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7 Reasons to Use a Commercial Paper Shredding Service at IntelliShred

IntelliShred, 7 reasons to use a commercial paper shredding service at Intellishred

Working with a commercial paper shredding service can improve your business document management. Many businesses overlook the benefits that come with the commercial shredding of paper documents. They also may think it’s more efficient to do it themselves. However, these companies miss out on low-stress, high-quality service at an affordable price. 

In this article, we discuss how IntelliShred can help your business document management through commercial shredding services. Continue reading to find out how you can save time, save money, and ensure compliance with federal laws.

1. Protect Sensitive Information

Part of owning a business is access to sensitive information. This includes credit card information, employee files, and more. Your clients trust you with this information and trust that it will be well taken care of. Someone with access to sensitive information can wreak havoc on your company and your clients. This can result in identity theft, which is costly to resolve. Working with a commercial paper shredding service can help you avoid these issues. Shredding paper documents prevent dumpster divers or other unwanted persons from accessing your documents. 

2. Regular Scheduled Service

You can improve your business document management with regularly scheduled shredding. A recurring schedule makes sure you stay on top of document destruction. For example, if you considered using paper shredders in-office, it’s easy to overlook regular shredding. This causes a buildup of paper documents to shred. Regularly scheduled service helps avoid this. You can schedule pick-ups based on your office’s needs. Our team will help you decide if weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly pick-ups are the best options for shredding services. Not to mention, we are always on time or we shred for free! Plus, with a secure paper waste management bin, there’s no disruption to you or your staff. At IntelliShred, our team retrieves the bin, empties it, and returns it.  

3. Customizable Service

Working with IntelliShred means you get a commercial paper shredding service that offers a customizable service. We understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to business document management. Companies that require regular service have the option of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance plans. Our team can help determine the best option for you based on volume. In contrast, your company may benefit more from a one-time shredding service. One-time or purge shredding is great for businesses looking to clean out old documents. It’s also helpful for annual audits or legal purposes. Whether you choose regular or one-time service, your office will see improvement in clutter. You’ll also see improvement in security from shredding paper documents.

4. Maintain Compliance

Improper handling of secure files will result in hefty fines for your company due to legal requirements. In 2003, the FACTA was created to ensure the privacy of client’s through the proper disposal of sensitive documents. This law requires businesses to destroy documents with client data after they were finished with it. Among the options for shredding services, working with a commercial paper shredding service is one of the best options for shredding services. 

IntelliShred takes your and your client’s security seriously. With our dependable staff, you can trust us to provide high-quality paper waste management. We even provide a Certificate of Destruction showing the number of documents shredded. 

5. Benefits the Environment

Our clients frequently ask us what we do with the documents after they’ve been shredded. IntelliShred cares about the environment, so we recycle after shredding paper documents. This shredded paper is recycled into ordinary household products. For example, it gets converted into paper towels or other paper products. This helps conserve trees as resources.  By using our commercial paper shredding service, you receive the benefits of decluttering, securing documents, and getting to help the environment. Plus, we know how to recycle right.

6. Destroy Other Materials

One of the benefits of choosing the right commercial paper shredding service is the option to dispose of other materials. At IntelliShred, we realize sensitive information is stored on more than paper. This is why we also offer products and e-waste destruction. If you have defective products or electronics, we can help dispose of them. We have a trained representative pick up the product(s) and take them for disposal. Our team makes sure to follow a strict chain of custody while the product is in our care. After disposal, you receive a Certificate of Destruction showing our compliance with all federal and state regulations. Plus, we make sure to take an environmentally-friendly approach to disposal whenever possible. 

7. Save Time

Some companies decide on using paper shredders in-office thinking they’ll save on the cost of commercial services. However, this process is not as efficient or cost-effective. As we said earlier, without regular and reliable paper shredding services, paper waste management falls to the wayside. Your team ends up with an overwhelming amount of paper products to take care of. This translates to the use of company resources, specifically employee time. Most in-office shredders can’t handle the same capacity as our machines. If you want to save time, thereby saving money, it’s worth the investment in a commercial paper shredding service.

Invest in a Commercial Paper Shredding Service

The decision to invest in a commercial paper shredding service will benefit your company by saving time, money, and resources. Avoid unnecessary clutter and excessive employee time when it comes to business document management. We know how important your client’s security is. So, gain peace of mind in knowing that your documents are being held securely and in compliance with federal laws with our company. If you want to start reaping the benefits that come with working with a top commercial paper shredding service, contact us today for a quote.