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Protect Confidential Information of All Types, Not Only Paper Documents

Protect Confidential Information

In today’s world, identity theft has become a regular occurrence – and it’s now easier to steal someone’s confidential information, because it exists in other forms, not only on paper. More companies are digitally storing their customer lists, pricing information, proprietary technology, employee information and other assets and they can be compromised if they’re not protected.

With security threats on the rise, it can be challenging to protect confidential information of your employees and customers. Each year, fraud costs businesses over $3 trillion worldwide – you can’t afford to have your company suffer the consequences of losing important information.

The most common risk that businesses may face is when any employee leaves their organization. Because of the former employee’s access to confidential information, it’s difficult to know if they will disclose it to a competitor or have it fall into the wrong hands. Any company should be careful to limit access to protect confidential information for their employees.

Another important way to protect confidential information is to ensure that computer access is monitored. There should be a process put in place which mandates that hard copies of documents are locked up, and that all electronic copies are password protected. Every employee handbook should contain a confidentiality policy that is specific to the business. This policy should have procedures for how to specifically handle every type of confidential information – paper, digital, and online files.

No matter the amount of policies and procedures, identity theft can still occur, even when you’re monitoring your employees to protect confidential information. The easiest way to eliminate your risk of identity theft is to make sure all paper documents and digital storage devices are destroyed instead of being thrown out or recycled. Every company faces this challenge differently, but for the most part, the most efficient and secure way to do this is to hire a third-party professional shredding company.

This option is the best solution for businesses, because it’s the most secure. Typically, a specially trained, uniformed service representative will come to pick up the items which need to be shredded/destroyed. If the service has a mobile truck, then the items will be shredded on site. If not, they will haul your items away to their shredding facility. Afterwards, there is a Certificate of Destruction which proves the shredding/destruction was done properly and that disposal or recycling of specific materials was done in an environmentally-friendly manner

At IntelliShred, we have the right combination of equipment, tools and staff, capable to meet your product destruction, shredding and disposal needs. With over 30 years of experience within the industry, our team can help you maintain compliance with privacy regulations and ensure your confidentiality is secured. Everything will be destroyed in accordance with all federal and state regulations. Our Certificate of Destruction can be used to show compliance with product destruction recall requirements. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you protect confidential information and avoid the risk of identity theft.

Professional Shredding Company

In today’s corporate environment, there’s been an overwhelming increase in identity theft from businesses – and it has continued to be huge liability issue. Your company’s confidential documents are always at risk, no matter if they’re stored in file cabinets or on digital media devices. It’s always possible for employees, clients or other outside vendors to gain access to that information and exploit it.

The only way to combat this risk and protect your company’s confidential information, is to hire a professional shredding company. There are several credible services out there, but it’s important to consider several factors when you search for a reputable shredding company.

There are special certifications that shredding companies should have under their belt. The one with the highest level of accreditation is the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). The NAID has the highest level of professional security standards for the industry. The professional shredding company you hire should be a NAID certified shredding company, and must follow their code of ethics and any other industry requirements.

The next important factor in your selection process should be the level of security this professional shredding company has. Document destruction companies should carefully select their employees and provide you with proof of their background checks. You must inquire about their shredding process and ask for a step by step description of how it works, even down to the type of containers they use for transporting documents prior to shredding. If your company deals with medical information, it’s crucial that you hire a document shredding company that’s in compliance with current HIPAA requirements.

A professional shredding company is equipped to handle the destruction of tons of classified and confidential documents for businesses on-site. When you select a shredding service, make sure they guarantee your documents will be destroyed on-site.

There are other companies that only do off-site shredding – they physically remove your documents from your business and then transports them to their shredding facility. With this type of service, you run the risk of your documents being misplaced, lost, or falling into the wrong hands. It’s much wiser to hire a shredding company that provides on-site shredding and emergency shredding services.

Corporate shredding services must have state of the art shredding equipment available to you. They should handle way more than just paper shredding – they should have the ability to destroy discs of all formats, media components and other devices. As you search for the perfect shredding company, be sure to look for one that provides full-service.

IntelliShred has been a shredding industry leader since 1999. We have pride in our confidential data destruction and the other information security solutions that we offer. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices, and outstanding, personalized service. We’re proud to be members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and we have consistently achieved AAA Certification – the highest level of security in the shredding industry.

As an experienced, professional shredding company can help your business block the risk of identity theft. We have the latest in shredding equipment and the capacity to recycle paper, floppy drives, CD’s and DVD’s, Video Cassettes, Microfilm, Microfiche and much more. Contact us today and let us help you keep your confidential information safe from harm’s way.

Corporate Identity Theft

Consumers can be a prime target for identity theft, but most business owners assume that they won’t face the same level of risk. Even with security measures in place to safeguard your client’s confidential information, corporate identity theft can occur. The more you can do to protect your organization’s information from theft, the better.

Most often, corporate identity theft includes a breach of personal information on clients or employees. However, it can also include the theft of a company’s proprietary information, credit information, bank statements and other sensitive data. Although recycling paper helps the environment, certain documents should never be thrown into the trash or recycling bin.

If confidential information falls into the wrong hands, your business could suffer immensely. The thief can impersonate you and others within your business to steal from the company. Whether it’s running up credit card bills, purchasing equipment, applying for business loans, or using information for their personal gain, corporate identity thieves show no mercy.

There are many types of corporate identity theft, but the most common is a cyberattack. This type of attack involves a hacker that is able to steal company information by hacking into a server or individual computer. Of course, this is done without the organization’s knowledge, in the same way data breaches affect consumers.

Other types of theft include when physical company documents or records are stolen. It can happen either from within the business at the hands of an employee or even if paperwork is mishandled or improperly discarded.

Regularly changing logins, passwords and other methods for accessing corporate bank accounts, credit cards and other important files can help prevent corporate identity theft. Company employees can sometimes be duped into logging into a fake website which matches the one they normally log into. After they log in, the hacker can easily steal information to get account numbers, trade secrets, proprietary formulas and more.

Phishing is another way that identity thieves will try. An employee may receive company emails that appear to be from a trusted source but contain fake links. Once these links are clicked upon, hackers can access to the company’s network. Phishing emails can also dupe employees into providing logins and other sensitive information.

Any size company can be vulnerable to corporate identity theft, so it’s absolutely crucial to put safeguards in place that will protect your business. To ensure that your company does not fall prey to criminals, be sure to update safety procedures, train your team on how to spot phishing attempts and definitely implement a shredding policy and schedule.

IntelliShred has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Contact us today on how we can help save your business from corporate identity theft.

What To Shred

Most of us know that we should shred our personal documents. However, you might not know just how easy it is for identity thieves these days, even with strip cutting.

We all have so many documents. It’s all too easy to overlook a certain kind of document that seems innocuous.

This is why, to drive down identity theft, everyone should learn what to shred.

So we’re going to do the public a service and list the top 5 things that everyone should shred religiously.

  1. Your Personal Information

Shred anything with your:

  • account numbers
  • passwords
  • signatures

Destroy monthly bills that contain your:

  • full name
  • address
  • signature
  • account details

The most important things to shred include:

  • bank correspondences
  • expired identity cards
  • expired credit and debit cards
  • tax related documents that are older than 7 years old
  1. Your Social Security Number

Your social security number is as good as gold to identity thieves. This is why you should destroy any unnecessary documents containing your social security number.

What if you notice that there’s a persistent source of documents containing it? In that case, it’s worthwhile to ask the provider if they can withhold your social security number from printed forms as an extra precaution.

  1. Utility And Credit Card Bills

Your bills and account information won’t open as many doors as your social security number will, but a clever thief can still use them against you.

It’s important to remember that any of your financial information can be used against you. This includes your utility bills and credit card bills.

When thinking about what to shred, always remember that this sort of information is useful to thieves. Therefore it should be shredded religiously.

  1. Credit Card Offers

Yes, even those annoying spammy credit card offers you receive in the mail must be taken out right away and shredded promptly.

Why is this necessary you ask?

It’s a sad fact of life that identity theft is most often perpetuated by those who know us well. This includes friends, neighbors, and even family members.

Any of the above people can fill out one of these forms, claim your new credit card and then proceed to destroy your credit rating without your knowledge.

  1. Expired Or Cancelled Credit Cards

It may come as a surprise to some, but thieves actually love finding expired or cancelled credit cards. Why?

Well, oftentimes renewed credit cards have the same account number as the expired or cancelled card. Often times the only difference between the two cards is the expiration date. This makes stealing your new account easy.

Even cancelled credit card accounts provide a way for thieves to gain access to your new account, or to open a new account under your name.

As you can see, the number of ways that identity thieves can use your personal information is scary. The best way to protect your identity is to learn what to shred and then shred religiously. If you have too many things to shred on your own, our mobile paper shredding service can help.

Destroy Documents

Identity Theft Increasing

Why is it important to destroy documents? There are two main reasons: legality and identity theft.

In 2014, about 7% of U.S. residents (age 16 and over) were victims of identity theft. As troubling as this fact is, this was way back in 2014; the statistics for identity theft have only continued to rise every year.

Why Destroy Documents?

The purpose of this post is to give a brief overview for the general public, as well as for companies and small businesses, about why we should destroy documents.

In short – anybody, big or small, can be a victim of identity theft. And besides that, we all must follow the law.

Avoid Identity Theft

Take this advice to heart and you’ll greatly minimize risk of identity theft.

There are other forms of identity theft, but paper identity theft is still prevalent because too many people are careless.

Tearing your bank statement in half and tossing it in the trash just won’t cut it (pun not intended). Old fashioned dumpster diving identity theft is still prevalent, and an identity thief can easily piece together documents disposed of in this manner.

Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

There may be laws where you live or work that require you to destroy documents. Be sure to do a Google search to learn your state’s laws about how to dispose of professional documents.

Certain companies like banks and health care facilities are required by the government to shred their employees and clients documents. Other people and entities, both large and small, should follow the same procedure.

Here are 3 things you should keep in mind when you’re ready to destroy documents:

  1. Learn The Laws

One example of such a law related to healthcare is HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). If you deal with employees’ personal medical information, then you should know about HIPPA. It applies to any healthcare professional who comes in contact with others personal medical information.

  1. Come Up With A Plan

Legally you must protect your customers and employees data, and you should also have written confidential shredding plans for doing so.

  1. Consider Professional Paper Shredding

If you have a lot of documents to shred and want to be more careful, then choose a service to come to your office to shred and destroy documents.

After the documents are destroyed, they will be removed and then taken off site to be incinerated. This is the safest and most convenient method to destroy documents in large quantities.

Our Shredding Policy

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, was enacted on November 12, 1999 and is an act of the 106th U.S. Congress (1999–2001). This act was established to protect the personal financial information of consumers from neglectful financial institutions.


The act applies to the following financial institutions/companies:


  • Banks
  • Securities Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Lenders/Brokers
  • Accountants/Tax Return Managers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Credit Counseling
  • Debt Collection

This rule also applies to companies, regardless of whether they are financial institutions, who receive such information. Companies must design, implement and maintain safeguards to protect their customer information.

One of the safeguards a company could implement would be putting a shredding policy in place. An established process for handling sensitive information can protect your company from risk of fraud or identity theft.

To make it more efficient, companies typically hire a professional shredding company to handle shredding of the mass of paper/documents they generate. With a shredding policy, a shredder service can eliminate any chance that your sensitive information falls into the wrong hands.

IntelliShred is an experienced professional shredding service in NJ with years in the business. We can provide you with a custom shredding policy solution that’s efficient and cost-effective! Contact us today!

Confidential Shredding

It’s not a surprise that fraud and identity theft has caused the loss of millions of dollars. In today’s global business environment, there is a good chance your business or organization is a target. With a solid confidential shredding process, you can save your business from facing that risk.

Not only does fraud impact your business financially, it also can cause your business to suffer from:

  • Negative brand image
  • Lack of trust from your customers
  • Loss of confidence from shareholders

It’s common for business owners spend an excessive amount of money on protecting their computer network, but they neglect to safeguard their hard-copy information. While shredding machines can be effective, the amount of time it takes to shred even a small volume of paper can eat up the productivity of your staff. Plus, most regular shredders are not able to handle shredding into unrecognizable strips.

With a confidential shredding service, a significant amount of your important files can be eliminated without the need for removing staples, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. The service will provide your business with a secure shred collection container and documents stay protected until they come to start the document destruction process.

Whatever volume of shredded material your business generates, an experienced document shredding company will set a schedule to collect and shred it onsite at your premises. Documents will be shredded in accordance with NAID AAA standards and a Certificate of Destruction will verify the process has been completed correctly.

IntelliShred has years of success with handling confidential shredding for a variety of businesses. We are able to provide you with efficient and product destruction services. Contact us today for answers to all of your shredding questions.

Confidential Document Destruction

As a business owner, when it comes to your New Jersey company, regardless if it’s a mega corporation or a small startup, protecting yours and your staff members’ confidential information is critical. Over the past few years, identity theft is being a growing issue in New Jersey and across the United States, and confidential document destruction is a sure way to prevent this.

In 2014, 17.6 million American residents fall victim to identity theft crimes and when government and corporate databases are lost or stolen, nearly 100 million more residents have their private, personal information put at risk of identity theft. In addition, 64.1% of reported identity theft is from the misuse of a credit card, 35% of an existing bank account and 14.2% of others personal, private information.

Here are a few ways your New Jersey business can lower the risk of identity theft from happening.

Confidential Document Destruction
When it comes to getting rid of your unneeded work documents and records, you may not realize that by putting the items in typical trash bins that you put you and your staff at risk of identity theft. A common way identity thieves access information is dumpster diving. That is when a person will dig through trash in search of confidential information that he or she can use for personal gains. To combat this, ensure that you have your documents and records properly shredded by hiring a professional shredding service in NJ. Our confidential document destruction team will ensure that all of your documents and records completely destroyed using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Strong Computer Passwords
Breaches into online accounts and computer systems are spreading fast. A key to small business fraud prevention is to ensure that your online accounts are hard to crack, make sure your passwords are complex. Use a combination of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and computer symbols, such as $ # & *, and in addition, make sure your passwords are 8 characters long, at minimum.

Install Anti-Spyware Software
While using strong passwords is important, data hackers are still finding ways of breaking into your computer systems to take your information. Many hackers use spyware software to access your information on your computer. Use strong antivirus and antispyware software programs that will help protect your private data.

Regularly Review Your Bank Account and Credit Card Reports
For every statement with updates to your personal and business bank accounts and credit cards, take extra time to read over them over. Regardless how small the dollar amount could be on paper, if money was taken out of your account or charges or purchases on your credit card, contact your banking representatives right away. Review all information and reports on your statements each month and once you no longer need your reports, make sure you have them correctly destroyed, via professionally shredded.

For more information on our confidential document destruction services, contact us at 1 (866) 747-3360.

Small Business Fraud Prevention – 4 Practices

Regardless of whether your business is big or small, fraud is a problem that arises in many different ways and affects workplaces of all types.  It can take place in the form of theft, forgery and computer crime, as well as other types of “white collar” crimes.  If your company is targeted by such crimes, it could lead to significant consequences.

So what are some things that your business can do to protect itself and decrease the chances of fraudulent activity from occurring?  Here are 4 simple practices you should consider implementing if you haven’t already for small business fraud prevention:

Take Advantage of Document Shredding Services

Look after all of your sensitive documents securely and safely.  Consider outsourcing your document destruction requirements to a professional paper shredding service for added small business fraud prevention.  Place secure, lockable shred bins, beside each desk and set up centralized collection spots in high traffic areas for document disposal.  In doing this, your employees will effortlessly be able to get rid of confidential documents in a secure manner.  These shred containers should remain locked until your document shredding company arrives to empty them.  To put it simply, a professional document shredding company will keep your business safe from internal and external fraud.

Establish an Anti-Fraud Policy and Put it in Writing

Establishing a work atmosphere that is based on honesty and trust tells your staff that you are taking the precautionary measures necessary to reduce the risks of fraud.  It is also important that you put any policies surrounding ethical behavior in writing to ensure that each individual is fully aware of the specific policies in regards to fraud and the consequences of breaking them.

Supply an Anonymous Source for Tips/Reports

Make sure that you have a method in place for employees to report any suspicions or tips about the potential of fraudulent activities.  Be sure that each of your employees understands your small business fraud prevention procedure and the fact that they are encouraged to report any concerns they may have, no matter how small.  Studies have shown that the majority of fraudulent occurrences (over 50%) are in fact picked up on and addressed by employees.  As a business owner, it is important that you pay close attention to potential warning signs, and always listen to the tips/advice that you receive from your staff.

Background Checks

For the safety of both your employees and your customers, it is a good idea to make your hiring process include background checks on any and all potential employees.  This is especially important for individuals being hired for “high-risk” positions such as those in the finance industry or customer service roles that require ongoing access to customers’ personal information.

At IntelliShred, our local shredding company of industry professionals offer document shredding solutions that contribute towards making your work environment secure and well-managed.  Call us today at 1-866-747-3360 to speak with one of our representatives about your document shredding options and small business fraud prevention needs.

Commercial Document Shredding

Today, commercial document shredding is a practice that several companies across New Jersey and the rest of the U.S have implemented. With privacy regulations becoming more and more stringent, proper disposal of sensitive material is crucial in protecting your business, customers, and employees from harm. The legal risks associated with tossing confidential paper in the trash, range from exposing employee information, private documents to competitors, to identity theft or fraud. None of these situations are pleasant ones.

What are You Currently Doing for Shredding?

Often smaller companies will assign their employees to look after the task of paper shredding, using a small office shredder. Normally this option is decided upon because it’s seen as the easier and cheaper solution; however, once all aspects are considered the opposite is true.

Before you decide to settle with a do-it-yourself method, first consider the below benefits that come with outsourcing commercial document shredding:

• Paper Shredding can be very tedious and also very time consuming (see our blog on high volume shredding). When you’re taking this task on yourself, there’s also the need to remove staples and any other clips, because portable shred machines aren’t designed to handle these and will jam otherwise. Endless hours spent next to an office shredder takes away from employee productivity; after all, your employees should be focusing on job duties they were hired to do.

• Portable shredding machines can be very distracting due to how noisy they are when operating. A disruptive working environment like this can make focusing on day to day tasks very difficult. Your employees need to be able to concentrate; the distraction of a shredding machine is one that can be avoided.

• There is no way to know for certain that your sensitive documents will in fact be destroyed by the employee who is to handle it. It’s pretty easy to forget about these things, and documents will slipthrough the cracks if you have not implemented a regular, monitored shredding schedule. Often employees get “lazy” and wind up tossing old documents into the garbage or recycling bin because it’s an easier (and quicker) option.

Alternatively, consider the benefits a commercial document shredding company can offer:

• A commercial document shredding company can offer the same service in a fraction of the time it takes to do in-house. A mobile shredding truck will shred through staples, elastics or paper clips. When you outsource your paper shredding, your internal resources are freed up, and employees can concentrate solely on their job duties, contributing to company growth and success.

• Forget having to organize old papers into filing boxes or continuously feeding documents through a machine. Secure and lockable shred bins are given to you for ongoing paper collection prior to shredding. Your content will remain entirely safe until capacity is reached and bins require emptying. At this point, a shredding specialist will arrive on-site at your location to perform the paper shredding process for you.

• Security threats are considerably reduced, as the procedure is completed by highly trained professionals only. Plus, after the commercial document shredding is complete you will be issued a Certification of Destruction; documented proof that your information has been destroyed in a manner that is 100% secure.

When you consider the time and expenses associated with shredding in-house, it’s definitely in your best interest to outsource your commercial document shredding needs.

At IntelliShred our commercial document shredding is done at your location using our state-of-the-art truck to assure maximum shredding security. We are a full service commercial document shredding, document security, and document management company, serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Contact us today to discuss our services. Call 1-866-747-3360