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How Secure Hard Drive Disposal Can Save You From Identity Theft

Data breaches, thievery, and identity theft. Privacy online is at more risk than arguably ever before. Every purchase and form you fill out online, you are trusting a service to encrypt and protect your personal information. Sometimes, your personal information is in the hands of your employer. Even companies that you think would have secure protection have fallen victim to, like Facebook having 29,000 employees’ banking data stolen back in 2019. The reason for that theft? Facebook did not have secure hard disk disposal. The hard drives were unencrypted and were able to be taken by simply breaking into a car. 

Things like banking data, your credit card numbers, driver’s license information, and even your social security number all can be used for identity theft with information recovered from a hard drive. So, how can you protect yourself? Destroy your hard drive securely. 

Use On-Site Document Destruction 

Let’s be honest. A lot of you probably feel better about anything you hear if you see it with your own eyes. People can tell you and assure you that your items will be properly taken care of, but seeing it done yourself can give you that extra assurance. There are several reasons why this is a preferable option to destroy your hard drives. The main one is keeping an eye on your own belongings.

Would you feel confident about potentially sending hundreds of thousands of people’s personal information or confidential company information to somewhere you don’t know and people you don’t know? Most of you probably would not be fully comfortable with that. Working with people on-site not only allows you to destroy your hard drive safely with professionals but also securely with visual proof that every item you need to be destroyed is taken care of. It is important not only to have trust in the process but also to make sure that nothing gets lost due to negligence. Doing both successfully will definitely minimize the risk of any possible identity theft. 

Properly Cleaning Your Hard Drive

This situation is especially important for more personal use and you are looking to sell your computer and/or hard drives to make a few extra bucks. Right? Well…not so fast. 

This study alarmingly revealed that 60% of the people that tried to sell used hard drives did not properly clean out the hard drive before selling it to the next person. Identity thieves LOVE this, and it is handed on a silver platter. Think about the information that could be there like passwords to confidential accounts that really open up the rabbit hole for identity thieves. Those can lead to those credit cards, forms filled out online, potentially even tax information, and your social security number! 

There are a lot of people out there that probably would not think twice about handing over a hard drive with that kind of information still on it. Unfortunately, some of those people may have learned the hard way why it is important to clean your hard drive. In this case, one option can be using specific software to wipe your hard drive completely and for insurance, potentially using a screwdriver to dismantle it. But, most of the time, it is better and safer to just destroy the hard drive completely. What can happen if you do not do it securely though? 

Open to a Civil Lawsuit

We have already explained what could happen to your personal computer and personal information if a hard drive disk disposal is not done securely. But, what about companies? What do they face? The answer is not only the potential loss of trust from their employees and customers if they put their information at risk, but also even potentially a civil lawsuit. One of the biggest recent examples of this was from the Equifax Data Breach in September of 2017. This data breach compromised the information of 147 million people. 

In January of 2020, it was announced that Equifax had a $425 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission to try to help the possible victims of identity theft due to that breach. Obviously, this is an extreme example in a huge company. Nevertheless, if you have a company that is responsible for your employees’ and/or customers’ sensitive personal information, you can be held liable if it gets compromised. While it is true that not every instance of this is deemed a company’s fault, negligence or poor security measures can become potential factors to liability. On top of that, it could be difficult to get people to rely on you with securing their information again or even do business with you. 

Secure Hard Disk Disposal?

So, now that you know the risks of not taking care of personal and/or company information, the question becomes, how to destroy vulnerable personal information on hard drives securely? The answer is to use a shredding service. You can work with professionals who do this daily vs. you and your company likely doing this for the first time. 

You can eliminate the risk of not properly going through everything trying to destroy hard drives and documents in-house, getting it stolen via transit, or anything getting lost or compromised at an off-site location. The last thing you want is to have a Facebook situation and have hard drives stolen from your car, right? If you work with a shredding service, they will make you aware of every possible risk of not doing it properly. What is one easy way to do that? 

Use IntelliShred For Your Security

Now, you know a little more about the importance of disposing of your hard disk safely and securely. Contact us if you or your company are in the New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania area and need secure hard disk disposal. 

IntelliShred has been operating for 22 years and has several testimonials from companies that have successfully used this service in the past. 

As you get ready to shut down your company for the night, you are reminded of a task that needs to be completed before tomorrow morning: securely disposing of old hard drives. Where to dispose of hard drives? How can they be disposed of safely? This blog explores how you can dispose of sensitive data on your company’s hard drive with minimal risk and maximum benefits!

First, it is important to understand the scope of sensitive data. While hard drives are often associated with financial information and company files, there are also a number of other sources that may have confidential information that needs to be disposed of securely. This includes printed documents (such as e-mails and contracts), paper documents stored on-premises (these could be old corporate records) or in the cloud (for example, sensitive customer communications). It’s not just about destroying these items one by one; when large volumes of data need to be destroyed simultaneously, appropriate disposal methods need to be considered for each type before you can dispose of them safely!

Wipe It and Recycle

Recycling isn’t only for plastic water bottles and paper. If you don’t want to physically destroy your company’s hard drives, recycling is an alternative method of disposal. In order to recycle your old hard drives, first, wipe them of data by using a program like DBAN. You can also wipe data from hard drives with PGP whole disk encryption. After the data is wiped, recycle old hard drives by taking them to a recycling station.

Sell Your Hard Drives

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of old hard drives, sell them! You can do this by posting an ad on your company’s website or listing the used hard drive online in order to find a new home. If you plan on selling off your old hard drives, make sure they are wiped clean before putting them up for sale. This will ensure that any information stored within is safe from potential buyers who might want access to sensitive data (including).


If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to dispose of old hard drives, consider shredding them. Hard drive shredders are designed specifically to destroy data on disks by cutting it into tiny pieces with rotary blades. Shredded hard drives can be recycled or disposed of in the trash without any worries about identity theft or other personal information that might have been stored on the drive.


One of the more complex techniques is known as degaussing. This process involves an electric current flowing through the hard drive in order to produce a magnetic field. The device is then rotated at high speeds for 30 seconds and that erases every single bit of data on it.

This is not only more expensive but also very time-consuming compared to other methods because you need special training and equipment in order to get this done properly.

The degausser will need some time (usually up to three hours) before they are ready again after each use, which means you can’t do multiple jobs back-to-back with these machines. It’s worth noting, though, that they might be right for your company if there’s no possibility of any future reuse or recycling of the drives involved.


Disintegration is a preferred method of disposing of hard drives, another option. It involves putting the hard drive in a machine, a disintegrator, that slices it into small pieces.

This is the most expensive option of all three, but it’s also often the best. Disintegration eliminates any possibility that someone in your company could lose their job due to lost or stolen data. However, you’ll need to use a professional disposal service to use a disintegrator.

Physical Destruction

The other option is to physically destroy the hard drive. There are a number of ways that this can be done, such as crushing or drilling holes in it and putting it through an industrial shredder. If you’re considering physical destruction, remember that these methods will create small metal pieces which could pose a danger if they find their way into water sources like rivers or streams.

Professional Data Destruction Services

The best option for destroying sensitive data from your company’s hard drives is professional data destruction services that offer specialized equipment such as hydraulic presses, magnets, and high-powered deionizers. These types of devices will completely obliterate all traces of your important documents, so they won’t end up falling into the wrong hands. This is by far the most effective way to ensure all the data is destroyed along with the hard drive. It is much more thorough than home remedies or software.

They also offer the best security for your sensitive information by being able to destroy every last trace of it, making sure that nobody else will ever have access to your personal and professional data again. IntelliShred’s professional data shredding services specifically help companies dispose of hard drives, reducing the risk of data security breaches. This can be especially helpful if you work in an industry with strict regulations on how long certain types of information should remain private before disposal.

How Safe Are Hard Drive Disposal Methods?

There’s no perfect answer here: every method has its pros and cons, from environmental impact to cost-effectiveness. However, degaussing might come out on top for some companies because it doesn’t require any expensive equipment or training – all you need is time (which most businesses have).

Where to dispose of hard drives?

If your company is looking for a professional hard drive disposal service to help them safely dispose of their old or outdated hard drives, IntelliShred’s data shredding service can help! We offer affordable rates and fast turnaround time, so you don’t have to worry about how long it’ll take us to get rid of all those pesky old hard drives taking up space on company shelves. Contact IntelliShred today for 

Hard Drive Destruction Service

Once upon a time, documents with vital information could be shredded, and that was it. One could rest easy knowing that their private information would remain safe.

Those days are now over. The digital age has made security a constant battle. Hackers are always on the prowl, and no company is too big for them to attack. While shredding is a wise choice for paper documents, what does one do about hard drives with vital data?

The best solution is to hire a hard drive destruction service. This ensures that not even the greatest hacker can get their hands on a company’s vital information. Another plus is that hard drive destruction can take place right in front of one’s eyes. The on-site option can give allow a company to rest easy and focus on their work.

A Wipe is Not Enough

Ask the average person about hard drive security, and they will say that a complete wipe is needed. While this does provide some level of security, it is not enough. If the hard drive remains intact, then hackers can find residual data. This is a fact that one cannot ignore. These malicious elements will take any chance they can get to steal vital company data. The damage to a business’s reputation and brand in the eyes of the public may never recover.  The best course of action is to employ a destruction service. 

For consumers, the standard hard drive wipe might be fine. But for businesses, this isn’t acceptable. A hard drive destruction service done by a professional shredding company is the only solution. Here’s a case study that illustrates why this is:

The Blancco Technology Group and Kroll Ontrack did a security study that involved 200 used hard drives and solid state drives. They purchased these used hard drives from Amazon, eBay and Gazelle.com.

  • 36% of the hard drives had residual (left over) data.
  • Only 10% of these 200 hard drives had secure data erasure done. Secure data erasure requires a special software program.
  • Deletion attempts were made on 75% of the drives with residual data.

The deletion attempts were largely unsuccessful because common but unreliable methods of data deletion were used.

This potentially could have left much sensitive information available to cyber criminals. A cyber criminal only needs the right software and know-how to access deleted data from a used hard drive.

Peace of Mind

Electronic data security can drive one mad. There are numerous stories of destruction and ruin arising from stolen data. No business can afford for this to happen to them. The simple oversight of not properly disposing of a hard drive can lead to ruin. This infectious fear can distract one from doing great business.

Why waste time and energy worrying about one’s electronic data security?

Choosing on-site hard drive destruction can set one’s mind at ease. One can watch as their vital information is handled securely. An average business can waste time wallowing in fear. A high-quality business implements intelligent solutions and wastes no time being afraid.

No Stone Unturned

Why not just assign some employees to destroy the hard drives? Make no mistake, it may seem that hard drive destruction is self-explanatory, but that is far from the truth. Few people know to properly dispose of a hard drive. This goes beyond mere breaking and smashing. IntelliShred has a tried and true method of hard drive destruction. This ensures that not a single crucial piece will remain intact.  Electronic data security is not something that any business can cheap out on. One must leave no stone unturned.

So if conventional data removal methods aren’t effective, what can you do?

Proper E-waste Solutions

The goal of this post is to show you that there’s a 100% reliable and practical method to properly destroy a hard drive or solid state drive.

This is most important for businesses that handle confidential information from customers, including important information like credit card numbers. For this type of business, a hard drive destruction service is necessary.

Properly Upgrading

The challenge that many businesses face is when they have to upgrade their computer systems. They carelessly throw out old hard drives or computers, and this leaves them easily accessible to computer hackers and thieves.

The safest and most practical course of action for a business is to utilize a hard drive destruction service from a professional shredding company. A professional will come to your office and remove the hard drives from the computers for you.

Don’t Manually Delete Data

As we mentioned earlier, the most commonly used methods of data removal: manually deleting files, hard drive wiping, formatting, are not effective enough, and a business certainly needs to do better than that. Not just for the sake of the company and the customers, but to also comply with business regulations, a hard drive destruction service is necessary.

Again, manually deleting data doesn’t work. It doesn’t delete the data from the hard drive; it only hinders the ability of the device to locate the data. However, the actual data is still on the device and it’s recoverable.

And when it comes to formatting a drive, results vary because each operating system is different. The “quick format” is also unreliable.

How To Properly Dispose Of Old Hard Drives

When you have a fair number of hard drives to dispose of, a shredding company’s hard drive destruction service is the best option.

There are software programs that can do a decent job of erasing data, but this requires some upfront knowledge, and more importantly, a lot of time if you’re dealing with several hard drives. Modern hard drives are getting larger and larger, which makes erasure programs take longer as well.

Physically destroying the hard drives is the safest and most practical option. A proper hard drive destruction service will physically destroy the hard drives so that they are nothing more than tiny little bits and pieces of metal. Afterward, you will receive a certificate of destruction showing proof that the hard drives were properly disposed of.

The Hard Drive Destruction Service to Use

IntelliShred offers a hard drive destruction service that is efficient and reliable. No shortcuts are taken to ensure that any given company’s electronic data is kept safe and secure. The on-site hard drive destruction service is an intelligent choice for any business that cares about its data security. Reach out for a quote and let go of all worries about secure hard drive destruction.

Contact us today for a shredding quote!

Once, data only took the form of paper, and destruction was as easy as shredding that paper until it was unable to be reconstructed. Now, most offices use a mix of data storage methods such as printed paper, email, and messaging tools such as Slack. This has made data disposal more difficult, and data less secure than ever.

Many companies are wondering how to dispose of data when it takes on so many unique forms. It is more important than ever to know about different forms of data destruction, so you can make sure your company is disposing of sensitive information in the most efficient and secure way possible.

So what is data disposal, and how can you make sure your data is safe from prying eyes?

What Is Data Disposal?

Data disposal refers to the act of completely destroying sensitive data beyond any hope of repair. This means paper documents are shredded, and not simply thrown away. It also means that hard drives are completely wiped or physically destroyed.

Simply deleting sensitive files is no guarantee that they will not be recovered in the future, as the information is still stored in the hard drive’s memory. Data needs to be completely wiped without any possibility of recovery to meet legal and ethical standards.

Why Data Disposal is Important

Data disposal is not just a good practice to follow for the success and security of your company – it is a legal obligation for most businesses. Federal privacy laws require data to be permanently destroyed after a certain period of time, to protect both your company and its employees. This is true for both paper documents and data stored on hard drives.

Disposal of business data is a fast-growing industry. Companies are now faced with surpluses of computers and hard drives that must be wiped in addition to paper documents.

Types of Data Disposal

Paper Shredding

Paper shredding is the simplest and most familiar form of data disposal. Perhaps your office is already equipped with a personal shredder. The act of paper shredding makes documents unreadable and allows them to be disposed of in bulk.

Paper shredding may seem as if it is on the verge of becoming obsolete, as most communication in the typical office happens via email or instant messaging. However, paper use is still widespread in American offices. The average office worker uses up to 10,000 sheets of paper per year, the equivalent of a 100-foot Douglas Fir tree.

The most innocuous printed-out email can contain sensitive or confidential information. It is important to shred paper documents on a regular basis, with an AAA-certified office shredding company.

Hard Drive Overwriting

Overwriting a hard drive is one of the most common forms of data destruction. It consists of writing over the data on an existing hard drive with a new pattern of data.

The advantage of overwriting is that the hard drives or electronics are still useable after being overwritten. They are essentially turned into new, blank products. However, overwriting has several distinct disadvantages.

First, it takes a lot of time to overwrite a hard drive. This may not be a problem for individual use, but if you have a company’s worth of data to dispose of, it can make overwriting too timely. When overwriting for legal purposes, a license ensuring the overwriting followed legal standards is required for each hard drive.

Second, overwriting is one of the least secure methods of data destruction. The overwritten data can often still be accessed in some form by a professional or by using certain software.

Hard Drive Degaussing

Degaussing is essentially exposing an electronic device to an extremely powerful magnet. The magnet disrupts the magnetic field of the electronic device, destroying the data within. Degaussing is much more efficient than overwriting, and more secure as well.

However, degaussing renders a device completely useless. If you wish to reuse your electronics after destroying the data, degaussing is not a good choice. There is also no way to thoroughly determine whether degaussing has worked without checking each machine individually.

Degaussing is also beginning to fall out of favor as hard drives are able to store information in smaller and smaller spaces. More efficient hard drives require more powerful magnets.

Physical Hard Drive Destruction

One of the most primitive-sounding forms of data destruction is also one of the safest – simply physically smashing or otherwise destroying a hard drive. This is the best way to ensure that your data is unrecoverable.

However, physical hard drive destruction is more than simply smashing a device with a hammer or dropping it from a tall building. Modern, AAA-certified data disposal companies use powerful industrial shredders to transform electronic items into small pieces of scrap metal.

Physical destruction is the most foolproof way to protect your data. Though it requires the disposal of the devices storing the data, there is absolutely no way for the data to be recovered. This is something neither overwriting nor degaussing can guarantee, making physical destruction the best choice for the disposal of business data.

Data Disposal for Your Company

Now that your “what is data disposal?” question is answered, you may be wondering about our data disposal services. We are fully certified members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) as well as being certified in the highest level of data security.

We offer a full range of data disposal services including paper shredding, disposal of products (such as recalled or defective goods), and e-waste data destruction.

Call us today or use this form on our website to find out how we can make sure your data is safely destroyed.

In August 2019, the Bulgarian government fined DSK bank a whopping $569,930 in relation to a data breach.

The over half-million-dollar fine is enough to make any business owner reel. However, what’s even more startling is that identity thieves stole printed documents. The event shows that thieves go after both printed and digital data.

It’s important to take special precautions when shredding sensitive information. Acquiring a certificate of destruction is a vital part of a document disposal plan. However, you might wonder, “What is a certificate of destruction?”

To learn more about certificates of destruction and why they’re important, keep reading.

Securing Your Confidential Data

You probably put a lot into making sure that your network is secure. However, how much thought have you put into the security of your paper documents?

The DSK bank incident highlights the importance of confidential document shredding. Thieves stole more than 33,000 physical records during the DSK data breach. There was a reason for the Bulgarian government’s hefty fine. The bank failed to establish policies to protect this kind of information. Businesses handle a lot of paper. As the DSK bank incident shows, it’s important to ensure that those papers don’t land in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the DSK bank is not alone. Digital and non-digital data breaches are common, and both tactics are equally damaging.

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to protect your customers’ sensitive data. You must also protect your employee information. You might store information on paper, CDs or DVDs. Either way, it’s important to dispose of unneeded sensitive data properly. Shredding is the best way to dispose of confidential information. Still, it’s vital to develop clear policies. Your policies should cover how to dispose of sensitive documents. For example, you might establish a policy requiring that employees shred all documents. In this instance, no documents would leave the property if it’s not shredded.

Alternatively, you might develop a selective shredding policy. In this case, employees will determine which documents to shred.

What Is a Certificate of Destruction?

Shredding ensures that sensitive information is inaccessible. It also ensures that malicious actors can’t reassemble confidential documents.

A certificate of destruction acknowledges the work performed by a professional shredding service. For example, it might serve as a receipt for the destruction of paper documents. It could also serve as proof of hard drive or other storage product destruction.

The detail of a certificate of destruction will vary among service providers. What’s more important, however, is choosing a professional shredding service. An expert shredding service maintains high standards. As more identity thefts occur, lawmakers are taking steps to hold businesses accountable. As a result, certificates of destruction are becoming more prominent.

A certificate of destruction is a form of proof. It shows that your organization took steps to dispose of confidential information securely. However, not all certificates of destruction are equal. Furthermore, a certificate alone is not enough. You must choose a qualified firm to ensure the proper disposal of sensitive information.

Any good shredding firm will issue a certificate of destruction. It’s more vital, however, to assess a service’s credentials. For example, the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) establishes industry standards. It’s a well-known agency that governs the product destruction industry.

For this reason, it’s helpful to look for shredding services that are NAID certified. These organizations follow strict standards that ensure the full destruction of confidential documents.

Choosing a Reliable Shredding Service

It’s always a good idea to work with NAID certified companies. The NAID is your starting point for finding top-notch service providers. The organization issues AAA Certification to select vendors. Shredding services must comply with strict guidelines to earn accreditation.

For example, the NAID guidelines cover shredding service hiring policies. They also encompass operational security. Companies must also follow a specific destruction process. They must also carry sufficient insurance to work in the industry.

Not every company passes a NAID audit. You may have considered working with a firm without certification. However, it may prove in your best interest to look for a better provider with NAID certification. Furthermore, all shredding services destroy paper. However, not every service provider can effectively destroy all kinds of outdated media. Alternative media might include hard drives and backup tapes.

You could simply overwrite these kinds of data storage devices. However, they would remain vulnerable to unauthorized access. Instead, it’s safer to hire a qualified shredding service to destroy this information on-site.

A top on-site shredding service makes security their priority. For example, the firm will require its employees to sign a confidentiality agreement. The company will also perform an extensive background check before hiring an employee. Also, a top shredding firm will ensure that all employees are trained thoroughly. The staff members will have expert training in secure document destruction.

Ensuring Secure Shredding

When you hire a shredding service, it’s highly beneficial to obtain a certificate of destruction. Obtaining a destruction certificate is an important step. It helps to ensure that a service provider has destroyed your document securely. However, there are also a couple more things to consider. For example, it’s safer when a shredding service completes their work on-site.

When you transport documents, you give malicious actors more opportunities. When driving documents to a shredding firm, for example, your employees can lose documents. By hiring an on-site service, you reduce the chances of your confidential documents falling into the wrong hands.

In addition to these practices, you must also observe the shredding process. A top-notch shredding firm can provide you with real-time video proof of the destruction of your sensitive documents.

One Service Provider for All Your Shredding Needs

Now you know the answer to, “What is a certificate of destruction?” What you need now is a shredding service with a reputation for reliable, confidential document shredding. IntelliShred is an experienced and capable secure document shredding service. We are NAID certified and can help you to destroy confidential information safely and securely.

Contact an IntelliShred representative today at 1-866-747-3360 or connect with us online. We’re waiting to show you more about securing your confidential documents.

Secure hard drive destruction services should be your priority as a business, but even as an individual. It’s easy to find an answer to “how” but are you ready to know why you should wipe a hard drive (HDD)?

Most people might assume that destroying their hard drives is as easy as burning them, chopping them up into pieces or crushing them in a hydraulic press. Although it may make logical sense, the reality is that the information stored on those drives you’ve shattered to pieces can still be stolen!

Here are 5 reasons to use secure hard drive destruction services:

1. It Helps Keep Your Identity Intact

In 2019 alone there were a reported 3.2 million cases of identity theft and fraud. The same source cites data breaches that affect hundreds of millions of people—if not over a billion! If you’re a corporation, you owe it to your customers not to let their data out into the wild.

The cause of many of these breaches is social engineering using “spear phishing” or digital dumpster diving of discarded hardware (like hard drives) for corporate information.

2. Ecological Responsibilities

No federal laws set by the EPA doesn’t prevent states from enacting and enforcing hefty fines themselves. The National Conference of State Legislatures does outline strict adherence to laws put up by 24 states—half of the lower 48. Why does it matter?

Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium are only three of many heavy metals and toxic elements in electronic waste—HDDs included.

3. The “Delete” Function Doesn’t “Destroy”

It might surprise you that all the delete button is good for is removing the part of a file that tells the operating system where to find it. Each file comes with a table of contents about where the information for that file is located.

There’s no guarantee that the information on the hard drive is irretrievable unless it is either: physically destroyed or written over with ones and zeroes multiple times.

4. Peace of Mind So You Won’t Get Fined (Or Worse)

According to IBM and the Ponyman Institute, the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, though it could be much higher. U.S. based companies are most at risk for data breaches according to the report.

This includes third-party security consultation, legal fees, and lost sales among many other reasons.

5. Free Up Closet Space

If you’re like most companies you probably have a secured records room. That room probably also serves as a storage room for things you can’t figure out how to dispose of, like old hard drives or prototype product lines.

It would be easy to overlook an employee coming in and taking one to sell to a competitor or on the black market.

secure hard drive serviceLeave Destruction To The Professionals

The headache of secure hard drive destruction is best left to a professional shredding and destruction service. In order to ensure that it’s done properly and in a compliant fashion, it’s best to hire a service with years of relevant experience. Whether it’s hard drives, they’re in your desktops or laptops, tablets or smartphones, it’s essential that you maintain compliance with the constantly changing e-waste regulations.

According to a recent Department of Health and Human Services report, data breaches in the health industry due to improper disposal of e-waste are becoming more common. Make sure your vendor can guarantee that your drives are completely destroyed—and that their data is unrecoverable.

It’s hard to remember that hard drives are embedded in most technology – everything from laptops, to tablets to video game consoles. When it’s not exactly sure what items need to be destroyed, a trusted secure hard drive destruction service will help determine how to select your e-waste shredding.

Most shredding and destruction services will provide you with a certificate of destruction. This document states that the data stored on your hard drive has been properly erased and all of its hardware has been disposed of. This is proof that you are in compliance with the official information security regulations in your state.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction At IntelliShred

IntelliShred provides clients with on-site mobile shredding and secure hard drive destruction services. Our advanced mobile shredding and destruction trucks will come directly to your location and destroy your hard drives and other materials. We can guarantee your hard drives will be properly destroyed before being discarded. We’re also committed to saving the environment, so we will deliver any recyclable materials to the proper metal and electronics recycling center.

IntelliShred has earned the NAID’s AAA Certification and we only send e-waste to certified recycling partners that comply with federal and state regulations. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), is a trade organization which provides a voluntary certification program for member companies that provide information destruction services.

IntelliShred has you covered on both fronts. Since 1999 we’ve been supporting the New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas in data protection and privacy. Contact us today for more information on our services – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about shredding and destruction.

To make sure that your business complies with regulations on data protection, you must destroy not only your confidential paper material but also relevant electronic data storage devices. The cost of data loss or a security breach can be far higher than the cost of destroying hard drives. We recommend that your primary concern be the reliability, safety, and security offered by the hard drive destruction.

At IntelliShred, we are experts in document shredding and e-waste disposal. The destruction of e-waste takes place in our state-of-the art shredding trucks at your location. This ensures your data is irrecoverable forever. It’s not enough to wipe hard drives or delete files. Similar to documents (see our previous blog on a shred all policy) hard drives must be physically destroyed to render the data irrecoverable.

Hard drives can potentially contain vast amounts of confidential, sensitive data. They have incredible storage capacities and don’t take up much physical space. The loss or theft of a hard drive may be a relatively simple affair but the consequences can be disastrous. This is why it’s essential to use a professional firm that can:

  • keep track of your hard drives
  • ensure they are physically destroyed, and
  • provide you with certification to demonstrate to you and your clients that you have taken care of confidential information in line with government regulations.

Hard drive shredding ensures that your sensitive or confidential data is destroyed. This protects your business and your clients. And it can ensure that you are compliant with data protection legislation. By having a clear data shredding policy, your clients can trust you with their information and will be more likely to do business with you.

At IntelliShred, we offer state-of-the art, high-quality e-waste services. We have the proper equipment, practices, training, and dedication to securely destroy your hard drives, CDs and DVDs, microfilm, microfiche, x-ray film, floppy drives, and video cassettes. We will also recycle computers, monitors, and many other electronic devices once the data storage elements are destroyed.

Hard Drive Shredding Cost

The cost of fallout from not shredding hard drives can be far higher than what hard drive shredding costs. It’s harder to recover lost reputation than it is to recover data from a hard drive, so make sure that you hire a reliable firm to shred your hard drives, not necessarily, the cheapest.

Our staff is trained, courteous, professional, and reliable, so you can trust us with all of your document shredding and hard drive destruction needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about what our hard drive shredding costs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you secure your business with 100% successful hard drive shredding and other services available as and when you need them.

Most companies need a reliable system for getting rid of documents and old equipment. Data breaches and identity theft are some of the biggest problems you can run into when old data is not disposed of properly. Many businesses have information stored on hard drives and on documents that can compromise even the most trusted of companies.

When it comes to hard drives, people incorrectly assume they can chop up, crush, or burn the devices to make them unusable. Not so. Believe it or not, information on those old hard drives can be stolen even if the equipment is damaged. Don’t destroy old hard drives yourself. Leave hard drive destruction to the professionals.

Here are the top 5 reasons to destroy old hard drives:

#1 Data Is Destroyed Permanently

Even when you think data has been destroyed on old hard drives, it is still there. Deleting files does not rid your computer of them – they are still in the hard drive and can easily be recovered by hackers or thieves.

IntelliShred guarantees the destruction of old hard drives. We put them through industrial-strength shredders that reduce them to thousands of pieces. This is the only way to ensure there is no chance of any data recovery.

#2 Be In Compliance And Avoid Fines

Today, every company must comply with many things. Data storage media is just one of them. You don’t want your company to be the next involved in a security breach – this could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

Sensitive information needs to be disposed of properly. Once we complete our hard drive destruction services, we provide you with a certificate of destruction. This certificate verifies that you have done everything within regulatory compliance.

#3 Keep Your Workplace In Top Shape

The last thing your company needs are old hard drives taking up space. Valuable time is wasted when you take on the task of destroying old hard drives. And data will still be recoverable. Leaving old equipment sitting in closets or storerooms makes them vulnerable to theft or electronic breaches.

With IntelliShred, however, your worries are over. Let us help you to free up workspace to generate more income for you. This is why it’s always safer to turn to us for reliable and verifiable old hard drive destruction.

#4 You Have A Reputation To Protect

You have built your company on trustworthy ethical standards. Nothing less will do. When you don’t destroy old hard drives, the data could fall into the wrong hands. That data breach could be substantial and costly.

Corporate information management 101 – keep your company’s private information private. You have customers to protect and they rely on your good services to keep their information safe and away from those who would love to attain it for illegal purposes.

#5 Be Assured That All Data Is Removed

With our data destruction services, all data becomes unrecoverable. You cannot just throw away hard drives or damage them where you think they are destroyed. Even if you are a small company, your private data can impact larger business partners and lead to many unanticipated problems.

Data breaches and security leaks compromise people every day. Don’t take risks when it comes to your company’s sensitive data. Don’t attempt physical destruction of hard drives on your own. You need high-security data destruction machines that will ensure company data is destroyed.

If you are looking for a reliable company to handle your business’s hard drive disposal, be sure to contact us today. We destroy old hard drives and more and ensure that your company is in total regulatory compliance.

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

There are so many ways you can protect confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. But the most ideal solution is to go straight to where the information is permanently stored – your hard drive. It’s always wise to destroy your hard drives so that the hardware cannot be re-used in any way, and what better way than to destroy it onsite at your location? Onsite hard drive destruction is also crucial for maintaining compliance with laws like HIPAA.

There are three different destruction methods that can properly destroy hard drives:

  • Shredding
  • Crushing
  • Degaussing

All three of these methods will protect your confidential information and virtually eliminate the risk of any data being recovered from the destroyed media.

It may seem simple to destroy hard drives, but there’s a greater risk of your data being recovered and used maliciously if it’s not done properly. Hard drive destruction is best handled by a professional, local shredding company able to properly destroy electronic data storage media.

Businesses could end up facing penalties or heavy fines if their hard drives are not destroyed properly. If there’s a security breach, the consequences could cost your business thousands of dollars in fines.

Most professional data destruction companies have the most current knowledge of the proper methods for onsite hard drive destruction. Hiring a professional service helps ensure your hard drives are destroyed and disposed of according to federal and state regulations.

A professional shredding and destruction service will provide cost-effective and secure, onsite hard drive destruction which includes:

  • Removal of asset tags
  • Reporting of serial numbers
  • Video capture to document destruction process
  • Real-time asset tracking
  • State-of-the-art mobile trucks
  • Environmentally-safe disposal

On site hard drive destruction services utilize high-security hard disk shredders, or machines called disintegrators. These destruction methods will render any recorded data completely unrecoverable.

These are the three reasons why shredding hard drives works best:

  1. Cost-Effective
    The cost of destruction may depend on how many hard drives you need destroyed. The easiest and most economical solution is hard drive shredding – which is also the faster method.
  2. Security
    Hard drive destruction should be as secure as possible – shredding is ultimately the best option for most situations, because it is permanent with absolutely no option for recovery.
  3. Fastest Method
    It’s so much faster to gather hard drives together for a one-time destruction than it is to send them out to be crushed and degaussed.

Federal and State privacy laws require monitoring of the qualifications, processes and compliance of the third-party vendor you hire, so it’s important to hire a AAA Certified Hard Drive Destruction Company. The NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) monitors service providers to ensure they remain compliant. Having the NAID’s AAA recognition, ensures that these shredding professionals have done their due diligence to adhere to the privacy laws.

IntelliShred is able to provide customers with the peace of mind that all critical information is being destroyed in a secure manner. We provide a Certificate of Destruction that clearly indicates the job was executed in a safe, secure manner. Call us today for more information on how we can provide you with an efficient onsite hard drive destruction or paper shredding solution.

Hard Drive Destruction Costs

Businesses today are more digitally-focused than ever and they are turning to hard drives to store their sensitive and proprietary information. Because of the high risk of hackers and constant security breaches, it’s absolutely necessary for companies to destroy hard drives and other digital storage devices for safety, and we can help with the hard drive destruction costs.

Keeping sensitive information confidential and safe is a necessity – especially client/employee contact information, healthcare information, or even proprietary data. Deleting confidential files from company hard drives do not guarantee that they can’t be retrieved again. There’s always someone out there with the technological skills to access your data, even though you believe it’s gone.

The latest statistics from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) state that about 40% of digital devices and hard drives are not wiped clean enough to keep data safe from theft. That information is easy enough for the average high school student to retrieve. If you haven’t already been shredding your hard drives, you need to be doing so. This process can be costly if your company chooses to facilitate it on their own. However, there’s a way to manage the hard drive destruction costs – hire a professional shredding/destruction service.

Industry experts will always recommend that you hire a professional shredding company to destroy your hard drives. These shredding services provide the most cost-efficient and secure destruction of hard drives and other digital storage items. Spending your dollars on burning the disk is not a solution because there are toxic chemicals that are released from this process. Soaking the drive in diluted hydrochloric or muriatic acid will work, but may also give off toxic fumes. It’s clear, having a professional handle this process makes the most economical sense, since wiping data from a hard drive can be dangerous.

Medical facilities, educational institutions, even small businesses deal with confidential data and in order to stay in business, they must remain compliant with current privacy regulations. Professional shredding services typically provide a certificate of destruction in order to comply with privacy laws like HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA and GLBA.

IntelliShred, provides cost-effective, secure, mobile shredding and hard drive destruction services. Our state-of-the-art mobile shredding and destruction trucks come directly to your location and destroy your hard drives and other materials on site. We provide you with a destruction certificate that guarantees your hard drives have been properly destroyed, while keeping hard drive destruction costs down. We’re also helping save the environment by ensuring all destroyed materials are sent to their appropriate recycling centers.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), is a trade organization which provides a voluntary certification program for member companies that provide information destruction services. IntelliShred has earned the NAID’s AAA Certification and we only send electronic waste to certified recycling partners that comply with federal and state regulations. Whatever shredding service you hire, be sure they are NAID certified.

At IntelliShred, the safety of our customer’s information is our number one priority – contact us today for hard drive destruction costs or find out more about our comprehensive shredding and destruction services.