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How to Dispose of E-Waste and Electronic Scrap

Electronic Scrap

The electronic scrap or e-waste term is used to describe consumer and business electronic equipment that is no longer useful. If you can plug an item into an electrical outlet, or it contains circuit boards or chips, it is labeled as e-waste or electronic scrap.

Most of these products contain heavy metals which contaminate the environment if they’re not disposed of properly. Here are the most common e-waste items: computer monitors, printers, scanners, circuit boards, and cell phones.

E-waste materials can’t just be tossed in a landfill – there are laws which require the safe disposal of e-waste because it may contain hazardous substances which could seriously damage our environment and public health. The National Safety Council projects that mobile phones are discarded at a rate of 130 million per year and nearly 250 million computers will be obsolete in the next five years.

If these items are simply thrown into the garbage, secure and confidential information could get into the wrong hands. Protecting business and personal information is easier than you think – a professional destruction company can provide electronic data security by destroying these items for you. It’s also crucial for electronic scrap to be destroyed in compliance with current laws.

Our team of experts can handle secure disposal of any items you need – keep your business safe from data breaches and information theft with our small business fraud prevention shredding.

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