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The Hidden Dangers of Neglecting Document Shredding

You might think your business is secure because you have locks on the doors and sophisticated online cybersecurity measures in place. However, there's another often neglected security risk lurking in every office—documents. Yes, those seemingly... read more

What To Look For When Hiring an E-Waste Destruction Firm

Today’s businesses rely on many types of electronic products. Unfortunately, they only add to the growing problem of waste across industries. Finding the right partner will allow your business to eliminate waste safely and reduce its environmental... read more

The Top 5 Most Common Ways Data Breaches Occur

Running a business today requires ongoing attention and knowledge of potential hazards. If malicious actors can access your data, it can negatively impact your company’s image and productivity. Preparing for the most significant threats will... read more

Guidelines for Destroying Sensitive Documents

One of the hallmarks of a company that engages in good business is prioritizing its consumer’s safety and security. Often, businesses will have to obtain sensitive information from their consumers or employees. With that comes great responsibility... read more

How Secure Shredding Can Help Prevent Fraud & Theft

Did you know that the US Supreme Court stated that it was unreasonable for us to expect the privacy and security of our trash once it's left in an area accessible to the public? That takes the idea that one man's trash is another man's treasure to a... read more

Certificate of Destruction: What It Is & Why It Matters

There comes a time in every business or organization when you need to throw away confidential information. However, due to the sensitive matter the documents or materials hold, you can’t simply toss them in the trash. You must get rid of the... read more

4 Technology Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

As technology becomes an essential part of every business, no matter the industry, it’s important that you implement and enforce good practices and processes to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. Here are four technology mistakes... read more

5 Essential Document Management Tips for Your Small Business

It is both your ethical and legal obligation to protect your business’s sensitive data and information. This is not only for the benefit of protecting your company but also a matter of protecting any sensitive information your customers have... read more

Why Business Confidential Waste Destruction Is Important

Businesses know to keep their sensitive and confidential documents under lock and key, so why would you carelessly toss outdated documents directly into the trash? To protect your business, always take the utmost precaution when handling sensitive... read more

 Important Service Update

To our Valued Clients, We are all experiencing very challenging times as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. The IntelliShred family would like to take a moment to assure our loyal clients that we will do everything within our... read more