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Category: Identity Theft

How Shredding Services Help Prevent Identity Theft

The law requires businesses that work with private user data to take the necessary steps for secure disposal. Paper documents, HDDs, SSDs, and other items used to store information present risks you must take seriously. Most companies outsource... read more

6 Tips for Preventing Theft of Sensitive Business Materials

No matter the purpose of your business's operations, you will inevitably obtain sensitive materials you must protect. This sensitive information can be from consumers, employees, or company secrets you don't want to get into the wrong hands. That is... read more

Confidential Shredding – Save Your Business from Facing the Risk of Fraud

It’s not a surprise that fraud and identity theft has caused businesses to lose millions of dollars. In today’s global economic environment, there is a good chance your business or organization is a target. Not only does fraud impact your... read more

Protect Your Business From Workplace Identity Theft

Workplace identity theft is a very serious issue that can cost your business in more than one way. Not only does it affect your profits in the short term, but identity theft can have a negative impact on your brand. US businesses lose up to $110... read more

Do You Need To Shred Junk Mail?

Identity theft is big business. We’re not joking. In 2019, $16.9 million was lost in the US as a result of fraud. That was despite a 0.6% drop in the number of customers affected. More thieves are now attacking the same group of people again... read more

Why You Should Protect Your Business from Corporate Identity Theft

Do You Have Corporate Identity Theft Protection? There are many types of corporate identity theft, but the most common is a cyberattack. This type of attack involves a hacker that is able to steal company information by hacking into a server or... read more

Essential Precautions For Sensitive Data

Confidential Document Destruction As a business owner, when it comes to your New Jersey company, regardless if it’s a mega corporation or a small startup, protecting yours and your staff members’ confidential information is critical. Over the... read more

Shredding Services Can Help Protect Proprietary Information

Protect Proprietary Information All companies collect personal, confidential or proprietary information at one time or another. Because of the ever-present risk of identity theft, these companies have a responsibility to protect proprietary... read more

When Disposing of Confidential Information, Remember the Following

Disposing Of Confidential Information At one time or another, every business could end up dealing with theft of their confidential or sensitive information. Whatever information your company stores should be secured or properly destroyed if it’s... read more

Five Steps to Save Your Company from the Risk of Fraud

Corporate Information Management With the many recent reports of fraud and theft, companies both large and small are always a target. Today’s employers must work diligently to prevent the theft of confidential and proprietary... read more