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Year: 2019

It’s a Smart Move to Hire a Professional Document Disposal Company

There are so many challenges companies may have to overcome these days – facing identity theft should not be one of them. The most effective way to protect individuals and businesses from theft is to hire a professional document disposal company... read more

A Document Destruction Service Can Save Your Business from Risk

Most companies today are faced with many different types of risks. The most prevalent ones are identity theft and data breaches. Every business has proprietary information stored that is essential to their success. Theft for competitive gain is hard... read more

Why Same Day Shredding and Destruction Services Are Essential

Today’s companies could overlook certain tasks when they are busy with more important matters. Shredding confidential and sensitive information in a timely manner may be one of those tasks that fall by the wayside. In order to avoid the risk of... read more

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction – The Best Way to Protect Confidential Information

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction There are so many ways you can protect confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. But the most ideal solution is to go straight to where the information is permanently stored – your hard drive.... read more

Companies Should Reap The Benefits Of Secure On Site Shredding

Every company is responsible for retaining files which contain sensitive information. These important files must be disposed of properly, otherwise, they could fall into the wrong hands. Most organizations think they can handle disposing their files... read more

Why Mobile Shredder Services Are in Demand Right Now

Mobile Shredder Service Using a mobile shredder service is one of the best ways to help drive the success of your business. In fact, these services are in demand right now because they are one of the most cost-effective ways to dispose of... read more

Why Paper Shredding Bins Are One of The Best Purchases for Your Company

Paper Shredding Bins In any organization, important paper documents tend to accumulate over time. At some point, their use will expire and they will need to be disposed of or destroyed. Most companies assume that it’s less expensive to purchase a... read more

Why is Purge Shredding Necessary?

Purge Shredding Purge shredding is something that every business and organization should participate in. It’s usually a once a year event when large volumes of paper documents and electronic records are shredded and destroyed. These shredding... read more

How Much Does It Cost To Shred Documents?

Questions That Help Determine The Cost To Shred Documents In this day and age, there’s always a need to dispose of or destroy confidential information – especially in paper form. Although hiring a professional shredding company seems... read more

How to Dispose of Medical Records When They Become Obsolete

Disposal Of Medical Records Knowing whether or not to retain medical records is not always straightforward. It’s something that most providers think to be the highest priority, but disposing of patient’s medical records is essential to the... read more