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Does Your Company Know Which Documents To Shred?

Which Documents To Shred

Businesses are always going to be at risk of identity theft if they don’t properly handle the destruction of important, sensitive or proprietary information. Document shredding is the safest way to ensure your sensitive documents will not be at risk for identity theft. However, you must make sure that your documents are shredded properly, because if not, they can be easily pieced together. Do not use scissors to cut your documents – that is certainly not a secure way to shred or destroy them.

Identity thieves will avoid any theft that requires a lot of effort, they will more likely steal if they have convenient access to your confidential information. Shredded documents are often not properly disposed of. In order to ensure your customer and employee information remains secure, it’s best to hire a professional shredding service and to know which documents to shred.

Businesses are often unsure of which documents need to be shred and which information storage devices need to be destroyed. This is a list of the most important and most sensitive information and documents to shred:

Personal information from employees and customers:

  • Names
  • Mailing addresses
  • E-mail addresses
  • Social Security, passport, driver’s license, or credit card numbers
  • Cell phone or other telephone numbers
  • Resumes and hiring documents
  • Photos or descriptions of physical characteristics
  • Other personal property information, such as car registration, license plate numbers

Sensitive business information:

  • Proprietary information, trade secrets, copyright and patent information
  • Customer invoices, purchase orders or shipping information
  • Payroll records
  • Procurement records
  • Supply chain records
  • Equipment passcodes/logins
  • Sales forecasts or projections
  • Marketing and product development plans
  • Financial records
  • Hard drives, flash drives, discs

There are several reasons why the items listed above are coveted by thieves. There’s an efficient and secure way to avoid having that information fall into the wrong hands. Professional shredding services make it easier for companies to not only have peace of mind, but they also allow your business to remain efficient and productive by not wasting precious time shredding documents all day.

There is always a risk that your company could succumb to the dangers of identity theft. Although there are certain laws which protect companies, there’s always the chance that your employees are not handling your confidential information with kid gloves. Your company could be held liable if an identity theft victim’s sensitive information was not properly destroyed.

The best way to handle your sensitive documents and keep them from getting into the wrong hands, is to know which documents to shred and to hire a professional shredding service. A professional shredding service can efficiently shred or destroy documents, discs and other storage devices which contain private information. Be sure to hire a vendor who is NAID certified and is capable of providing you with a Certificate of Destruction when your shredding is complete.

IntelliShred has spent years servicing the tri-state area. Our expertise helps us provide efficient, secure document destruction services. Contact us today if you have any questions on which documents to shred or to learn more about our services and how we can help protect your company’s information.

Bulk Shredding

Operating a daily business can be challenging and eliminating unnecessary expenses can be difficult. In order to save that money from flying out the window, every business should aim to achieve efficient operations, while attempting to reduce expenses and increase profits. One of the ways a business can save money is to employ a professional bulk shredding and destruction service.

The smartest way to achieve savings is to offload the large volume of paper documents and other information storage devices to a bulk shredding service. With only using a small office shredder, you’ll be spending more money when you must deal with the additional costs associated with using the machine (cleaning, maintenance, replacement parts). Most bulk shredding professionals will offer on-demand services, so you will only be paying for what you’re using. It’s way more convenient for you to outsource this work to a professional service – as it is a waste of time to do it in-house.

When tasking your employees with doing this time-consuming work, your company will lose productivity and there could be additional expenses for the business, depending on the volume of shredding required. Even more savings will occur when your employees return to their productivity levels. They will no longer be sitting around a tiny office shredder attempting to handle the shredding of your important business documents.

To calm the identity theft at work worries of customers, your business should share the manner in which their sensitive data is being used, stored and disposed of. It’s essential for businesses to provide detailed information on exactly how these tasks are performed. Bulk shredding service companies will understand how to execute the shredding and destruction process in a confidential manner.

Remaining compliant is another crucial step for businesses today. It’s necessary to maintain compliance with current federal privacy regulations. Without compliance, businesses could face a more significant risk of severe fines or legal actions. The financial benefit is that this type of professional service will save you from any legal action by shredding in a secure manner, ensuring your private information remains confidential.

No matter the size of your business, the best companies out there are great at providing transparency and excellent service quality. Professional bulk shredding also gives your customers the peace of mind that their data is handled in a very confidential and secure way. When your customers are free from worrying about identity theft, they’re more likely to become loyal customers, therefore reducing your company’s client acquisition costs.

Convenience, regulatory compliance, and incremental cost savings. Three important reasons why you should not wait to hire a professional bulk shredding and destruction company.

Since 1999, we have been providing Information security solutions to the tri-state area. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices, and outstanding, personalized service. Our membership in the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) has been consistent and we achieve AAA Certification every year – the highest security standard in the shredding industry. Contact us today for more information about our services.

Business Shredding Services

With the economy being volatile, all companies are insecure about their financial status. There are many ways to reduce expenses and increase profits, but most companies overlook their everyday expenses which tend to add up! Adjusting to smarter business practices can help companies be more effective in budgeting and help prevent excess energy waste.

For instance, to save electricity, computer usage can be reduced drastically if machines are shut down at the end of the day. To save on office supplies, making the switch to electric hand dryers can save a lot of money as well. One other important way to save is to hire business shredding services. Not only will this choice will restore your employees’ productivity, it can also protect confidentiality and ensure your business is compliant with federal privacy laws.

A small office shredder does not allow you to destroy paper in large volumes and there are maintenance costs you will spend on such a machine. Professional document shredding companies provide on-demand services and you’ll be paying less because of the larger volume they can handle at one time.

Business shredding services bring many financial advantages that are unseen. Selecting business shredding services that are reliable and secure will be crucial. A simple office shredder will not destruct your documents properly and will ultimately reduce employee productivity, keeping them from more strategic tasks.

It’s not clear why businesses allow their employees to be distracted by time-consuming administrative tasks. Hiring a business shredding service will keep productivity at the level it should be and it will save the company time and money.

There are also compliance requirements that must be adhered for shredding confidential information. Not remaining in compliance could significantly increase the risks of fines and legal actions against the company. This is another reason why document destruction is necessary. Sensitive or confidential information is governed by laws for archived documents and their destruction. Data falling into the wrong hands is not something any business wants to deal with. Confidential data that is not currently being used should be shredded and disposed of.

When you hire business shredding services, their trucks will come to your location for more convenient document destruction. Most of these services are mobile, and their mobility allows them to do the work more efficiently and securely. The remaining waste should also be handled in a secure manner so that there is no risk of identity theft or costly fines.

Every business should understand that hiring a professional shredding service will not only protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance, it will also help reduce costs over time. The significant cost savings is more valuable than you can imagine.

IntelliShred has been helping customers with business shredding services for many years. We value our customers and can guarantee a successful business relationship. Our fleet of mobile trucks will be able to handle the destruction and disposal of large volumes of paper and other media storage devices. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Shredding Confidential Information

Today’s business environment is challenging enough without the fear of an information security breach, or outright identity theft. Information security has become a necessity for every business that handles confidential information. Regardless of the industry or the size of your company, these privacy threats are very real, and can be quite challenging to overcome.

Even though these threats can affect every business, according to several reports, the following sectors have been known to be the most at risk: Healthcare, Business, Educational, Financial, and Government. For these businesses, the destruction and disposal of paper and other information storage items must be secure.

Whether you work in a school, a medical office or a financial services firm, it’s important that your business has a strict information security policy. It’s essential to also remind your employees to adhere to the company’s confidential information disposal practices.

Businesses should be shredding confidential information on a regular basis.
There is proprietary information, like price lists, research, proposals and bids, email lists, customer information, if stolen or neglected can be a tremendous loss. Not disposing of hard drives or paper documents properly can also expose your business to horrible consequences.

Sensitive documents should be destroyed according to schedule.
Typically a business will keep documents for a number of years, but in order to remain compliant, they must follow the governing legal requirements for privacy. When the retention period is over for confidential information, all records should be destroyed.

Even ordinary business records should be destroyed.
Identity thieves and industry competitors could monitor your daily success if they get access to your daily trash. Records and memos, including misprints, drafts and other important information can get into the wrong hands causing total mayhem. There are dire consequences for not shredding confidential information.

Recycling is not acceptable for sensitive or confidential data.
Recycling companies often use un-screened, minimum wage workers to extract paper from recycling facilities. The workers must labor extensively to sort through paper. Often, these conditions are not closely monitored. The acceptable paper is stored for indefinite periods of time until there is enough type of that paper to sell in bulk quantities to post-recycling entities. The sorted paper is sold, still intact, to the highest bidder. These buyers are often overseas and can store the baled paper for weeks or months until it is used to make recycled consumer goods.

Choose a Reliable Document Destruction Company
It’s best to choose a certified product destruction company which provides a certificate of destruction, which gives your business compliance with federal guidelines. A professional and accredited shredding confidential information service is ideal, because if an identity theft case ever surfaces, your business could be held liable. Most companies provide certificates of destruction which prove that the process was executed properly.

The benefits of hiring a professional shredding service are clear – shredding confidential information services are the safest and most effective means avoiding the many information security risks. It’s absolutely crucial to put safeguards in place that will protect your business. IntelliShred has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Contact us today on how we can assist you. 1-866-747-3360

Do You Need Shred Containers?

A company’s future success depends on many smart business decisions over the course of its lifespan. Although most choices are made with short-term cost savings in mind, there are a few with significant long-term savings that should be considered. For example, hiring a professional shredding service and purchasing secure shred containers should be essential for every size business.

No matter the industry or type of business you’re in, you will definitely need to remain compliant with privacy laws. If confidential information that exists in document form is not properly destroyed, it can get into the wrong hands, which would make your company liable for identity theft.

Small office shredders cannot adequately destroy your documents with sensitive data, so hiring a professional shredding service is always recommended. Small office document shredders tend to have many flaws, leaving your business at risk for legal issues.

Hiring a shredding service keeps you from having to train your staff on what needs to be destroyed and what doesn’t. Typically, a shredding company will also give you a certificate of destruction to prove the information was properly destroyed, ensuring the privacy of your clients.

There is another smart purchase every company can benefit from – secure shred containers. There are two types of shred containers, the first is only meant to collect on a daily basis, and the others are meant to store paper for longer periods of time.

  • Shredding Console
    This storage container is as large as a recycle bin, but its design is more attractive for the office environment. There’s usually a mechanism for locking and it typically holds 100 pounds of paper.
  • Secure Shredding Bin
    This size shred container holds just over 350 pounds of paper, and its strong security ensures that confidential documents are easier to contain and transport.

There are regulations which govern secure shred containers – the guidelines exist under American National Standards. Buying high-quality bins is important, because inferior plastic bins will have a significantly shorter lifespan. There are several manufacturers which produce high-quality resin, injection-molded, shred containers. Regardless of which type of bin you use, you should be sure to purchase some kind of storage for confidential documents. Your shredding service provider can also recommend which one is best.

IntelliShred provides both mobile shredding services and secure shred containers for businesses. Our state-of-the-art trucks come directly to your location and destroy your hard drives and other materials on site. We are committed to saving the environment, so we can deliver destroyed materials to the proper metal and electronics recycling center.

We are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), a trade organization which provides a voluntary certification program for member companies that provide information destruction services. IntelliShred has earned the NAID’s AAA Certification and we only send electronic waste to certified e-waste recycling companies that comply with federal and state regulations.

We’re happy to serve our customers – contact us today for more information on our services.

Commercial Shredding Services

Companies are struggling to protect confidential information from risk of theft. It’s something no company should have to face, but ultimately, it happens to everyone at some point. The best thing to do is to learn what measures you can take to protect your confidential information.

No matter what industry or business you’re in, your company will collect sensitive information from employees, customers and partners. Without focusing on how to protect this information, you may face a significant risk of identity theft or fraud. It’s important to shred any unnecessary business documents, or other media that contain sensitive information.

Even government agencies have experienced intense security breaches and have faced lawsuits for not protecting their confidential information. Not handling your sensitive information properly has its consequences. Large businesses, and corporations should adhere to the strict regulations that are in place today. Breach of privacy regulations like HIPAA, FACTA and GLB can result in a corporation facing heavy fines, or even jail for its corporate officers.

Most organizations believe that economical smaller office shredders are good investments, however, these methods are not efficient, nor are they secure. Small shredders do not completely destroy documents or other forms of data, and are not reliable for the disposal of sensitive information. Because of this, there are some instances where confidential information may end up sitting around in an office somewhere or dumped in a regular trash can.

It’s easier than you think to protect your company from risk. It’s simply a matter of working with third-party commercial shredding services. These types of services provide you with certification of destruction and the peace of mind knowing you’ve lessened your company’s liability for the breach of confidential information. It’s best to choose a partner who is NAID AAA Certified, and has state of the art mobile shredding capabilities as well. Professional shredding and destruction services are an extremely low-cost, convenient solution.

Third-party commercial shredding services can help your business destroy documents or digital files which contain confidential or proprietary information, such as:

  • Bank Account Statements
  • Client Lists
  • Credit Card Information
  • Employee Applications & Other Records
  • Insurance Records
  • Proprietary Information
  • Market Research
  • Accounting Information

There are some businesses that generate larger amounts of paper on a daily basis – for them, commercial shredding services are even more essential. When you find the right vendor for your business you will rest easy knowing you’re risk of identity theft has been significantly reduced.

Whether it’s a one-time shredding service, or a regularly scheduled shred for your business, IntelliShred has the right combination of equipment, tools and staff, capable to meet your product destruction, shredding and disposal needs.

We have over 30 years of experience and are leaders in the industry. Our highly-qualified team can help you adhere to privacy regulations and ensure your sensitive information is secured. We know that your protecting information is crucial to your business. Contact us today for more information on our secure, and reliable commercial shredding services.

Professional Shredding Company

In today’s corporate environment, there’s been an overwhelming increase in identity theft from businesses – and it has continued to be huge liability issue. Your company’s confidential documents are always at risk, no matter if they’re stored in file cabinets or on digital media devices. It’s always possible for employees, clients or other outside vendors to gain access to that information and exploit it.

The only way to combat this risk and protect your company’s confidential information, is to hire a professional shredding company. There are several credible services out there, but it’s important to consider several factors when you search for a reputable shredding company.

There are special certifications that shredding companies should have under their belt. The one with the highest level of accreditation is the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). The NAID has the highest level of professional security standards for the industry. The professional shredding company you hire should be a NAID certified shredding company, and must follow their code of ethics and any other industry requirements.

The next important factor in your selection process should be the level of security this professional shredding company has. Document destruction companies should carefully select their employees and provide you with proof of their background checks. You must inquire about their shredding process and ask for a step by step description of how it works, even down to the type of containers they use for transporting documents prior to shredding. If your company deals with medical information, it’s crucial that you hire a document shredding company that’s in compliance with current HIPAA requirements.

A professional shredding company is equipped to handle the destruction of tons of classified and confidential documents for businesses on-site. When you select a shredding service, make sure they guarantee your documents will be destroyed on-site.

There are other companies that only do off-site shredding – they physically remove your documents from your business and then transports them to their shredding facility. With this type of service, you run the risk of your documents being misplaced, lost, or falling into the wrong hands. It’s much wiser to hire a shredding company that provides on-site shredding and emergency shredding services.

Corporate shredding services must have state of the art shredding equipment available to you. They should handle way more than just paper shredding – they should have the ability to destroy discs of all formats, media components and other devices. As you search for the perfect shredding company, be sure to look for one that provides full-service.

IntelliShred has been a shredding industry leader since 1999. We have pride in our confidential data destruction and the other information security solutions that we offer. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices, and outstanding, personalized service. We’re proud to be members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and we have consistently achieved AAA Certification – the highest level of security in the shredding industry.

As an experienced, professional shredding company can help your business block the risk of identity theft. We have the latest in shredding equipment and the capacity to recycle paper, floppy drives, CD’s and DVD’s, Video Cassettes, Microfilm, Microfiche and much more. Contact us today and let us help you keep your confidential information safe from harm’s way.

Industrial Shredding Services

Businesses today face an increased risk of data breach. The most common reason for data breach is improper disposal of confidential documents and records.

There are many shredding laws that ensure the safety of proprietary and confidential information. Businesses will have to maintain an extra layer of security to ensure customers and employees are protected.

Shredding is one of the most effective and smart document-destruction processes. The document destruction is done on-site. This saves you the trouble of having to move the documents to the shredding service site.

All companies need to secure their information. This ensures compliance with specific regulations. All confidential business information that is outdated should be destroyed with industrial shredding services.


Minimize Risk of Unauthorized Access

The disposal process of confidential documents and reports starts with the security containers. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to any documents.

The on-site document shredding ensures that the sensitive documents are shredded and destroyed on the spot. The strict process that is followed ensures that the information is irrecoverable. This gives business owners complete peace of mind.


Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service

Information breach can cost businesses more than lost revenue, customers, and fines. It can cost them their reputation. If confidential information is not handled properly, it can get into wrong hands. This can be disastrous for your company.

If your company handles tons of paper each month, you can schedule a regular paper shredding service. This ensures that all paper documents are destroyed and recycled in a safe and secure manner.

The regular service can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the needs of your business.


On-Demand Shredding Service

If your business premises are overflowing with documents (financial records, personnel records), it can pose a risk to your business. Remove the risk by using industrial shredding services to get rid of all confidential information in a secure manner.

Companies can accumulate a lot of paper within a short time. They are not allowed to dump or throw away the documents as it will be a violation of the data protection laws. Using a certified document destruction service is a smart way to deal with the clutter of paper. Start protecting your company by using reputed industrial shredding services.

Businesses that deal with a sudden inflow of documents or companies with less frequent shredding needs can avail on demand shredding service. A wide range of industrial shredding services are available to meet the specific requirements of your business.


Certificate of Destruction

After every scheduled or unscheduled paper shredding service, a certificate of destruction is provided. This confirms that all documents are securely destroyed.

The certificate of destruction is the audit trail that demonstrates that the confidential information is not at risk. It also ensures that your company is compliant with the data protection laws.


Cost Effective and Safe

It’s cost-effective to shred business documents to protect your company from any kind of data breach. The simple process not just protects your company but your customers and employees too.

Shredding and recycling the paper also contributes to a healthy environment. Avoid shredding important documents using the office shredder. This is risky as criminals will be able to gain access to important information.


IntelliShred provides industrial shredding services to all types of companies and industries. It is capable of handling tons of papers. After the shredding is complete, a certificate of destruction is provided. This is proof that the entire process is completed in a safe and secure manner.

The shredding is done on-site in front of the clients. The destruction and recycle process is done without compromising on the confidentiality of the documents. This can give you complete peace of mind.

Corporate Shredding

All business owners have a legal responsibility to destroy and recycle confidential and sensitive documents if they are no longer required. Corporate shredding is an easy and comprehensive way to destroy and recycle confidential material.

With identity theft and data breach on the rise, it is important that you prevent sensitive information from falling into wrong hands. Breach of data can have serious consequences for your business.

Accumulating paperwork that is not useful in the office can lead to clutter and affect efficiency. If the documents are not disposed of properly, they can affect the reputation of the business. The potential cost of a data breach can be very high. A systematic data disposal system is important to safeguard all important information.

Maintaining an internal shredding system in the company can be prohibitively expensive. The costs include the purchase of shredding equipment, maintenance, and repairs. Certified paper shredding services, however, will be able to provide secure and reliable destruction of documents in a cost-effective manner.


Secured Storage and Destruction

One of the important aspects of corporate shredding is ensuring that the confidential information is stored securely before it is shredded.

The disposal process starts with the security containers. The containers are locked and this keeps the documents safe until they are destroyed. This prevents any kind of unauthorized access. All documents are destroyed quickly and confidentially after they are removed from the security containers.

The on-site shredding of documents ensures that all information is destroyed and is irrecoverable. The shredded material is recycled. This completely reduces the risk of exposing confidential information.


Purge Shredding or One-Time Shredding

Businesses need to take great care in the way important documents are destroyed and recycled. A systematic corporate shredding process will give the company, its customers, and its employees peace of mind.

In certain situations, businesses will have to shred a large volume of documents. This can be due to an urgent situation or a one-time circumstance.

When the documents are purged and destroyed, it will help regain office space that had been occupied by the large volume of documents.


Regular Scheduled Shredding Service

When you schedule a regular shredding service, you will be able to promote effective document destruction practices at your company. It will help in maintaining the security of sensitive and confidential documents.

Getting rid of clutter will help in keeping the office organized. It will also ensure that your company stays in compliance with the document destruction rules and regulations.

The innovative technology used by the recycling companies ensure that tons of paper are recycled quickly. This helps save a lot of time and effort.


Recycling for a Healthy Environment

Recycling paper contributes to a healthy environment. Shredding and recycling important documents helps keep the landfills from filling up so soon.

A professional paper shredding company will be able to shred and recycle the paper in a safe manner. This ensures that paper and other similar material is not dumped into landfills, which is very beneficial to the environment.

IntelliShred provides a secure corporate shredding service that complies with data protection laws. The documents are destroyed as per industry standards. The customized on-site service will ensure that all confidential information pertaining to your business is safe and secure.

A certificate of destruction is provided for all shredded documents. This can give you complete peace of mind that all sensitive information is destroyed in a safe and secure manner. Corporate shredding provides a clean and safe way to take care of important documents that are no longer useful or necessary.

Avoid shredding important documents in an office and setting them aside for recycling. This is risky as the shredded material can be accessed by criminals. Get in touch with us for fast, efficient, secure, and convenient document destruction services.

Certified Paper Shredding For All Industries

Companies across industries use a lot of paper. With an increase in digital crime, paper documents are susceptible to theft and misuse. It is important to create a culture of security at the workplace so that confidential information is protected at all levels.

Old paper documents take up valuable office space and affect efficiency. The documents cannot just be dumped. They need to be thoroughly destroyed and recycled. Sensitive information should be disposed of with utmost care.

A certified paper shredding service ensures privacy, security, and compliance with the latest regulations. The services are also customized to meet the specific needs of the industry.

A risk assessment at the workplace will help in identifying areas of risk. A comprehensive shredding schedule will ensure that documents are destroyed at the right time. This helps in protecting confidential information of your company.


Mobile Shredding

Our certified paper shredding is provided on-site. Mobile shredding trucks arrive at the location and documents are shredded at the site. The entire document destruction process can be viewed on the active video screen of the truck.

After the entire process is completed, the shredded paper is transported back to the recycling facility. The mobile trucks can shred tons of paper each day. The trucks feature extensive security features.


Secure Collection

The certified paper shredding service collects documents from the business premises and transports it securely back to the facility for shredding and recycling. Documents in all forms are accepted for shredding.

The documents are collected in secure bins or containers. This prevents any unauthorized access to the documents. The highly efficient shredding and recycling equipment make the entire process economical.


One-Time Purges and Special Projects

Most businesses experience the need for a thorough clean up of documents from time to time. There are also special projects or situations when a large volume of documents need to be systematically purged.

The purge services are available for small and large purges. They are often used for annual clean up of documents or during relocation.

Documents are purged for compliance or legal purposes too. Finalization of a litigation or audit can also result in the purge of documents. Start protecting your company by purging documents that are no longer needed.


Regularly Scheduled Shredding Service

Our regularly scheduled shredding service is an ideal choice for companies that need to destroy confidential information on a daily basis. The certified paper shredding service assesses document produced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and designs a customized plan to destroy and recycle documents.

The scheduled paper shredding services help promote efficient document destruction practices. Security of the confidential information is enhanced with secure, lockable containers.

Regular certified paper shredding of unwanted documents will help keep the office organized. It can help your company stay in compliance with document destruction rules and regulations.


Proof of Destruction

A certificate of destruction is issued after all the documents are destroyed and recycled. The certificate clearly states how many documents were destroyed and is proof that the documents were destroyed in a safe and secure manner. We include these with every data destruction service we perform.

IntelliShred is NAID AAA Certified as well as being a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). This certification is the highest level of security in the shredding industry. It ensures that confidential information pertaining to your business, customers, and employees is protected at all times.

The highest ethical standards and practices are followed when shredding confidential documents. This makes the process efficient and gives business owners peace of mind as all documents are destroyed and recycled in a professional, safe and secure manner.

For more information about data protection, privacy, and our certified paper shredding services, get in touch today. 1-866-747-3360