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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Document Shredding

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Document Shredding

Document shredding is a valuable tool many companies use to help streamline various tasks that otherwise waste company time and resources. With how easy it makes keeping documents and information safe, one wonder why a business would shy away from using these resources. The main reason is that some myths surrounding document shredding may deter some; keep reading to learn more about shredding as we debunk the falsehoods.

Storing Is Best

The time inevitably comes when paperwork begins to stack up, and companies need to do something to clear up the office. In these cases, some companies believe it is easier to keep the entirety of their documents and retain them in the office or designated storage space. However, storing paper documents wastes a large amount of valuable real estate that could be better used for a vital business function.

Moreover, storing documents is not the best option when protecting sensitive documents under privacy and security laws. There is a chance that these documents can be accessed by those who should not view them, whereas they would have no ability to do so if the business had destroyed the records.

Wastes Time

Companies and small businesses might turn their nose up at shredding if they falsely believe it is more time and effort than it’s worth. It’s true that when companies have employees shred documents, it can take several hours at a time. However, when you outsource your shredding to companies like IntelliShred, we help you safely, quickly, and effectively remove your extra documents. Moreover, we have mobile document shredding services, so you don’t have to transport your files; we come to you.

There’s No Need

Unfortunately, some companies believe it is unnecessary to shred and destroy their documents and data. However, that is a common myth about document shredding. It is highly useful and, in some cases, legally mandated. Companies that need to get rid of customer data must destroy those documents to the point that it the information is indecipherable.

Several privacy and security laws state that certain businesses must securely destroy their documents, and failure to abide by them can result in fines and audits by the Federal Trade Commission. When you partner with IntelliShred for your document shredding, you have peace of mind that we are taking care to destroy your materials safely and securely.