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The Advantages Of A Shred-All Policy And How To Start One

With a shred-all policy, you destroy all your business documents when they are no longer needed. The alternative is selective shredding, where employees determine which documents need to be shredded. All businesses handle sensitive information, so whether to use selective shredding or a shred all policy is a discussion all managers and owners need to have.

Confidential information includes personal information, account details, and other basic business records. When no longer needed, this information needs to be destroyed securely to avoid the risk of it being compromised. The loss or theft of customer information can have severe repercussions, including loss of reputation or trust, legal issues, and severe fines as a result of not complying with data protection regulation.

A shred-all policy appears to have the edge over selective shredding for most businesses. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing secure document shredding for all of your unneeded documents in your business.

Advantages of a Shred-All Policy

  1. Efficiency. A shred-all policy reduces the burden on staff regarding decision making. Having to decide what needs shredding and what doesn’t takes up valuable time and energy, leading to decision fatigue and potential errors. By removing that decision-making process, you can free up your workers to get on with their core roles.
  2. Effectiveness. By shredding every document the business no longer needs, there is less chance for something critical to slip through the net. Instead of risking mistakes every day, shredding all unneeded documents reduces the possibility of human error and ensures that no confidential data will end up in the wrong hands.
  3. Fairness. Making individual workers responsible for a company’s data protection is a burden. A shred-all policy prevents any one person from being to blame for the loss of confidential information. All workers should work together and share the responsibility to ensure the security of data.
  4. Staff training. It’s easier to train staff to shred everything than it is to explain how to identify truly critical confidential and sensitive information. A shred-all policy simplifies the workday and training procedures.
  5. Compliance. Shredding everything means that you are not taking chances with compliance. Breaking laws that govern the protection of private information, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), can incur severe fines, even if the violations are accidental.
  6. Space. Shredding unneeded documents saves money that would otherwise be used on storage. Many businesses use expensive office space or storage units to maintain old files. Shredding them freeze up valuable real estate that could be used more effectively and profitably. The use of storage units could be reduced or eliminated.
  7. Cost. You may find the cost of shredding everything is not much more than the cost of shredding only your critical information. By shredding everything, you streamline your processes and clear the decks in one fell swoop. Get in touch with us for a quote to see the potential cost savings a shred all policy.

In our experience, a shred-all policy has significant advantages over selective shredding. If you would like to talk about adopting a shred all policy, we can help you make it happen and facilitate the transition. You will be certain that everything is destroyed that we have destroyed everything securely, removing the worry that things may slip through the net.

We will help you implement an effective shred all program. Get in touch with our professional team for helpful, friendly, expert advice, and a quote with no obligation.

If you need confidential data destruction in Burlington County, get in touch with IntelliShred today. We offer state-of-the-art on-site data destruction and shredding services for businesses throughout the tri-state area. We have 20 years of experience, so you can expect the highest standards and effective, responsible document and device destruction.

Document Destruction in Burlington County

Data security is increasingly important. Data theft, security breaches, and misuse of confidential information are on the rise. Cybercriminals are increasingly savvy and understand the value of accessing private and personal information.

The loss of sensitive information, whether by human error or by theft, can lead to loss of business, loss of reputation, and even the demise of the business. Not to mention steep fines imposed by regulators, even for accidental violations.

While some small business owners think that they are exempt from data protection regulations, many cybercriminals target small businesses because they tend to have fewer security measures yet provide access to their larger business partners. The best way to protect your business, your partners, and your clients is to ensure regular, secure document destruction.

Our Burlington County Paper Shredding Services

When you utilize our on-site paper shredding services in Burlington County, you can look forward to us arriving at your location with our modern equipment. We provide on-site document shredding so that we can take care of your sensitive documents in front of you. You can watch your documents as we destroy them via a live screen on the side of our truck.

Because your documents don’t need to leave your premises, it makes the destruction process even easier and more secure. You place your documents in our security containers to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. We pick these up and destroy them on site. Then we will provide you with a certificate of destruction that will report how many documents we shredded and attest that they were destroyed safely, securely, and professionally.

Paper Shredding Tailored to Your Needs

We pride ourselves on offering a truly customizable service. To this end, we offer one-time shredding and regular shredding services.

  • One-time shredding / purge shredding – This is for those situations in which you need to destroy documents urgently or once in a while. Some of our clients require one-time shredding because of a change in the law, to ensure secrecy regarding products or services, annual file cleanup, or before moving location. Whatever the reason, you can rely on us to arrive promptly and to take care of your large-scale shredding needs on-site.
  • Regular shredding service – This service is ideal for businesses that destroy sensitive information that is produced daily. Regular document destruction helps to maintain the security of your sensitive documents, keeps your office organized, and helps ensure compliance with document destruction laws.

Give us a call so that we can assess your needs and we can design a shredding schedule to suit you. We can perform shredding weekly bi-weekly or monthly.

You can rely on our professional service to integrate with your business seamlessly. After our professionals arrive promptly to collect your confidential information from our secure document bins, they take these to mobile shredding vehicles where you may watch the document destruction process for yourself via active video screen.

Whatever your shredding needs, get in touch with us for a flexible service, a customized response, and a fair quote. We’re looking forward to meeting your paper shredding needs in Burlington County and the surrounding areas, so get in touch with us today for peace of mind, a professional service, and compliance with data protection legislation.


It’s not only sensitive or confidential paper documents that need to be destroyed securely. If you’re in the retail sector, we can handle secure destruction of papers such as signed receipts, purchase information, and credit paperwork, but we can also destroy items to protect proprietary information or to prevent the transmission of confidential information. Such items include but are by no means limited to:


  • proprietary packaging
  • clothing
  • digital discs
  • off-spec products
  • product prototypes
  • display products
  • faulty or otherwise recalled goods
  • products that are beyond shelf date
  • surplus stock
  • and much more

How You Can Benefit from Professional Retail Shredding

We recognize that retailers often need to get rid of items securely to reduce the risk of counterfeiting or the theft of trade secrets. The theft and misuse of products and intellectual property is a big business. Our services help retailers destroy unwanted items securely so that they cannot be misused.

We are seeing an increase in threats to business information. While many business owners are correctly concerned with securing their paper and digital information, awareness of the need to destroy some products and packaging securely is growing.

Where We Perform Secure Retail Shredding

We can perform retail shredding at your location. We will destroy your material onsite and you can watch it happen because we offer a live video screen on the outside of all our shredding trucks. This provides 100% security and peace of mind.

When your items are shredded – the most secure way to destroy documents and items – we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that will confirm your legal compliance and the items we’ve destroyed for you.

Finally, we dispose of the materials or recycle them in an eco-friendly manner. Secure shredding and disposal is good for business and does not need to have a negative impact on the planet.

Why Our Clients Trust Us for Retail Shredding

We have 30 years of experience securely destroying papers and retail items for our clients. With strict legislation and privacy regulations, you can rely on us to help you make sure that you are compliant, which is essential to avoid financial penalties and to enjoy trust with your customers.

Our combination of professionally trained staff and cutting-edge art on-site shredding equipment sees that no item is left behind. We destroy everything according to federal and state regulations, leaving no room for error.

Use the Best Shredding Service Available

You don’t want to take any chances with document or product destruction. Don’t cut corners or leave anything to chance. Our experienced team can keep your business moving and help maintain your reputation.

Every one of our staff is fully trained and goes through a thorough background investigation, drug testing and security check.

Get in touch with us for a free quote by contacting us online or you can call us at 1-866-747-3360. If you’d like more information about the need for retail shredding and its benefits for all kinds of retail businesses, please get in touch. One of our representatives will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Secure document shredding involves turning paper documents that are typically confidential, secret, or sensitive, into strips so small that they cannot be read or put back together. But when you work with a secure document shredding service, they will think beyond shredding itself. Disposal needs to be secure at every step.

This is essential in a world in which identity theft and cybercrime is on the rise. All it takes is an address to open the door to criminal activity. The loss of trust that follows the loss or theft of confidential information can be far-reaching. Many small businesses never recover. Regulations exist to protect businesses and individuals and it’s necessary to adhere to proper document destruction practices to comply with the law.

As well as keeping business and customer information confidential to avoid corporate espionage, document shredding is an excellent solution for 2020 for businesses that want to reclaim space used unnecessarily for storing documents. With digitalization, it can be a good idea to divest of hard copies, but this needs to be done securely. Secure document shredding is effective and it is an environmentally-friendly alternative to incineration as the shredded paper can be disposed of easily or recycled.

At IntelliShred, we recognize that destroying documents securely requires experience, expertise, tried and tested practices, and accountability.

What You Get With Secure Document Shredding:

Our State of the Art Equipment

Our mobile document destruction units can come to you. These vehicles have everything needed to turn your confidential documents into shredded paper so fine that they can neither be read nor recovered. We can do this before your eyes, because each of our trucks is fitted with CCTV.

Secure Document Shredding For Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that our staff is fully trained and experienced in the document shredding business. Our representatives arrive on time and get the job done, using our meticulous processes for ensuring that we leave no trace of a document behind.

We encourage our clients to watch the destruction process, which takes place on-site, each truck being equipped with a video screen.

Accountability Is Key

In addition to making it easy for you to watch your secure document shredding in real-time, we provide documentary evidence, too. When we have shredded your documents, we will give you our Certificate of Destruction, which you can use to show compliance with regulations regarding the destruction of material. Our AAA certification from the National Association for Information Destruction confirms that our practices are top-notch.

Chain Of Custody

We only use trained, vetted staff. From the moment our uniformed agent arrives at your site to the moment your documents are shredded, you can rest assured that they are secure. We have been recognized with AAA certification and as members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), you can rely on us to take care of your material at every stage of our process.

Document Shredding Can Be Secure and Convenient

In 2020, document shredding needs to be comprehensive and secure above all, but reliability, integrity, accountability, flexibility, and eco-consciousness also play important roles.

We offer great customer service and personalized document shredding so that you get the service you need every time. Our courteous, professional staff will arrive promptly at the location and time you specify and you can leave the handling of your documents to us. We work with you and around you so that you can keep working, secure in the knowledge that your document destruction is under control.

We’ve been serving clients with secure data destruction, product destruction, and document shredding since 1999. Our document disposal company combines family values with state-of-the-art technology to take care of all your secure document shredding needs. Shredded documents can be disposed of safely or recycled. In either case, they remain 100% irrecoverable.

Looking for a better way to destroy documents? Get in touch with us for a fast quote or to learn more about our secure document shredding solutions and how we can adapt our services to suit you.

Data breach is often caused by the improper treatment of important documents and other physical records. It’s not enough to tear documents up and discard them. Just as confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information should be stored securely, it should be disposed of securely when it is no longer needed.

The loss of confidential or sensitive information can put your customers or clients at risk, not to mention your business itself. It’s essential to make sure that such documents are disposed of correctly. This is why we offer convenient and effective Monmouth County paper shredding services.

Paper Shredding

Shredding is the most effective way to destroy physical documents. And the best way to shred documents is to do so onsite. At IntelliShred, we offer secure and comprehensive document destruction services, and we can do it on your site. Other companies may charge you extra to collect the documents and transfer them to a secure location. We can get the work done without taking the documents away.

Many of our clients opt for on-site shredding because they get to see that the sensitive documents are destroyed right in front of them. This is best for peace of mind. You can hire our Monmouth County paper shredding team and we’ll either take your documents away in secure containers or you can watch our strict process for making your information 100% irrecoverable on-site. The choice is yours.

Security is our top priority and we never sacrifice this for speed. However, we also pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive but convenient service. Our process is as efficient as it is effective.

Professional Shredding Certificates

Not only does our Monmouth County paper shredding give you peace of mind, but it also gives you a Certificate of Destruction. This can be useful for your records and for your clients. Our certificate details how many documents we shredded and we confirm that we destroyed them safely and securely.

One-time Shredding

When you need to destroy documents urgently, don’t leave anything to chance. When people are in a hurry, they can make mistakes. When large volumes are involved, miscommunication, fatigue, and human error may all play a part in some documents escaping destruction. For one-time or purge shredding, get in touch with our team to make sure the job is done comprehensively.

On the other hand, some of our clients simply want to destroy documents because they are taking up large amounts of office space. You too can get in touch with us for:

  • clean-up of files once a year
  • audit or litigation finalization
  • destruction of files for legal or compliance reasons
  • destruction of files for corporate relocation, consolidation, or reorganization

Regular Monmouth County Paper Shredding

Other clients in the area must destroy documents securely on a regular basis, often weekly. This may be to satisfy legal requirements, to observe smart document destruction practices, or to help with organization. Whatever the reason, our team can handle regular paper shredding for your firm.

First, we’ll assess how many secure documents need to be destroyed and we’ll cater to your needs for document destruction with a plan that suits you, whether that is bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly.

For regular shredding, our professionals will arrive promptly at a time that suits you to collect your documents to be shredded. You will have already placed these in our secure containers. We take the document bins and empty them into a state-of-the-art mobile, shredding truck where you can observe the shredding process for yourself on the truck’s live video screen.

Our Monmouth County paper shredding services offer you the peace of mind, convenience, and accountability you need. Get in touch with us today for a fast quote.

It’s no secret that many companies find it difficult keeping up with identity theft and data breaches in Bucks County, PA. Make life a little easier on yourself and hire a local paper shredding company for all your data destruction services. If you value your company, safeguard it is through proper shredding and destruction services. We offer you the very best in paper shredding services in Bucks County, PA.

If you are a business in Bucks County and are looking for a credible shredding company, read on to see what you should be looking for.

Not all document shredding companies are the same

Don’t give your documents to someone you know nothing about. Look for a company with credentials. IntelliShred has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We come by this certification by complying with all industry standards, ethical requirements, and all regulations established by NAID.

Always ask questions about the exact procedures followed by a shredding company

There are methods any paper shredding company in Bucks County, PA, should be more than willing to go over with you. The use of the latest equipment for shredding and destruction is essential. For any company, big or small, but especially for companies such as medical companies, data is particularly sensitive and you never want to see it fall into the wrong hands. A paper shredding company in Bucks County, PA, should welcome any questions you may have concerning what they do.

Ask about their expert technicians

Any paper shredding or product destruction services company needs the tightest security. You may want to ask specific questions about the people who get the jobs done every day and hear how trusted they are dealing with your confidential documents. Ask about the hiring process. Find out about the people who make up the company you are being asked to trust.

Today, it’s all about being mobile

Back in the day, a company would gather up all of your documents and products and cart them away. If there was an accident or documents got lost or stolen, you never knew how that might affect your company in the long run. For paper shredding in Bucks County, PA, that is no longer necessary with mobile or on-site shredding services available. With on-site shredding, you can monitor the destruction process and rest assured that others are not viewing your sensitive data.

For over 20 years, IntelliShred has provided the best in document shredding and product destruction. We have the highest ethical standards and practices, and we only offer the most outstanding, personalized customer service.

For any business today, it is not easy putting your trust in a service that promises to deliver and rarely lives up to promises. IntelliShred was built on the foundation of not just personalized customer service but its innovative approach to shaping the future of the shredding industry.

We have many years of expertise in the commercial shredding and destruction services in Bucks County, PA. We have assisted hundreds of companies throughout the region protect their private information. Every day, we employ the highest standards, helping our customers destroy and recycle paper, floppy drives, CD’s and DVD’s, video cassettes, microfilm, microfiche, and much more.

You won’t find a company that disposes of private, sensitive information better than us. Contact us today to learn more about our services and find out how we can help your business with all its paper shredding in Bucks County, PA.

There are so many challenges companies may have to overcome these days – facing identity theft should not be one of them. The most effective way to protect individuals and businesses from theft is to hire a professional document disposal company to shred and destroy any confidential information.

Corporate identity theft can easily occur in the following ways:

  • Unprotected documents stolen from work by employees or staff
  • Data breaches and digital theft due to lack of cybersecurity protection and firewalls
  • Pickpocketing wallets, checkbooks, stolen paper mail from unlocked offices or desks
  • Confidential information directly taken from the trash or recycle bin

You are required by law to dispose of all of your documents properly. States have set up specific laws about what information needs to be removed from the file before you can dispose of it. You need to either black out all personal information, including social security numbers, account numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers or you need to shred the documents.

These are the key privacy regulations you need to be familiar with:

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) This law requires that healthcare industry professionals responsibly shred discarded patient information
  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) of 2003 was established to help reduce the risk of identity theft by requiring responsible shredding of discarded customer information
  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) This law requires banking and financial institutions to consistently protect the privacy of consumer data.

It’s essential for your business to establish a document disposal process. Train your employees so they have a good understanding of how you wish to manage document destruction and disposal. There are several state and federal laws which insist that you safeguard private information for your employees and customers. In order to remain compliant with these regulations, you must frequently destroy confidential and obsolete business information. It’s best to schedule a specific time each year or each quarter to sort through your documents in order to determine which ones should be destroyed.

Having a process in place helps you organize your current documents when it’s time to dispose of them. It’s key to have a good understanding of which documents you should permanently keep in your office, which ones need to go into storage, and which ones you can dispose of. For instance, if you have used the document or file in the last six months, you should keep it. Old business contracts and legal documents can be stored in a locked office or cabinet on-site. It’s absolutely crucial that medical records should be kept longer than a sales projections and other files. Old hard drives should also be properly destroyed, which can be achieved through on site hard drive destruction services.

Hiring A Document Disposal Company

When you hire a professional document disposal company, be sure they are certified by the NAID and that they have trained their technicians at the highest level of proficiency. When you shred on-site, a Certificate of Destruction should be provided by your document disposal company once the job is complete. This is proof that your sensitive documents were completely destroyed using proper methods, according to the highest standards in the industry.

IntelliShred has been servicing the tri-state area for over two decades. We hire only the best technicians for our shredding and destruction teams and we pride ourselves on how dedicated they are. Our customers continue to shred with us again, and again and we’re happy that they know we’ll help them relieve the burden and stress that comes with this important task. As part of our services, we will:

  • Protect Your Confidential Information
  • Ensure Compliance with HIPAA, GLB & FACTA
  • Provide High Security On-Site Shredding
  • Offer Flexible Scheduling
  • Save you money – our regularly scheduled shredding service costs less than $2.00/day!

Contact us today for more information on our services. We’re happy to answer your questions!

Most companies today are faced with many different types of risks. The most prevalent ones are identity theft and data breaches. Every business has proprietary information stored that is essential to their success. Theft for competitive gain is hard to combat and if proprietary information gets into the wrong hands, it could potentially damage your business. Whether it’s sabotage, stealing marketing ideas or special formulas for products, destruction is a wise investment.

Document Destruction Service

It’s wise to ensure the companies with whom you do business also have a data security and destruction policy in place. Protect your data by assessing your internet connections and device security. Train your employees to be weary when they respond to digital communications so you can be sure your private data stays secure and remains uncompromised.

Whether it’s paper documents or digital media, destruction of your confidential materials must be handled in the proper way. There are specific shredding and media destruction policies, as well as data protection rules and regulations. These laws extend beyond the actual destruction process and include the entire process of collection, staging, transport, processing and disposal. It’s crucial that your company maintains a constant purge of its confidential information – and the safest, fastest, most economical way to do that is to hire a professional document destruction service.

When you hire a professional document destruction service, be sure to find one that offers on-demand and on-site shredding services. This is the most convenient way to ensure that your confidential information is destroyed in a safe and secure manner. At IntelliShred, we even offer same day shredding services.

Mobile or on-site shredding happens specifically at your location and only at your convenience. It’s not necessary for you to worry about who will be transporting your confidential data to another location so it can be destroyed. These high-tech mobile trucks are capable of shredding a large volume of paper in an hour, saving you time and money.

Typically, the on-site shredding is done with your direct supervision and with the help of a camera, which closely monitors the process, so that everything is being destroyed properly. Afterwards, the service technician should be able to provide the proper documentation (certificate of destruction) which confirms the job has met compliance standards.

When you set up a recurring schedule with your shredding service, lockable bins will be left in your office. Once they are full, trained shredding service professionals will collect their contents and repeat the on-site shredding process without interrupting your staff.

There are specific federal and state privacy laws that companies must abide by when dealing with their confidential information. Failure to meet federal privacy protection requirements can result in fines and/or criminal penalties. An on-site document destruction service can help you remain compliant to the following regulations:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)
  • Federal Trade Commission Red Flag Rules

IntelliShred is NAID certified and has full document destruction service capabilities. We have years of expertise helping our customers destroy their sensitive documents and digital media storage devices. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Today’s companies could overlook certain tasks when they are busy with more important matters. Shredding confidential and sensitive information in a timely manner may be one of those tasks that fall by the wayside. In order to avoid the risk of identity theft or breaches of data, it’s wise to shred and destroy documents and hard drives that are no longer necessary.

Of course, all businesses collect sensitive information from their customers, partners and employees. Most records today are digitally stored, but there are some which must remain on paper. Businesses are aware sometimes keeping documents for long periods of time, when it’s not necessary. There’s an easy solution to this urgent problem – hire a professional shredding service and request same day shredding.

Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a same day shredding service:

  • CONVENIENCE & COMPLIANCE: When you request a same day shredding job, a mobile shredding truck will come to your office and perform the shred on-site. There’s nothing more convenient than secure on site shredding. There are strict privacy regulations that government agencies, large businesses, and corporations must abide by. Not remaining in compliance could significantly increase the risks of fines against the company. The technicians will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which proves the job was handled in accordance to the federal and state privacy regulations.


  • COST SAVINGS: Using a small office shredder is not efficient and you will spend way more money to maintain the machine than its original cost. Hiring a professional shredding service will help you dispose of important information in a more cost-effective and secure way. Selecting a service that is reliable and secure will be essential, but it’s even better if you can find one that offers same day shredding services.


  • SAFETY & SECURITY: In order to protect your company from identity theft and data breaches, it’s best to leave your shredding jobs to a professional. Mobile shredding trucks can instantly eliminate the risk of information being reconstructed. Right before your eyes it’s adequately destroyed and the truck will provide documentation for every shred they do.

When you hire a same day shredding service, their trucks will come to your location for more convenient document destruction. Most of these services are mobile, and their mobility allows them to do the work more efficiently and securely. The remaining waste should also be handled in a secure manner so that there is no risk of identity theft or costly fines.

Every business should understand that hiring a professional shredding service will not only protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance, it will also help reduce costs over time. The significant cost savings is more valuable than you can imagine.

For years, IntelliShred has been providing 24-hour and same day shredding and destruction services for its customers. We value our customers and can guarantee a successful business relationship. Our fleet of mobile trucks will be able to handle the destruction and disposal of large volumes of paper, hard drives and other digital media storage devices. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Every company is responsible for retaining files which contain sensitive information. These important files must be disposed of properly, otherwise, they could fall into the wrong hands. Most organizations think they can handle disposing their files on their own, with a small office shredder. This method is not only inefficient, it is not safe and could end up costing you in the long run. If you shred your own documents, you run the risk of an employee stealing confidential information.

Secure On Site Shredding

Instead of transporting documents to a shredding facility and wasting your employee’s time. Mobile shredder trucks come to your business and shred your confidential documents right in your parking lot. You are able to watch as the bins are taken out to the truck and then shredded.

Reaping the benefits of secure on site shredding is easy – it all starts with finding the best professional shredding and destruction service.

Hire a Professional Shredding Service

Confidential information is easy for thieves to gain access to if you don’t have protective measures in place. Most paper documents have sensitive information like, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc. Hiring a secure on site shredding service can eliminate the risk of criminals stealing confidential and personal documents.

The professional shredding service will provide locked shredding bins at your location so that documents can be collected securely until they are scheduled to be shredded. The locked bins will be removed from the building when it’s time and their contents will be shredded in front of you in the parking lot.


On a regular basis, professional shredding will help clean out filing cabinets and offices so that confidential information will not end up in the wrong hands. Secure on site shredding is convenient because it is always executed at your location. There are no transportation costs or other extraneous fees that come along with getting your files to a shredding facility.


Saving time and money is something every company strives to achieve. A professional shredding service can handle hundreds of pounds of paper in a fraction of the time that it normally takes. Because of this time savings, the cost of shredding your materials will be less than you expected


It’s crucial to maintain legal compliance for your organization, especially in today’s economy. This is why secure on site shredding is valuable – they know how to navigate the privacy rules and regulations in order to remain compliant. A highly-qualified shredding service will also put their technicians through rigorous background checks as a safeguard.

In order to avoid legal action or penalties and fines, it’s important that your organization is in compliance with any federal and state privacy laws. A secure on site shredding service will provide you with an official certificate of destruction when the job is complete, so you have proof of compliance. The certificates of destruction for each job will show that it was done in a secure fashion.


Exactly how much does on site shredding cost? The typical cost of on site shredding varies based on these three factors:

  • The volume of items needing to be shredded
  • The type of material being shredded
  • The frequency of shredding needed

Make sure your organization can reap the benefits of secure on site shredding services. Set up a regular shredding schedule that’s convenient for you and make sure you find the best possible shredding service available in your local area.

At IntelliShred, we have spent years perfecting our shredding and destruction methods. We only hire the most qualified technicians available to handle your shredding and destruction needs. We are industry certified and our customers come back to us year after year! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help safeguard your business.