece of electronic equipment, you may be able to sell it. You can use online marketplaces, or there are websites that specialize in purchasing used electronics. Admittedly this is only passing the problem of disposal to someone else, but it makes sense that the item gets used for as long as it can.


If your electronic items are a little older, you may not be able to sell them for much money. In this case, you should consider donating them. There are plenty of charities who would appreciate your donation.

A Certified Electronic Scrap Disposal Company

If you have confidential data on your device, then find a certified electronic scrap disposal company.

It’s critical to destroy confidential information before discarding your devices. By working with IntelliShred, you can ensure that your confidential information is physically destroyed. You should note that formatting a drive does not destroy all your confidential information. It prepares a drive to be written on again and it can make the data harder to access, but it is not irrecoverable. The only way to ensure that your data cannot be recovered is to physically destroy the drive.

IntelliShred uses cutting-edge technology and practices to ensure that we destroy e-waste with 100% success. We have many years of data destruction experience so you can rely on us to make sure that your e-waste is discarded securely.

Don’t leave it to chance. Career criminals are actively looking for e-waste for opportunities for fraud, ransom, and identity theft. And data lost accidentally is still lost data, which can lead to the erosion of trust and your reputation within the industry. Leave it to IntelliShred to safeguard your data with our secure the waste disposal service.

It’s by far the safest option.

Stack of used laptops for recycle , white background

We Can Answer Your Questions

For more information on what you need to destroy, why, and how, please get in touch with us. Our experienced professionals are looking forward to providing you with the information you need. We’ll make sure your business is secure and reduce your risk of data protection problems and fines.

If you need bulk waste disposal due to changes in regulations, relocation, or any other reason, we can handle anything you throw at us. If your business is more likely to need occasional or regular waste disposal, we can offer a flexible service.

While businesses differ, the need to destroy confidential information is universal. We understand what is required and we can get the job done. Our team of experts can handle secure disposal of any items you need – keep your business safe from data breaches and information theft with our small business fraud prevention shredding. Contact us today for more information.

Secure E-Waste Disposal

There are many new terms used to describe electronic equipment that is no longer useful to a business or an individual consumer. Recently, the term “e-waste” is more commonly used to describe these specific items and some of their components.

There are several trends which contribute to the growing amount of e-waste. Our society has officially entered the global information era where it’s critical to protect proprietary information. With the constant increase in the sheer number of users and even faster advances in technology, e-waste has become a problem we can no longer ignore.

Today, most people own more than one information and communication technology (ICT) device. A recent study by The National Safety Council predicts that smart phones are discarded at a rate of 170 million per year and that nearly 300 million computers will become obsolete very soon. The life cycles for or mobile phones and computers have shortened and because of technological advances, people are replacing their devices and equipment at a faster rate. Recent data also suggests that the amount of global e-waste generated will increase substantially over the next decade.

E-waste materials can’t just be tossed in a landfill – there are regulations which govern secure e-waste disposal because it typically contains hazardous substances which could seriously damage our environment and the health of the public.

To determine if you have e-waste, just ask these three important questions:

  1. Can you plug this item into an electrical outlet or power source?
  2. Does it contain any circuit boards or memory chips?
  3. Did you use it to store confidential or sensitive information?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then you have e-waste on your hands. Remember, most of these products and their components contain hazardous materials, like heavy metals which can seriously harm the environment if they’re not disposed of properly.

Here’s a list of the most common e-waste items:

– All smart devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Fitbits, Kindles, Nooks, Amazon Fire Tablet, etc.)
– Virtual Reality gear
– Virtual Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)
– Computers/CPUs/Monitors
– Laptops
– Photocopiers
– Printers/Scanners/Fax machines
– Stereos/Radios
– MP3 players (or iPods)
– CDs/DVDs
– Televisions/VCRs
– Cameras
– CD players/DVD players
– Video game consoles
– Portable speakers
– Security cameras
– Professional and personal drones
– Modems and routers
– GPS Devices

It’s best for your company or household to seek out a professional secure e-waste disposal service to assist you with your e-waste. It’s obvious that your confidential information could get into the wrong hands if the item is simply discarded. There are several federal and state regulations in place which govern secure e-waste disposal, so it’s best to adhere to them in order for your business to remain compliant.

Protecting business and personal information is easier than you think – a professional secure e-waste disposal service can provide proper destruction of these items for you.

At IntelliShred, our highly-qualified team of experts can handle the safe, secure e-waste disposal you need – we’ll help keep your business safe from data breaches and information theft. We’ve spent many years helping our customers protect their confidential information. Please contact us today for more information on how we can assist you. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Electronic Destruction

E-Waste and digital storage systems represent a huge risk to businesses and organizations regardless of their industry. If you store sensitive records, whether they are customers’ or employees’ personal details, financial data, or medical records, you are at risk when disposing of electronic devices and storage mediums. Electronic destruction is the answer.

The risk of data loss or theft increases with the growing capacity of digital storage devices. And increasingly small storage devices, such as flash drives, servers, or hard drives, easy to lose, steal, or conceal. The impact of data breaches and the legal ramifications of a data leak aren’t worth the risk. Handling confidential information securely is critical with electronic destruction services.

While information on your devices may have been encrypted at the time, these encryption techniques may no longer be fit-for-purpose. Data that was once considered secure can become vulnerable overnight.

Insurance details and medical records are just two examples of documents that are typically retained for many years. When the time to destroy the data arrives, the encryption techniques used to create them may be obsolete. This means that a failure to destroy and dispose of these devices could lead to confidential information being exposed.

Wiped data can often be recovered in whole or in part, even when the storage device has had deep formatting or has been degaussed. The only sure and 100% safe solution for destroying electronic documents securely is to destroy the medium physically. Shredding devices such as DVDs, flash drives, and hard drives is referred to as electronic destruction.

Electronic Shredding

IntelliShred provides the solution to electronic destruction through our e-waste destruction and recycling services. We either perform a regular, scheduled shredding service or a one-off purge to accommodate a clear-out or annual destruction of old files and data. In either case, we make it easy for you. We will come to your site and collect your old electronic products for secure transport in locked containers back to our state-of-the-art shredding and waste facility.

We can shred and destroy any common storage medium including, hard drives, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, and flash drives. The remaining equipment is then sorted and prepared for recycling.

Specialist shredding equipment is required to dispose of hard drives given their metal construction. Only a professional disposal company such as IntelliShred is likely to have this equipment, so make sure to choose a company with the right equipment. Note that smashing a hard drive is impressive and may render it temporarily unusable, but this does not destroy the contents. Only trust a specialist electronic destruction company to destroy your digital documents.

Once we have shredded drives down to their component materials, recycling can begin. We do not start the ethical process of recycling materials until the device contents have been 100% destroyed. Our systems and processes are AAA compliant with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). From office floor or warehouse to final recycling, your information will be kept secure until it is rendered unrecoverable.

Recycling and Disposal of Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment tends to have little residual value, but it will include some valuable materials and metals. Some of it is toxic if handled incorrectly or improperly, so it needs to be carefully sorted and recycled. An added benefit of using our professional electronic destruction services is that we take care of all this properly and safely.

You might be pleased to hear that our electronic destruction service extends to cell phones. These devices can contain a lot of sensitive information regarding employees or clients. Don’t rely on resetting a phone and throwing it away. Our professional electronic destruction will get the job done, leaving no room for error.

Thankfully, the environmental impact of e-waste is well known now. To minimize this impact, we dispose of e-waste carefully and recycle what we can once we’ve destroyed the sensitive data. IntelliShred has the systems and equipment to do this day in day out. And we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction to prove that your data has been destroyed properly and to keep your business’s reputation intact.

As part of our NAID AAA Certification, IntelliShred only sends waste to certified partners. These partners comply with regulations and the law, avoiding landfill and environmental damage. Our e-waste pick up services help to minimize environmental impact while securing your sensitive and confidential data.

Get in touch today to find out how IntelliShred’s electronic destruction services can help keep your business secure.

Proper Disposal Of E-Waste

Today, our environment is definitely in danger. The daily news is reporting on a daily basis that icebergs are melting, our air is highly polluted, and many animal species are now becoming extinct. In order to halt the unquestionable damage, it’s necessary that your organization tries to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle whenever it is possible.

Although there are various methods in which an organization should handle the proper disposal of e-waste, most experts agree that it should be recycled or destroyed in order to save the environment from further damage.

What exactly is E-waste?

E-waste is the term applied to old, outdated or broken electronic equipment that is no longer used. If it has a circuit board or chips, and you can plug an item into an electrical outlet it will probably be labeled as e-waste. The most common e-waste items include: computer monitors, printers, scanners, circuit boards, and cell phones. This year, the National Safety Council is predicting that 250 million computers will be obsolete in the next five years and cell phones will be discarded at a rate of 130 million per year.

In this type of electronic equipment, there are many dangerous chemicals like lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and even brominated flame retardants. These hazardous materials have a high risk of polluting the air, contaminating soil, and ultimately getting into our drinking water supply.

Why is E-waste Harmful to the Environment?

It’s not common knowledge, but most electronic equipment actually contains heavy metals. If these metals are not disposed of properly, they will contaminate the environment. In the U.S., it’s illegal to just toss e-waste materials in a landfill. There are federal and state regulations which require e-waste to be either destroyed, recycled or disposed of safely.

What are the damaging effects of E-waste?

Typically, when e-waste is discarded in a landfill, rainwater flows through the landfill and picks up portions of the e-waste’s toxins. When the contaminated landfill water gets down to the liner of the landfill, it leaches through to the groundwater below and ultimately ends up in your glass. There are enormous health risks that people can experience from drinking contaminated water. They range from kidney disease and brain damage to genetic mutations and certain types of cancer.

How to Safely Recycle Your E-Waste

There are plenty of options for the proper disposal of e-waste. You’ll want to choose a certified e-waste recycler that is committed to safely and responsibly recycling electronics.

Usually, your local government, schools, and universities may also have additional responsible recycling options. Because e-waste has become such a large problem, government offices and schools have specific days on which you can bring unwanted electronics to a specific drop-off location. There are even retailers which have an effective in-store recycling program. These retailers have direct relationships with qualified, respected recycling companies that recycling e-waste is handled responsibly.

Without the proper disposal of e-waste, you may face an increased risk of workplace identity theft. Protecting business and personal information is easier than you think – IntelliShred is the expert shredding and destruction company you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information on our services.

Electronic Shredding

It’s no surprise how advanced we’ve become and how dependent we are on consumer electronics and electrical equipment to maintain our daily lives. New technologies are constantly changing the way we store our information, communicate with each other, conduct business and view entertainment. The average American is said to use an average of 24 electronic products as part of their daily routine. Because of the greater demand for newer and faster electronics, there has been a significant decrease in their life span, resulting in a larger amount of electronic waste or E-waste.

E-waste is something every country must now dispose of – and there are important reasons why it must be handled with care. The average quantity of E-waste generated in developed countries is about 8% of total solid waste. Because E-waste contains toxic components such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and polychiorinated biphenlys, it can be harmful if it’s not destroyed or discarded properly.

It is important to also note that about 95 percent of E-waste is recyclable. In order to save valuable components and dispose of hazardous and toxic components, recycling E-waste properly is crucial. Recycling allows for precious metals to be recovered, reduces the manufacturing environmental impact, and makes sure that toxic substances are disposed of properly. It’s clear there are many benefits to recycling E-waste, but in the U.S. the E-waste recycling rate is actually lower than it should be, because of a lack of government regulations.

The lack of recycling regulations is continuing to keep electronic shredding and E-waste recycling rates low. In the U.S., only 25 states have built adequate legislation requiring E-waste recycling statewide. The three states with the highest collection volumes of E-waste are Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington.

It’s clear that recycling with e-waste pickup can have a positive impact, but recycling that is unregulated could actually inflict more harm onto the environment. There are many companies which do provide safe and effective recycling services, but the majority of them choose to export a portion of their E-waste to unregulated countries like China or Africa.

Alternatives: Electronic Shredding

Of course, there are other alternatives to recycling. Electronic shredding is highly recommended for E-waste because it not only protects sensitive information stored on these devices, it reduces the volume of overall E-waste, so transportation and disposal are more efficient and cost-effective.

Today’s electronic shredding companies have state-of-the-art machines which are able to deal with large-scale electronic waste. It’s sometimes not even necessary to dismantle these items before they begin the destruction process. Screens, LCD-units and glass panes must be removed manually, but then the rest of the E-waste can go straight into the machines after that.

Many people equate the destruction process only with the destruction of documents, credit card statements or other important papers. However, in order prevent breaches of confidential data and sensitive information, it’s necessary to also consider destruction of E-waste with electronic shredding. When companies choose to shred and destroy other information storage devices, they are adding another layer of valuable protection to their armor.

When you hire an electronic shredding service like IntelliShred, we will come to your location for more convenient E-waste destruction. IntelliShred has been helping customers with document shredding and other destruction services for many years. Our team can handle the electronic shredding and disposal of large volumes of E-waste. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

E-Waste Shredding

What exactly is E-waste and why is it important to know how to dispose of it? E-waste is a term used to describe any electronic products that either no longer work, are obsolete or are longer useful (unwanted). The EPA considers E-waste to be a subset of used electronics which have components or materials that can be reused, refurbished or recycled. The ultimate goal is to reduce the E-waste that may end up in a landfill either here in the U.S., or abroad – and a great way to achieve this is with proper e-waste shredding.

Because of the speed at which today’s technology advances, within a few months or a year, most electronic devices become “trash”. Huge categories of old electronic items are making a significant impact on the level of the world’s E-waste. Everything from old TVs, VCRs, DVD players, and even Blu-Ray players, to laptops, printers, copiers and phones. These electronics have rapidly become obsolete, and are filling global landfills. Most companies and consumers don’t realize that anything electronic can be recycled or destroyed, it’s just a matter of finding the right x-ray disposal or e-waste shredding services to handle the job.

Today, the EPA estimated that U.S. consumers and businesses have discarded 2.37 million tons of televisions, computers, cell phones, printers, scanners, and faxes. Only 25 percent of these electronics were recycled and the rest went to landfills, where their precious metals were lost.

The EPA has estimated that almost 60 million metric tons of E-waste ends up in landfills every year. Most electronics that are improperly thrown away contain some form of harmful materials such as beryllium, cadmium, mercury and lead. These toxic materials might only be trace elements, but when they are added up in volume, the threat to the environment is quite significant.

Along with adding harmful elements straight into the environment, there is a lost opportunity to recycle if people continue to dispose of E-waste improperly. Almost all E-waste contains some form of recyclable material, including plastic, glass and metals. Destruction of these electronics must be executed with extremely special care. The destruction methods include, open-air burning and acid baths which can recover valuable materials from electronic components. These toxic materials, if not handled properly, can leach directly into the soil, water and air.

The National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship report details the U.S. Government’s plan to enhance the management of electronics by:

  • Giving out incentives for electronics designers to create a greener design
  • Lead by example
  • Increase domestic recycling efforts
  • Reduce harmful exports of E-waste and building capacity in developing countries

Tackling the e-waste shredding problem will take time, but should always begin with educating others about the issue. Then, when there is complete knowledge of the problem, it will bring about changes in attitudes, behaviors and disposal methods. Remember, it was not long ago when most of were learning how to recycle paper, aluminum cans, and glass or plastic bottles.

In order to achieve safe E-waste shredding and follow certified documented procedures, contact our team at IntelliShred. We have years of experience helping companies and consumers safely dispose of E-waste, as well as paper and other items. Contact us today for more information.

During almost every stage of business, companies collect personal, confidential or sensitive information. It’s the company’s responsibility to protect that information from the risk of identity theft and data breaches. Information security is essential, and failure to comply with new data protection regulations could result in numerous fines, and damage to your company’s reputation.

Although there are strict regulations in place, to remain compliant, it’s best that companies contract with a third-party shredding and destruction company to collect and handle their confidential waste shredding. There’s an essential need for companies to protect confidential waste and sensitive data, because if it gets into the wrong hands, it could negatively impact your company. Using these services will not only protect your information, it will help your company reduce its impact on the environment.

Today’s secure destruction services and shredding services are quite reliable – they must always perform according to the regulations which govern their process. Shredding stacks of documents with an office paper shredder is certainly not efficient or secure. A third-party confidential waste shredding and destruction service can us their industrial size shredders to shred all your documents into unreadable pieces. This process saves you time, because you won’t need your employees to stop what they’re doing and shred with a very small office shredder.

Typically, an on-site shredding service destroys all confidential documents at the client’s site, in their state-of-the-art shredding truck according to regulatory procedures. At the end of the on-site service, they provide a certificate to you for proof that the information has been destroyed.

At IntelliShred, our team has quality experience in information security, legal, and regulatory industries which makes them highly effective. It’s our priority to make sure we provide you with an understanding of the shredding and destruction process. In turn, we will learn more about your business so we can create a turn-key solution and put policies in place for secure and confidential waste shredding.

We offer our customers:

  • A highly-qualified, efficient team able to get the job done
  • Compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Mobile shredding on-site, NOT off-site shredding
  • State-of-the-art software for tracking confidential waste shredding
  • Regularly scheduled or random one-time on-site service
  • Secure bins for storing confidential documents
  • Destruction of CD-ROMS, DVDs and hard drives

At IntelliShred, we’re proud to be an award-winning, fully-compliant service provider, according to the United States Privacy Act, the Safe Harbor Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We offer our customers the most reliable, comprehensive services with along with the best technological tracking software.

IntelliShred handles confidential waste shredding, digital media storage device and x-ray disposal for our customers. For more information on our services, please contact us right away. We can answer any questions you may have and easily provide you with a list of references.