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How Secure Are Shredding Services?

In 2019, identity theft and fraud cost consumers $16.9 billion. Meanwhile, companies paid billions more in fines and penalties for improperly disposing of sensitive or protected information.

Nationwide, the question of how to best dispose of documents is at the top of everyone’s minds. Hiring a third-party company to handle it for you is the favored option, but how secure are shredding services? Is there a difference in safety between on-site and off-site shredding?

Here’s what you need to know about document shredding services and how to choose one.

Why Use Professional Shredding Services at All?

Both companies and individuals routinely underestimate the volume of documents they have that need shredding. Any documents containing sensitive or personally identifiable information should be shredded. This includes:

  • Individual or company names and addresses
  • Contact information like telephone numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Banking or credit card information
  • ID numbers including Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and company ID numbers
  • Protected client information
  • Tax information
  • Travel documents
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Junk mail

Often, people fail to realize how much information a document carries. This is because features like barcodes and account numbers encode information in ways that make it impossible to see. It isn’t only new files or documents that need shredding either. Legal standards often require the keeping of documents for a set number of years. For example, the minimum storage period for many tax records is seven years. This means that at any given time, large numbers of both new and old documents are reaching their disposal point.

To further complicate matters, some companies need to be able to prove when and how they disposed of information. In-house shredding practices make that difficult.

Commercial paper shredding services, by contrast:

  • Can handle any volume of work
  • Make it feasible to shred everything you need to
  • Provide certificates of destruction that are invaluable for legal purposes.

How Secure Is Shredding?

Are you familiar only with the tiny, waste-basket-sized shredders ubiquitous to homes and offices? If so, you may have doubts about the effectiveness and security of shredding. In fact, you would be right to!

Document and information safety is challenging to achieve via traditional in-house shredding processes. Documents can be vulnerable to information theft:

  • During transport to where shredding occurs
  • During storage, if there is a wait before shredding
  • When dumped in a recycling or garbage bin

If your staff is busy, documents can sit unprotected for an extended period of time before shredding. Traditional shredders don’t help. Cheap strip-shredders slice documents into strips. These strips tend to be between one-eighth and five-sixteenths of an inch wide. This can look satisfying, but it isn’t very safe.

Thieves can often reconstruct documents shredded using strip-shredders. They steal bags of strips from refuse bins, then use sophisticated computer programs to piece them back together. Professional shredding companies, by contrast, protect your documents at every step.

First, they provide security containers into which you can deposit documents as soon as you finish with them. This ensures that your information is inaccessible to thieves between use and shredding. Second, they micro-shred and pulverize documents. This makes them guaranteed irretrievable, even to thieves using the best technology. Third, they remove your shredded documents and deliver them to a recycling facility. This is protective, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

Commercial shredding companies provide your company with the highest level of security available. In addition, they certify their work. This enables you to document your regulatory compliance and efforts to control your carbon footprint.

On-Site vs off-Site Shredding

All industrial shredding is safer than relying on in-house shredding. On-site document destruction services, however, have an edge over off-site services. In fact, they are the pinnacle of safe document destruction.

With on-site shredding services:

  • Companies can watch as their documents are collected and shredded on the spot
  • There are no opportunities for information theft in transit
  • There are no opportunities for theft while documents are in queue at an off-site facility
  • Company representatives can observe and document the process as an added layer of accountability and liability protection
  • All parties involved enjoy comfort and peace of mind

Thus, when asking yourself “should I use an off-site shredder or look for mobile shredding services near me?” the best answer is to choose mobile shredding services whenever possible.

Other Benefits of Shredding

In addition to being the safest option, on-site shredding is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenient

Few companies take the time to count the costs of shredding in-house. This leaves them surprised and dismayed when the full costs are tallied up, including:

Few workers have the spare time to shred documents in a timely manner around their other work. As such, shredding is often relegated to an after-thought. This creates opportunities for information theft. Alternatively, workers may worry about complying with information security policies. They may spend large chunks of time shredding documents rather than doing other work assigned to them.

Using a professional shredding company enables your employees to drop files in secured bins and confidently get on with their work. It also eliminates hidden costs, makes it possible to accurately see and budget for exactly how much document security and shredding costs you each year.

Commercial paper shredding services offer convenience and cost-effectiveness in the form of scheduled services, as well. With regularly scheduled service times, you can fully automate your document disposal process. This frees up time, energy, and resources you can devote to your core competencies.

Finally, document shredding services are eco-friendly. They guarantee that your shredded documents get safely recycled, which is not something you can be sure of otherwise. This can be the perfect top-note to your company’s Green goals and standards.

How Secure Are Shredding Services?

How secure are shredding services? They are the most secure option currently available to protect your data and your company from information thieves. Contact us today for a quote and discover just how efficient, convenient, and cost-effective using professional shredding services can be.

In the past few years, security breaches led to the compromising of nearly 4 billion confidential records. This information came from businesses, federal agencies, and even private homes. Storing sensitive information may seem the obvious choice to prevent security breaches. But there is another way, and it lies in data shredding services.

You might not think you need data shredding, but the consequences of letting all of that confidential information pile-up could be detrimental. Even if you don’t believe shredding data applies to your life, you should still educate yourself about these services.

So, what is secure shredding? Below, we answer all of your questions about secure shredding and why it is a great way to ensure your classified or sensitive business documents remain safe.

What Is Secure Shredding?

Secure shredding isn’t just making a run to your home or office shredder. This type of document destruction is on another level. When securely shredding private information, you want to make sure that the pieces are illegible.

When hiring a shredding service, you ensure the disposal of all private documents and information. Most self-service shredders cannot reduce the material to small enough ribbons to ensure security. Professional services are well equipped to shred your confidential information into extra small pieces, making it impossible to piece them back together.

The disposal process should include on-site disposal, where you get to watch the shredding happen. They will also provide secure containers so no one can break in and recover the information.

Why Invest In Secure Shredding?

You may wonder why you should consider paying an office shredding service to come out and destroy your files, e-files, and other documents. Fact is, it couldn’t hurt to add an extra layer of protection in regards to your data. Along with security, these services also provide other benefits such as de-cluttering your office, saving time, and abiding by the law.

Protects Your Clients

Whether you run a medical practice or are a real estate agent, the customer’s privacy should always be the main priority. Sometimes, people assume their business is not subject to a breach in data.

These businesses may not see the need to hire a secure shredding service for their documents. But all client info, even if it is just their name, needs to remain confidential. Immediately shredding documents, billing information, and anything else personal to your client or patient will ensure safety.

Protects Your Employees

Breaches in data come with weighty consequences. These consequences could pertain to you or an employee who did not follow protocol.

Your workers have privacy rights. Therefore, it is your job to discard their personal information securely. Now, if an employee leaks information, the repercussions will fall both on you and on them. A client or patient whose private details are public is liable to sue your company. This can cost you thousands of dollars in fines. While the employee who is accountable for the mishap could be looking at a jail sentence.

You should pay attention to where you store checks, payroll information, direct deposit information, or anything else regarding employees and clients. A secure shredding service would protect you both by expertly destroying your documents.

Abides By The Law

There are several laws with regards to shredding private data. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) states that when a company finishes with a client, that company should dispose of the info.

You must shred documents until they are no longer legible. When we throw out the trash, it becomes public property. That means anyone can rummage through a business’s dumpster to find documents with credit card numbers or addresses written on them.

It is not enough to merely shred these documents yourself, either. Most companies use a standard shredder that you can buy anywhere. These shredders cut the paper into ribbons, but that isn’t illegible enough. Someone could still piece that document back together to recover it.

That’s where a shredding service comes in to help. These services use shredders that cut papers and other media (CDs, floppy discs, etc.) into small pieces. The method they use is cross-cutting. The shredding machines will cut your data into pieces measuring 1 millimeter by 12 millimeters.

If you have confidential federal data, you can even have a shredder cut it up into pieces that are less than 1 millimeter by 5 millimeters. The smaller the pieces, the fewer chances of breaking security laws and shredding laws.

Avoids Clutter

While it doesn’t have anything to do with protecting security, clutter is still a concern. You can hire shredding companies to come out a few times a month and clear out the files you have lying around your office. Afterward, you will have a more organized workspace for you and your employees.

Saves Time

Sitting around shredding every document you have will take up a good chunk of your time. Chances are you will only have access to a regular office shredder. That means you can only shred a few items at once.

A secure shredding service solves both of those problems at once. Their machines are capable of disposing of large bundles of papers at a time. Therefore, what would take you days will only take a few minutes with a service.

Who Needs Secure Shredding?

Everyone should consider secure shredding. The process may be most important to small businesses and medical practices that allow access to personal health information.

Businesses that need secure shredding include the following:

  • Medical practices
  • Federal agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Mail carriers or shipping services
  • Accountants
  • Any business selling products

Note that this list is in no way comprehensive. Even if you are an individual or private residence, you should look into securely shredding your documents. Even junk mail can lead to matters like identity theft if it falls into the wrong hands.

What Should You Shred?

If you aren’t sure whether to securely shred a document, it is better to be safe than sorry. If someone steals or leaks information from you, the repercussions could be devastating.

Items that need secure shredding include the following:

  • Tax information
  • Patient health information
  • Lists of customers/customer information
  • Credit card/billing information
  • Payroll information
  • Federal documents with confidential information
  • Mail with addresses on it (such as junk mail)
  • Pay stubs
  • Voided checks
  • Photo IDs
  • Airline tickets
  • Birth certificates

While it may not seem likely to you that someone would use your information, it can still happen. Some people like to mark out data with a marker or cut it up with scissors.

Unfortunately, when it comes to documents detailing pertinent information such as a social security number, those strategies won’t be enough. Hiring secure shredding companies will always be the best method.

Hire a Shredding Service

At IntelliShred, we want you to have sound peace of mind when it comes to disposing of your data. Our services include data and e-file destruction and are professional in every way possible so that you aren’t left wondering about your level of data security. IntelliShred disposes of everything on-site. That way, your sensitive files never leave the premise. After the process is over, we will give you a Certificate of Destruction.

We hoped that we answered everything surrounding the question “What is secure shredding?” If you need shredding services, we urge you to contact us and get a free quote from us today.

Can you shred? If you’re picturing documents and not a ski slope, we’re on the same page.

Do you want to shred? Do you consider feeding the shredder an effective use of company time? Most people aren’t thrilled about the prospect of shredding documents themselves.

Who in your office is jumping up and down to deliver documents and data to the shred site? Those wanting to leave the office early may take advantage of the opportunity. But who should you trust to deliver such important and sensitive information? Navigating the world of document shredding and data destruction can be confusing.

Just because a company offers the service you need doesn’t mean it’s best for you. You need to be able to trust a document shredding service is one of integrity. The office shredding service you select needs to offer quality service.

There are many good reasons to outsource your home and office shredding services. Let’s explore some of the important facts to consider when deciding which office shredding service is best for you.


Identity theft and data breaches are real threats to any business. In fact, businesses around the world lose $3 trillion to fraud annually.

Shredding documents yourself doesn’t always prevent fraud from happening. Because noncommercial shredders are slower, documents often pile up before they’re shredded. This leaves sensitive information vulnerable and unsecured. When you shred documents yourself, you need to properly dispose of shredded material. Most cities will not accept shredded paper in recycling bins. Most shredded paper ends up in the garbage.

What do you do with your garbage? Leave it out on the curb or in the dumpster until it’s emptied. This, again, leaves it vulnerable to identity thieves.

Save Time

Shredders sold at office supply stores have many limitations. Even if they claim to shred staples or paper clips, it’s often too much for them to handle. Think of how many office documents you have in a single day. Will a shredder that can handle under 10 at a time be able to handle that?

Do you really want to employ a person to shred documents for you all day? If you don’t have an employee to shred, you will end up doing the job yourself.  Your company’s time is much too important to spend hours document shredding.

What about non-paper items? Document shredders won’t take care of hard drives or computers. Selecting a company that will shred documents and dispose of other items will save you trips to multiple locations.

Save Money

Office shredding services do charge a fee. However, consider the cost of in-house office document shredding. First, you need to invest in a shredding machine with enough features to meet your company’s needs. This new machine will also need maintenance and repair periodically.

As mentioned above, either you or an office employee will need to take the time to shred documents. It will likely take several hours per week if not per day depending on how much office document shredding needs to be done.

How much are your employees paid per hour? Now add up the cost of the machine itself plus the operator cost. Once you’ve done the math it’s clear, in-house shredding is much more expensive than hiring a service.

Less Hassle

What happens when your designated office shredder is sick or on vacation? You’ll need to pull another employee away from their job to complete the task. If the shredder breaks, you’ll need it fixed. What to do with the materials that need shredding in the meantime?

Once the shredded material piles up, you need to dispose of them properly. This usually means an extra trip to the shredding location. There’s a lot of hassle that comes with making sure document shredding is completed at your office. One smart initiative to start is a paper shredding business plan. This will let your employees and coworkers do the jobs you hired them to do, and let the office shredding service do the job they love to do.

Stay Compliant

Are you aware of government regulations regarding client/patient/employee information? Since 1995, the US government has passed several laws requiring the keeping and disposing of information.

By hiring an office shredding service, you’re letting the professionals handle proper disposal so you can focus on your business. Any document shredding service you hire should have a NAID AAA certification.

How An Office Shredding Service Works

Office shredding services have become increasingly popular as businesses realize their value. These services work by collecting your office’s sensitive materials in a designated bin.

However, not every document shredding service offers what your business needs. Let’s explore some of the different benefits offered by office shredding services.

Not Just for Paper

Office shredding services do so much more than shred paper. Many also have the ability to destroy non-paper items. To stay compliant, it’s important to destroy any hard drives, flash drives, monitors, x-ray films, CDs, disks, computers, and more.

Businesses that hold on to sensitive information in electronic or paper form may breaking the law. Operating outside of government regulation could result in lawsuits, fees, and even business closure.

close up of shredded paperOn-Site Shredding/Destruction

On-site shredding brings the shredding to you. Professional shredding services arrive with specialized equipment.  Your shredding service provider should offer a transparent process. This means you will be able to view your items from the time they’re picked up to after they are destroyed.

Your business will enjoy many benefits from using an on-site shredding service. Hauling your company’s documents and other materials can be a pain. On-site shredding allows you to see the job is done right. Following sensitive information out the door and through the shredder offers you peace of mind.

Why Not Drop It Off?

Some professional office shredding services require customers to drop off their materials. While it may not seem like a big deal, there are several major drawbacks to this method.

Stay Safe

Part of the reason for using an office shredding service is the convenience. Bringing your documents to a shredder can be almost as much hassle and wasted time as doing the job yourself.

Transporting your own sensitive material can also be dangerous. What if those documents are left in a vehicle or taken home by mistake? The consequences could be catastrophic.

Prevent Fraud and Temptation

While nobody likes to think about office fraud, it does happen. Employee theft costs businesses $50 million annually. Theft of that magnitude isn’t all stolen pens and thumbtacks.

Asking an employee to drop off sensitive material puts both of you at risk. The employee could be tempted to take home that flash drive or hard drive for personal use. A seemingly innocent act can result in a data breach or identity theft.

Placing the transport task on an employee also puts the company in a vulnerable position. If you are falsely accused and only one employee witnessed the transport process to the shredder, you could face legal action. Worse, your employee could lose their job by simply being a transport person. If they ran the errand alone, there’s no alibi to verify documents and materials made it from A to B.

Scheduled Shredding

Office shredding services should make your life easier. Consider selecting a service that will come to you when it works in your schedule.

By setting a recurring schedule with your office shredding service, you’ll be prepared for their arrival. Your workday is busy, you don’t have time to sit around and wait for someone to show up sometime within an eight-hour window.

Scheduling times with your office shredding service helps keep your business compliant as well. Some regulations require documents and/or data to be discarded in a certain time frame.

Documentation of the shredding service’s arrival and completed jobs protect your business. In the unlikely event of a lawsuit or accusation, you can prove you are following document and data destruction compliance practices.

The One-Time Purge

What if your business doesn’t have a great need for regularly scheduled shredding or data destruction? You can schedule a one-time purge of all documents and data.

A NAID certified office shredding service can come to your business once a week, month, or year.

This may be especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of sensitive information. Some businesses need to store documents and data to stay compliant with laws and regulations. In these cases, a one-time shredding and data destruction is an excellent solution.

The Proof Is in the Certificate

Any professional document shredding service should give you a Certificate of Destruction. This states that your documents and/or data have been destroyed. They are considered 100% irrecoverable.

Any company can sign a piece of paper claiming they have destroyed your documents. This is may not be considered a legitimate Certificate of Destruction.

A NAID AAA certified office shredding service will issue a Certificate of Destruction as a standard practice. Services that are not NAID certified shouldn’t be trusted to issue a legitimate Certificate of Destruction.

NAID has a strict code of ethics. NAID certified office shredding services should adhere to these same standards. A Certificate of Destruction from a NAID certified company is solid proof you’re shredding the right way.

Make Sure It’s Green

Disposing of shredded documents doesn’t seem too complicated. But what about other items such as returned merchandise, technology, or devices you don’t need? Each city has different regulations for the disposal of electronics and other uncommon items. Many landfills won’t accept electronics. If they do, they’ll likely set a limit on how many you can drop off.

Office shredding services are able to dispose of all materials in an environmentally friendly manner. Make sure whomever you decide to partner with is green. You can ask about their disposal practices if you’re uncertain.

As a business owner, you can feel good about choosing an environmentally conscious service. This also takes the burden of finding many different product disposal regulations off of you.

Which Office Shredding Service Is Best?

As with most services, you have options. Before you select an office shredding service, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are they NAID AAA certified?
  • Do they provide a Certificate of Destruction?
  • Will they come to your location?
  • Are they environmentally conscious?
  • Do they allow you to view the entire shredding process?
  • Will they destroy other things besides paper? If so, what?
  • Are they knowledgeable about current data laws?

Asking the right questions to an office document shredding service is important. After all, you’re entrusting them with sensitive information.

If the company seems annoyed or put off by your questions, they may not be the right fit for you.

Ask For Testimonials

If you’re still not sure who to select for shredding office documents, ask the company to help. Request testimonials from others who have used their document shredding service.

Ask your colleagues who they use for document shredding. Those with similar businesses are a great resource. Find out what they like (or don’t like) about their document shredding service.

Choose The Office Shredding Service That Fits

The people at IntelliShred are here to answer those questions for you. We are more than just an office shredding service. We will dispose of almost any office material in an environmentally friendly way.

Unlike some other big-name companies, we come to your location. We invite you to watch the entire shredding process from A to Z. At the end, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. We want to leave you with the peace of mind provided by a job well done.

Set up recurring visits or a one-time purge. We will work with your schedule. If we aren’t on time, your office document shredding service is free! Read our client testimonials, check out our website, or give us a call today at 1-866-747-3360. We look forward to working with you.

Hiring an on site document destruction service is something you should consider regardless of your industry, company, or organization.

Large databases of paper and electronic files offer many challenges to both your productivity and legal department.

In the following article, we’ll be delving into why hiring one on-site makes all the sense in the world. Let’s begin!

1. Shredding Is Not Core To Your Business

Onsite paper shredding services have arisen in popularity in recent years. That’s partly because many businesses are tired of focusing their energy and efforts on things that are not central to their business.

Think about why you started your company or choose to work and manage people within it. You didn’t do it to propagate busywork. You wanted to change your industry and leave an impact on the world. For the vast majority of companies and organizations, shredding documents accomplishes no part of that. However, it remains necessary, and that’s where onsite services can be handy.

2. Going Offsite Raises Security Concerns

Trusting bulk document destruction to an offline facility puts your company and its customers at risk. Many documents are innocuous enough, but you’re destined to collect a lot of personal information over the years.

If the destruction of said documents is done offsite with zero supervision, you’re pretty much trusting the vendor not to lose anything or be negligent with the information. That can be a rather costly move all the way around.

3. Onsite Destruction Guarantees Nothing Is Missed

With an on-site shredding service, you guarantee nothing is missed that will compromise trade secrets, customer information, or other vital details. You can organize the files and oversee their destruction without taking time away from your daily tasks.

It is difficult to have those guarantees when you just have the stuff hauled away to a private facility or landfill. Getting the same peace of mind would require sending a supervisor to oversee the task. That isn’t a practical solution when you are trying to maximize your employees’ efforts.

4. Shredding Services Eliminate Employee Safety Concerns

An on-site shredding company typically works within its own safety protocols. Any harm or injury that might come from working around dangerous equipment is also insured for your protection.

This is not the case when you take the tasks on yourself. You can either work with very small shredder systems, which takes a lot more time to accomplish, or you have to invest in heavier equipment and facilities to make sure the job is done right. These larger systems require more safety and precautions.

5. They Save Money

Document shredding on-site is a relatively inexpensive service. For every document you shred yourself (or task to your employees), you are essentially paying payroll wages and higher salaries for the task.

As a result, you will save money every time you hire a quality document shredding service to handle the task for you. Since said service doesn’t have to haul the materials away, it will limit the amount of labor that can drive your costs through the roof. Just be certain to get a quote ahead of time that entails the full range of the company’s services.

6. Bring Convenience

Onsite shredding companies are convenient. They show up with everything they need to do the job. They don’t require you to purchase, keep, and maintain the equipment necessary.

One phone call is all it typically takes. You direct them toward the job at hand. Then, they do the rest. The normal workflow of your business goes uninterrupted as the service handles everything else.

7. Services Also Feature Electronic Data Destruction

Some files that you need to destroy will no doubt be electronic. That means hard drives, discs, and other materials that require more than a paper shredder.

Furthermore, it’s about destroying the hardware in addition to the software. This isn’t as cut-and-dry of a task as it might seem. Entrusting it to a professional service ensures that all data is destroyed and nothing is salvageable and since it all happens within your servers, you have protection from any nefarious activities.

8. They Cut Back On Administrative Gobbledygook

Every time you destroy a paper file, you have to remove staples or paper clips or some other adornment that holds the material together. Furthermore, you find yourself sifting through files, getting sidetracked, and flipping through loose leaf pages.

These administrative processes add nothing to your bottom line. They are gobbledygook of the highest order, and each of your employees should be useful enough to have better things to do. Onsite shredding services do not have that same attachment to old records. They can go about each of these tasks efficiently without falling down any rabbit holes.

9. Shredding Onsite Covers Your Liabilities

You have a legal obligation as a business or organization that stores personal information to protect it from breaches and threats. That ability to live up to your responsibility goes away the moment any of your files leave the facility.

Hiring a service to come in and do it for you will greatly reduce the threat of any data breaches. That can save you a great deal of money in legal fees and payouts as many in high-risk industries like healthcare are finding out.

10. It Is Better For The Environment

Onsite document shredding services worth their salt will honor the environmental obligation they have in handling waste materials. By making sure this is a priority to the service before hiring them, you can rest easy knowing that you have done your part as well.

So, what does environmental responsibility look like if you are a company that deals with any type of records management? In a word, recycling. You make sure all the materials that you’ve kept do not add to the world’s growing trash supply. Instead, you find ways to put them back into use and slow the destruction of our planet’s resources.

Peace of Mind Comes With On Site Document Destruction

An on site document destruction service not only will help you manage your files and maximize your employees but it will also help you save money and become a better corporate citizen. Ready to see what it’s all about? Contact IntelliShred today for a free quote.

We hear a lot about online identity theft and fraud in the news, but did you know that non-digital theft is more common? More than half of consumer identity data theft in the U.S. is analog, which means the perpetrator accessed paperwork or another physical item that contained sensitive information.

That’s why IntelliShred is proud to offer mobile shredding services to residential customers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in addition to serving our corporate customers. Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring our residential shredding service and why it’s a more secure option than shredding documents yourself at home.

How Our Residential Mobile Shredding Service Works

From old tax reports to bank statements, there are all kinds of documents that can bring harm to you if they fall into the hands of the wrong person. Shredding these documents and disposing of them securely takes time. Your home shredder may not be equipped to break down documents into very small pieces or have the ability to shred non-paper materials such as credit cards and microfilm.

ItelliShred makes disposing of sensitive documents stress-free. First, you contact us for a quote and let us know what types of materials you wish to have shredded. We’ll then schedule a time and come directly to your residence.

We place your documents directly into one of our locked security bins, so our staff never see nor touch them. The bin is then lifted automatically into the truck and the materials are emptied directly into the shredder. They are destroyed immediately. You can watch the entire process live via a TV monitor we have in our vehicles. Afterward, we take away the shredded material to be recycled responsively.

We are also operating our business in compliance with recommended COVID-19 guidelines, which means our employees maintain social distancing at all times. You may leave your materials to be shredded outside your front door to ensure a no-contact service.

Why Should I Hire a Mobile Shredding Service If I Have a Shredder?

You may be wondering why you should hire a mobile shredding service if you own a home shredder. Can’t they shred sensitive documents just as effectively? Not necessarily.

Many home shredders are strip-cut shredders, which means they cut documents in one direction which turns them into strips. This means theoretically that anyone could piece together the strips to read the data on it. The strips are also wide enough that numbers and other bits of data are still visible on them. Many people then dispose of these strips in their trash where they can be picked through and put back together by anybody.

IntelliShred’s equipment uses a cross-cut shredding mechanism that cuts a document in two directions to break it down into smaller particles. In fact, cross-cut shredders cut a single piece of paper into 400+ confetti-like pieces. This in itself provides added security that your documents cannot be reconstructed.

However, we don’t dispose of your shredding material in the trash. We recycle it to give you peace of mind that no one else will see it, and that it’s helping the environment. We’ve been awarded AAA certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) which is the highest security rating a data destruction company can hold.

You can hire us for a one-time shredding service or regularly scheduled service. The latter can be particularly useful if you’re working from home and have sensitive company documents to dispose of or run a business out of your home.

What We Shred

Another added benefit of hiring us to shred your sensitive material is that can we shred so much more than just paper. Here’s a partial list of what our shredders can handle:

  • Notebook covers and binders (this means you don’t have to remove paper you wish to be shredded from notebooks)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • X-rays
  • Microfilm
  • VHS tapes
  • Medical records
  • Hard drives and flash drives
  • Computers

And there’s much more. If you don’t see what you need to be destroyed on this list, contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know if we can shred it for you.

When to Use a Mobile Shredding Service

There are many times when hiring a shredding service to dispose of any sensitive documents may come in handy. For starters, shredding documents can help prevent your identity from being stolen and compromised. It can also be particularly useful in anticipation of moving when you wish to declutter your home as much as possible.

Whatever your reason, IntelliShred is ready to serve you with all of your shredding needs.

Years of Experience Destroying Sensitive Documentation

IntelliShred has been in operation since 1999, making us one of the oldest data destruction companies in the tri-state area. We’ve always prided ourselves on providing personalized customer service. We give our residential customers the same level of care and attention as our corporate customers.

As a NAID certified shredding company, we hold our employees and business operations to the highest standards to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all our clients.

This means we conduct random criminal background checks on all employees prior to hiring and perform drug screening during the pre-employment process and again randomly once they’re hired. All IntelliShred personnel in uniform must wear a visible photo ID badge and all staff must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Residential Mobile Shredding Services

Our mobile shredding services make it easy and convenient for you to declutter your home of personal documents and materials that contain personal information.

Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and to request a free quote.

Identity theft is big business. We’re not joking. In 2019, $16.9 million was lost in the US as a result of fraud. That was despite a 0.6% drop in the number of customers affected. More thieves are now attacking the same group of people again and again.

Why is this important for you? Because if you choose not to shred junk mail, you could be next. You might be waving goodbye to your savings, assets, and insurance if you don’t protect yourself. These people will target you, your business, and even your children if you let them. But fear not, because we are not going to let them.

In this article, you will find out why you must shred your junk mail and which items you should destroy. You will also discover the additional benefits of shredding junk mail and if there are any safe documents you can dispose of without shredding.

What Should I Shred in Particular?

You should shred a lot more junk than you think. One example is used boarding passes from your business trips.

Thieves can use the QR code on your boarding pass to find out your travel plans, making you a possible target for pickpocketing or worse crimes when out-of-town. Criminals can also use the QR code to hack into your online account for a particular airline, change your details and steal any loyalty points and stored credit cards.

The personal privacy risks related to not shredding your boarding pass are also why you should never post pictures of these on social media.  You should also shred old utility and tax bills. Even if you think they’re useless to anyone once you’ve paid them, criminals can use your personal information on them to access places where you keep your money.

The same goes for receipts, which still include parts of your credit card details. This is especially important if you’ve bought something with a business account, since a hack could affect your ability to pay your employees and partners.

Are There Any Documents I Can Get Away With Not Shredding?

Takeout menus can be safe not to shred, as long as they do not include your name and address. Newspapers you’ve bought from the store are also okay to throw away without shredding, as are old magazines.  All other leaflets and neighborhood coupons without your name on can also be thrown away without shredding.

However, the problem with all of the above is that most of them are heavier items that take up a lot of space in landfill sites. And let’s be honest, taking them out is a chore.

You can save yourself time and energy by opting out of certain kinds of junk mail. The Federal Trade Commission has a page on its site with more details. You can choose to stop receiving these types of post either for five years or forever.

How Should I Store Documents That Might Be Important Later?

Some mail we consider to be junk will be useful to us later. Tax returns are an example of this, as are some transaction receipts. But you shouldn’t leave them lying around your home or office.

Documents that you might need later should be stored in a lockable location. One example is a safe, while you might also want to invest in a filing cabinet if you have a lot of paper to deal with.  If you later no longer need these papers – for example, the necessary time has passed to keep hold of tax records – you should still shred them like you otherwise would. Even after decades, thieves can still use your name for identity theft.

You can alternatively choose to scan documents onto your computer and keep them stored in a secure cloud. In such instances, however, you need to think about the risks of a possible cyber attack.

What Are the Other Benefits of Shredding Junk Mail?

Shredding junk mail guarantees that even harmless-looking coupons won’t pose a data theft risk. Having a decluttered office will also lower your stress levels.

Since you will not be as tense each day, you’ll think more clearly and get extra work done. Which is great for your business, because that means more revenue.

Mail shredding is also good for the environment. 40% of timber chopped for commercial purposes globally is for paper, but you can use shredded paper as an ingredient in compost. And of course, it’s easier to carry to the recycling bin.

Is There a Difference in Mail Shredding Services?

NAID Certified shredding services offer an extra layer of protection when you choose to shred junk mail. All companies of this kind check to make sure their employees haven’t been involved in criminal activity while also making them sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

You should also shred your papers with a NAID Certified business because they have officially met national standards for destroying data safely.

Verified companies also keep up with the requirements they first met since they are liable to random audit checks without prior warning.

As well as taking care when handling confidential data and stopping the wrong individuals from getting hold of them, NAID Certified shredders also make sure that electronic data is wiped after disposal.

Shred Unwanted Documents and Enjoy Peace of Mind 

While throwing out a lot of junk mail may seem harmless, the reality can be the opposite if you aren’t careful. Thieves can use unshredded documents and receipts to access your personal information and steal your identity for their own interests. Shredding your junk mail also allows you to think clearer in a decluttered workspace and also do your bit to save the planet.

Fraud costs businesses, families, and hardworking individuals millions of dollars each year. Unshredded junk mail contributes to this. You can help beat this problem by thinking twice before you dump your paper without shredding it.

IntelliShred offers comprehensive shredding solutions throughout the tri-state area. To find out how we can help you safely destroy sensitive information, contact us.

As a small business owner, you know the importance of maintaining customer confidentiality. If you don’t, the consequences can be serious. You could lose customers or even face a lawsuit.

Identity theft and business trade secret theft are also very real problems. You must protect your business and customer data from unauthorized access. Most businesses prioritize shredding personal information, either in-house or with a shredding company.

If you need professional help shredding business documents, consider services in your area. Here is why you should invest in local document shredding services.

The Trouble With Shredding Old Papers Yourself

Many small businesses shred documents with the types of shredders that are readily available from big box retailers. They’re called ribbon shredders, because they cut papers into thin ribbons. Unfortunately, ribbon shredders are one of the worst document shredding tools available. Shredded ribbons are easy to sort and put back together, so anyone with enough patience could eventually read the shredded content.

Cross-cut shredders do a better job of breaking the paper into tiny pieces, but cost a bit more than ribbon shredders. The New York Times did a comparison of some of the top home office shredders, and their number one pick costs over $100. The main drawback of these kinds of desktop shredders is that they cannot handle lots of volume. They tend to overheat, burn out, and jam frequently. Ribbon shredders may require frequent replacement.

For a busy company, small shredders may just not be practical or reliable enough. Each shredder that has to be replaced means that you have to pay more for the cost of shredding your old paperwork. If you choose to do your own shredding, another drawback is the time drain. Someone will have to collect the paper and run it through the machine. Then they will need to empty the shredders and dispose of the shredded paper. This is all time that could be spent on sales, customer service, design, or some other more profitable activity.

Another problem is liability. Doing all your shredding in-house means that paper can accumulate until someone has the time to shred it. This can be dangerous because the longer your keep it around, the more likely it is that a snoopy person could find it and read it. The possibility of human error is also something to think about. Does your insurance cover this kind of mistake, or would it be better to get old paperwork off the premises as soon as possible? Most businesses prefer to get rid of their old documents as soon as they can.

pile of shredded paperShredding Documents Help Prevent Identity Theft

Protecting confidential information can be one of the biggest challenges for companies today. Every size company – from small mom-and-pop businesses to large corporations, consistently face the threat identity theft. It’s been estimated that about 9 million people have had their identities stolen each year. Drained accounts, damaged credit, information about medical treatments – paper documents, information storage devices and files are at risk, so it’s necessary to put the right security measures in place.

Having a written identity theft program is essential for every company. In fact, the FTC’s Red Flags Rule requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written identity theft prevention program. The whole idea behind it is to help detect the “red flags” of identity theft in their day-to-day operations, take steps to prevent the crime, and mitigate its damage. This type of safety net can help businesses spot suspicious patterns and prevent the costly consequences of identity theft.

  1. Reduce the amount of confidential information you store.

    It’s essential for your business to store confidential information, but if you maintain too much of it, it’s easier for criminals to steal. You should try to only store information that’s absolutely necessary to conduct business. If it’s possible to maintain your operations without storing all kinds of data, it may save you from higher risk of theft.

  2. Be sure that your company has a data destruction policy.

    The easiest way to increase identity theft protection is to eliminate confidential information that’s no longer relevant. This not only includes shredding paper documents, it also includes the destruction of computer equipment, hard drives and data storage solutions. Simply sending old equipment out to the landfill is a big mistake, this is where local document shredding services come in.

  3. Protect all of your paper documents.

    It’s critical to keep any time-sensitive printed information under lock and key to prevent unauthorized access. It’s wise to only allow the most trusted employees to have access to these documents and storing them in a secure location, such as a safe. Once documents are no longer relevant, call up your local document shredding services. There should never be a chance that employees leave important documents out in the open unattended.

  4. Use firewalls and anti-virus software on all computer systems.

    Digital fraud is also a serious issue, so you should make sure all of your computer systems have the appropriate level of protection. A firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware technology is all highly recommended. It’s also crucial that your employees are given a comprehensive security awareness training, so they are equipped with the skills to protect against a variety of threats. The training should include information on the malware, ransomware, and Trojan horses.

  5. Use an on-site shredding and destruction service.

    Local document shredding services can save you money and provide you with confirmation that your confidential information has been destroyed properly. Professional shredding companies provide a Certificate of Destruction, which offers documentation of each shred and protects your business in the event of an audit or lawsuit. Think about the amount of time an employee could spend on shredding with a small office shredder – you can’t ignore that precious time and wages will be wasted. Plus, the depreciation and maintenance of the office shredder could cost even more over time as hiring a shredding service. Good local document shredding services shred more than paper, they have the ability to handle destruction of other information storage devices.

If your confidential data gets into the wrong hands, your company, employees and clients could be exposed to information fraud and identity theft. In turn, your business could be subject to severe penalties, fines, bad PR, and lost business because you did not remain compliant with current laws governing information.

How Local Document Shredding Services Can Make Your Life Easier

Many businesses dedicate a portion of their budget to document shredding. Outsourcing this important security step saves time, and is surprisingly affordable.

According to, document shredding services cost anywhere from under $50 for small jobs, to over $1500 for high volume or subscription services. It’s possible to find an option that works for every sized business or paper volume to be shredded.

Conveniently, most shredding companies will come to your office and shred your documents on site.

Let Us Take Care of Your Shredding Needs

If you are looking for a solution to your document shredding needs, we’re here to help. Browse our website for more details about our services, read client testimonials, and request a free quote!

At IntelliShred, our team is made up of experienced information security technicians that can help your organization stay compliant with the ever-changing federal and state information destruction laws. Contact us today so we can help you manage your local document shredding and avoid the risks of identity theft.

Hackers will do anything to access sensitive information. The more we protect our data, the harder they try to steal it.

Every day, hackers steal more identities. In 2019, 20% of 650,570 fraud complaints were related to identity theft. Hackers routinely steal data, such as banking information, credit card numbers, medical information, and other sensitive material. With this information, they assume the identity of others.

When people hear the word identity theft, they most often think of technology. However, many identity thefts occur due to the incorrect disposal of confidential documents.

To learn how to dispose of confidential documents correctly, keep reading.

Shredding Matters: Securing Confidential Documents

If you don’t dispose of documents properly, the results can prove devastating. Paper documents discarded in the trash are an easy source for malicious actors to steal people’s identities.

It’s important to destroy documents fully to prevent this possibility. When discarding documents with sensitive information, it’s not enough to simply tear them up. You also cannot protect sensitive data by cutting records up with scissors.

Hackers are greatly skilled at reassembling destroyed documents. They also only need a small piece of information from records to commit identity theft. For this reason, it’s important to dispose of confidential documents via secure shredding.

However, there are other benefits of destroying confidential documents correctly. For example, document shredding saves space.

Shredded documents are also easier to recycle. Furthermore, getting rid of excess paper reduces fire hazards.

Whether disposing of printed or digital media such as CDs or DVDs, shredding is your safest alternative. It’s important to do the job the right way.

The fastest and most cost-effective way to set up a shredding operation is to hire a service that will do the job fast and securely. A shredding service can perform high-volume shredding for less than what it costs to do it in-house. They can also do it more securely.

Who Needs to Maintain Document Security?

Any business that discards information needs to keep it safe. If you generate data about workers or customers, you need to keep up security. This data might include case, human resources, financial, or health information.

Imagine that you operate in the healthcare sector. In this case, the law requires you to maintain patient confidentiality.

You cannot disclose sensitive information to unauthorized personnel or individuals. Also, the law doesn’t make exceptions if the exposure was accidental or the result of a criminal act.

In other fields, confidentiality is just important. Maintaining document security is more about privacy. It’s also about protecting important financial information.

Even if you operate a retail store, you might generate sensitive information. For example, you might have confidential documents with customers’ addresses.

Alternatively, you may have information about their bank accounts. All of this kind of information is confidential.

In most instances, you can trust employees with customer information. Nevertheless, it’s important to destroy confidential documents regularly.

It’s vital to destroy documents with sensitive information. By doing so, you can keep customers’ sensitive data away from prying eyes. You’ll also do your part in preventing identity theft.

You may think that you need to have a great deal of information about an individual to compromise their data. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Hackers only need a small bit of information to steal someone’s identity. For this reason, it’s important to destroy confidential documents completely.

The Benefits of Professional Confidential Document Disposal

Today, a possible data breach is a threat to every company. However, malicious actors have been stealing identities well before the introduction of the internet. Before the digital age, identity thieves stole sensitive business and personal data routinely.

With the launch of the internet, you’d think that identity thieves would focus on online theft. However, many malicious actors still prey on paper data to this day.

For this reason, it’s important to dispose of confidential documents securely. Whether in digital forms—such as a CD or DVD—or paper, it’s important to protect sensitive data.

Wherever there’s sensitive information, identity thieves will follow suit. It’s your responsibility to make sure confidential documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

However, you shouldn’t have to take time away from your business to shred documents. Fortunately, you can overcome this problem by working with a professional shredding service.

A professional shredding service will dispose of your confidential documents on-site. There’s no need to worry about transporting your confidential documents to a secure shredding center.

A mobile shredding service employs security containers on a mobile shredding truck. Most importantly, they’ll make sure that your documents don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Secure Your Documents Quickly and Easily

When choosing shredding services, it’s important to choose an experienced firm. You want your confidential documents shredded as quickly as possible. However, you also want to ensure that the procedure is secure.

Confidential documents contain your most sensitive business data. For this reason, it’s important to find a service provider that will treat your documents accordingly.

You’ll need to find a professional shredding service with high ethical standards. It’s helpful to search for a firm with NAID AAA Certification.

This certification ensures that a confidential document disposal firm conforms to strict information security standards. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) issues the certification.

Trust Us to Keep Your Information Secure

Now you know more about the proper disposal of confidential documents. What you need now is a shredding service that you can trust.

IntelliShred has served the tri-state area for more than 20 years. We’re a professional, reliable confidential document disposal firm. We’ve earned NAID AAA Certification and have proven our ability to dispose of confidential documents securely.

Contact an IntelliShred representative today at 1-866-747-3360 or connect with us online to learn more about using on-site shredding.

In August 2019, the Bulgarian government fined DSK bank a whopping $569,930 in relation to a data breach.

The over half-million-dollar fine is enough to make any business owner reel. However, what’s even more startling is that identity thieves stole printed documents. The event shows that thieves go after both printed and digital data.

It’s important to take special precautions when shredding sensitive information. Acquiring a certificate of destruction is a vital part of a document disposal plan. However, you might wonder, “What is a certificate of destruction?”

To learn more about certificates of destruction and why they’re important, keep reading.

Securing Your Confidential Data

You probably put a lot into making sure that your network is secure. However, how much thought have you put into the security of your paper documents?

The DSK bank incident highlights the importance of confidential document shredding. Thieves stole more than 33,000 physical records during the DSK data breach. There was a reason for the Bulgarian government’s hefty fine. The bank failed to establish policies to protect this kind of information. Businesses handle a lot of paper. As the DSK bank incident shows, it’s important to ensure that those papers don’t land in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the DSK bank is not alone. Digital and non-digital data breaches are common, and both tactics are equally damaging.

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to protect your customers’ sensitive data. You must also protect your employee information. You might store information on paper, CDs or DVDs. Either way, it’s important to dispose of unneeded sensitive data properly. Shredding is the best way to dispose of confidential information. Still, it’s vital to develop clear policies. Your policies should cover how to dispose of sensitive documents. For example, you might establish a policy requiring that employees shred all documents. In this instance, no documents would leave the property if it’s not shredded.

Alternatively, you might develop a selective shredding policy. In this case, employees will determine which documents to shred.

What Is a Certificate of Destruction?

Shredding ensures that sensitive information is inaccessible. It also ensures that malicious actors can’t reassemble confidential documents.

A certificate of destruction acknowledges the work performed by a professional shredding service. For example, it might serve as a receipt for the destruction of paper documents. It could also serve as proof of hard drive or other storage product destruction.

The detail of a certificate of destruction will vary among service providers. What’s more important, however, is choosing a professional shredding service. An expert shredding service maintains high standards. As more identity thefts occur, lawmakers are taking steps to hold businesses accountable. As a result, certificates of destruction are becoming more prominent.

A certificate of destruction is a form of proof. It shows that your organization took steps to dispose of confidential information securely. However, not all certificates of destruction are equal. Furthermore, a certificate alone is not enough. You must choose a qualified firm to ensure the proper disposal of sensitive information.

Any good shredding firm will issue a certificate of destruction. It’s more vital, however, to assess a service’s credentials. For example, the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) establishes industry standards. It’s a well-known agency that governs the product destruction industry.

For this reason, it’s helpful to look for shredding services that are NAID certified. These organizations follow strict standards that ensure the full destruction of confidential documents.

Choosing a Reliable Shredding Service

It’s always a good idea to work with NAID certified companies. The NAID is your starting point for finding top-notch service providers. The organization issues AAA Certification to select vendors. Shredding services must comply with strict guidelines to earn accreditation.

For example, the NAID guidelines cover shredding service hiring policies. They also encompass operational security. Companies must also follow a specific destruction process. They must also carry sufficient insurance to work in the industry.

Not every company passes a NAID audit. You may have considered working with a firm without certification. However, it may prove in your best interest to look for a better provider with NAID certification. Furthermore, all shredding services destroy paper. However, not every service provider can effectively destroy all kinds of outdated media. Alternative media might include hard drives and backup tapes.

You could simply overwrite these kinds of data storage devices. However, they would remain vulnerable to unauthorized access. Instead, it’s safer to hire a qualified shredding service to destroy this information on-site.

A top on-site shredding service makes security their priority. For example, the firm will require its employees to sign a confidentiality agreement. The company will also perform an extensive background check before hiring an employee. Also, a top shredding firm will ensure that all employees are trained thoroughly. The staff members will have expert training in secure document destruction.

Ensuring Secure Shredding

When you hire a shredding service, it’s highly beneficial to obtain a certificate of destruction. Obtaining a destruction certificate is an important step. It helps to ensure that a service provider has destroyed your document securely. However, there are also a couple more things to consider. For example, it’s safer when a shredding service completes their work on-site.

When you transport documents, you give malicious actors more opportunities. When driving documents to a shredding firm, for example, your employees can lose documents. By hiring an on-site service, you reduce the chances of your confidential documents falling into the wrong hands.

In addition to these practices, you must also observe the shredding process. A top-notch shredding firm can provide you with real-time video proof of the destruction of your sensitive documents.

One Service Provider for All Your Shredding Needs

Now you know the answer to, “What is a certificate of destruction?” What you need now is a shredding service with a reputation for reliable, confidential document shredding. IntelliShred is an experienced and capable secure document shredding service. We are NAID certified and can help you to destroy confidential information safely and securely.

Contact an IntelliShred representative today at 1-866-747-3360 or connect with us online. We’re waiting to show you more about securing your confidential documents.

NAID Certified Shredding

With internet fraud and identity threats on an upsurge, data security and privacy are getting more complicated. A 2018 study says that the average cost of confidential records being stolen or lost is around $148 per record, and more than $3.86 million is spent on each data breach incident globally.

When it comes to selecting an appropriate paper shredding company to look after your document destruction needs, it’s crucial to consider the provider’s background credentials. How long have they been in the paper shredding industry? Are they associated with key groups or organizations that are relevant to their services? Most importantly, are they a NAID certified shredding company?

What does NAID certified shredding mean? What is NAID and what does it represent? NAID is the international trade association for the information destruction industry. It’s  purpose is to help and promote the highest standards of ethics for the document destruction industry, through partnering with its members and lawmakers to ensure that happens. Selecting the right shredding company is the first step in making sure your documents are secure.

What Does the NAID Certification Entail?

Now that you know what is NAID-certified shredding, let’s delve deeper to learn more about the certification process and details. Being AAA certified means a document shredding company meets stringent qualifications for secure data destruction. 

The certification covers 20 operational and security areas, including video surveillance, transport, particle size, employee screening, written policies, access control, and training. Its primary objectives are:

  • Verifying that the company follows protocols specified for the security of confidential information throughout the destruction stages, starting from handling to storing before destruction, shredding, and disposing of shredded documents
  • Assuring a 3-step background screening process restricting any individual with a known criminal history from handling confidential data
  • Implementing a comprehensive and regimented audit program ensures that certified companies can receive an unannounced audit anytime or any day without prior notice

What does a NAID Certified Shredding Company Promise to its Customers?

  • Random criminal background checks on all employees prior to hiring
  • Drug-testing during pre-employment process and random drug screening for all employees
  • A certified document that thoroughly indicates sensitive documents have been shred 100%. (Certificate of Destruction)
  • $3,000,000 general liability insurance
  • Professional personnel in uniform with visible photo ID badges
  • Comprehensive security policies in place with strict safety procedures every step of the way
  • All staff must sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Why does NAID Certified Shredding Matter for Your Security?

Every organization needs to comply with contractual and legal obligations to protect sensitive data from identity thefts and cyber threats. Understanding what is NAID-certified shredding and choosing an AAA certified company can make your business secure and reliable in many ways. Here, they are:

Assured Privacy Compliance

  • Security is incomparable; a NAID certified shredding company like IntelliShred, must follow over 20 specific requirements in regards to security and operational necessities; these include access control, transport, video surveillance, and employee screening
  • Since documents will be destroyed with a cross-cut shredding process, the paper particle size is too small to reassemble the same or save the information.

Certified Data Destruction

  • Apart from meeting the compliance requirements, a NAID certified shredding company also provides a Certificate of Destruction to prove the same.
  • The confidentiality of your business documents is vital; businesses who are not NAID Certified may be practicing habits that fail to meet legal privacy standards; therefore your business may be at risk

Safe Disposal

  • Before shredding, the documents are stored in closed containers to prevent unauthorized access. A secure wipe standard is followed to make electronic data unrecoverable. After shredding or pulping the documents, the company will dispose of them according to FACTA Final Disposal Rule and PCI compliance guidelines.

Peace of Mind

  • NAID-certified shredding company can offer you the peace of mind that your paperwork will not leave behind any legal trail or audit issues. NAID certified shredding companies experience audits to confirm sustainable consumer protection measures are in place. 

We Keep Your Business Safe

By hiring IntelliShred to look after your commercial document shredding needs, you can rest assured that your information is in the best hands. Our procedures follow the highest security standards in the industry and most importantly, abide with specifications outlined under NAID. Contact IntelliShred in New Jersey for further details in regards to the unique paper shredding services we offer. Call 1-866-747-3360.