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Category: Product Destruction

5 Common Misconceptions About Product Destruction

Businesses offer many products that often end up going to waste. Rather than disposing of unwanted items in the trash, it’s better to securely destroy them to protect your brand, intellectual property, and financial interests. There’s a lot... read more

4 Common Questions About Product Destruction Services

One significant responsibility of a business owner is ensuring all sensitive documents remain as such. Many companies utilize data destruction services to keep their information safe and secure. However, destroying your data can come with a host of... read more

Secure File Destruction and Remote Employees

In recent years, remote work has become increasingly common. It’s incredibly beneficial as it grants companies access to a greater pool of applicants. That has resulted in companies being able to hire the best applicants for the job. However,... read more

Does Your Business Require Secure Document Destruction?

When you own a business, there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of a data breach. When a breach occurs, anyone may have access to personal and private company information that could also affect your consumers. That is why the Federal... read more

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Product Destruction Services

Think about the information in your house and your technological devices that store important data on you or the people you love. You wouldn't give these documents an offhanded toss in the trash. Even if you can't think of anyone who would try to... read more

Data Destruction Service – Keep Your Business Safe

Isn’t it nice when your business is thriving to the point that you outfit your office and employees with new computers, printers, monitors, and the like? Now, you have a problem though. What do you do with all your old computers that are no longer... read more

Hiring a Bulk Shredding Service Will Save Your Company Money

IntelliShred's mobile paper shredding service is a cost-effective, secure, and environmentally friendly method of destroying large quantities of unneeded paper or cardboard. Take a look at some of the many advantages that bulk shredding from... read more

When Should My Company Use a Shredder Service?

Shredder Service Today’s businesses can be at risk if they don’t properly handle the destruction of important, sensitive or proprietary information. To keep customer and employee information secure, a shredder service is the best... read more

10 Benefits Of Mobile Shredding Services

In the digital age, there is sometimes still a need to use paper documents for interacting with your customers. Because this results in a large buildup of paper, shredding often becomes a necessity. There are strict laws in place which require you... read more

Our HIPAA Compliant Medical Records Shredding Services

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there's no set amount of time in which a medical practice must hold onto a patient's records. However, you'll find that if you keep them too long, they will start to pile up and take... read more