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Paper Shredding Companies That Come To Your Business: A Complete Guide

Data breaches are a very real threat to companies. Even before the internet became a common tool for the general public, criminals have been stealing sensitive data from both individuals and businesses alike. In fact, publicly-disclosed data breaches saw a huge increase in the 1980s.

You’d think that fraudsters focus solely on digital data now. But the fact is, many still prey on paper data.

So you must be diligent in disposing your papers properly, or else you risk your information falling into the wrong hands. For that, you can get your papers taken care of by paper shredding companies.

Want to learn more about the benefits of using a paper shredding company? Then read on. We’ll show you everything IntelliShred can do for you!

We Come to You

You might be concerned that you need to take precious time out of your business day to bring documents to shred to a professional company. However, that won’t be a worry when you work with IntelliShred.

We offer on-site shredding services so you don’t have to be concerned with transporting your documents in a safe and efficient manner. We’ll come to you with security containers on our mobile shredding trucks, which will reduce the chances of your documents ending up in the wrong hands. Y

our papers will go directly from your employees to ours. This not only ensures better security of your documents, but it also saves you time.

At the end of shredding, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. This proves that we’ve shredded and destroyed your papers in a safe and secure way. You can use this certificate as a unique selling point (USP) for your company, which can then give you a leg up on your competition.

One-Time Shred Purge

Have you come across a situation where you urgently need to shred a large volume of documents in one go? Then don’t stress, as we can do that for you!

This type of service is perfect for cleaning up your files on an annual basis or when you’re going through corporate reorganizations. It can also be ideal right after you’ve settled a legal issue and need that private data securely destroyed.

Regular Shredding

On the other hand, IntelliShred can also come regularly to shred papers so they don’t build up. We’ll come on a schedule of your choosing so it’ll be most convenient for your business. It can either be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.

You can also count on us to always be punctual, whether it’s a one-off job or regularly scheduled appointments. This will minimize disruption during your business day so you can be as productive as possible.

Other Benefits We Offer

You’ve seen that we can come on a one-time or regular basis. But what else can IntelliShred do for you and what sets us apart from our competition? Find out below!

Decades of Experience

IntelliShred has been serving the Tri-State area ever since 1999. This means we have over 21 years of experience, which means we’ve streamlined the process to not only be as efficient as possible, but also as secure as possible.

We understand that these documents hold some of your business’s most private data. This is why we’ll always treat it as if they were our own.

Complete Professionalism

Handling sensitive data requires the highest ethical standards. This is why IntelliShred has received our AAA Certification for shredding, which is the highest security rating possible. Also, we’re members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

We are so confident in our ability to shred your documents that we guarantee that your information is 100% irrecoverable.

Document Destruction Video

When other companies shred your documents, how can you be sure that they’re actually doing what they’re claiming to do?

For your peace of mind, we offer an active video screen on our mobile trucks. That way, you can stand outside the truck and watch in real-time as we destroy your papers. In fact, we encourage you to witness this, as it’ll help give you peace of mind that your papers are truly shredded.

Proprietary Handheld Scanners

To further secure your documents, we have come up with proprietary handheld scanners. These allow us to have complete control over the entire shredding process, as it enables us to have secure tracking for all papers we handle.

These are iPhone-based scanners that let us re-route if necessary. As a result, we can dispatch more trucks to more locations if needed.

Punctuality You Can Count On

Earlier, we said that you can count on us to always be punctual. You can definitely hold us to that, since we guarantee we’ll always be on time.

If we’re not, or if we miss your appointment for any reason, then we’ll shred your documents entirely free of charge! Do note that this is only for regularly scheduled services and not one-time shredding jobs.

Experience the Benefits of Paper Shredding Companies for Yourself

Now you know all about the benefits that paper shredding companies can offer you. In particular, IntelliShred offers professional and reliable services, plus we arrive in a timely fashion. We also have the credentials that prove we can handle all documents in a secure fashion.

Considering we guarantee our shredding services, we are one of the best commercial shredding companies you can turn to in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. So for convenient on-site, full-service document shredding, IntelliShred is the shredding company you need!

Would you like to get in touch with a paper shredding business that can give you these benefits? Then contact IntelliShred now.

Did you know the average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year? Now multiply that by the number of employees you have. The result might be staggering.

What are people printing? Many print emails or other documents. You’ll also want to keep paper copies of contracts, financial records, and more.

Even the most innocuous email can contain sensitive information, though. It should be clear why every organization needs a paper shredding business plan.

The Importance of a Paper Shredding Business Plan

With so much paper flying around the office, it’s clear why a document shredding business plan is important. You want to keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

More than that, you often have a legal responsibility to protect any sensitive data you have on hand. That might mean records that include employees’ names, addresses, and social security numbers.

It can also include paper records that have customer information. Just as you need to take precautions to protect digital data, you must also protect anything on hard copy. In the medical field, patient files must also be protected. Documents like legal contracts and financial reports may also have sensitive information. A printed email could leak proprietary information or contact information.

Clearly, it’s important to make sure any paper documents you have are being handled the right way. Shredding business documents is the best way to make sure this data stays safe.

The Components of a Good Document Shredding Business Plan

Now that you can see the importance of destroying paper business records the right way, it’s time to develop a plan. So, what does a good plan for shredding business documents look like? You’ll want to consider the following components.

Create Protocols for Printing and Shredding

Today, you don’t need to print most documents. In fact, a lot of the 10,000 pages your team members are printing go straight into the waste or the recycling.

This increases the risk that sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands. In this case, the best approach is preventive action. Ask your employees to consider which documents they need to print. Chances are they don’t need a hard copy of that email. Most documents can be backed up and stored more securely in digital format.

You may want to keep some documents, such as tax filings, in paper format. Go through a list of documents you normally keep in physical files. Ask if you need to keep filing all of them on paper, or if some of them can be switched to digital-only record-keeping.

Once you’ve done this, you can create protocols for printing that you can share with your employees. This can help you reduce the amount of paper and ink you use. It also reduces physical file storage and the need for document shredding.

You should also create a policy for what to do with documents once an employee has printed them. Even if you suggest people should think twice about printing an email, they might still print it. What should they do with it once they have?

You might create a shred-all policy. Every paper document must be shredded before it leaves the premise. If you have a selective shredding policy, employees assess which documents to shred and which ones to recycle.

Outline Retention Periods

You need to keep different types of documents on file longer than others. Examples include bank documents and job applications. You can destroy job applications after a few years, but bank documents need to be kept on hand longer.

Go through the types of documents you plan to keep paper records of. Determine the right length of time to keep them. Once you’ve decided on retention periods, you can set up a schedule to pull documents for shredding. You may schedule time once a month or even on an annual basis.

Create a Management Plan and Train Team Members

Now that you have all this information, you should create a document management plan. You may want to appoint someone to oversee storage and destruction of documents.

This person will be responsible for ensuring documents are stored the right way. They’ll also be responsible for pulling documents that have passed the retention period and can be destroyed.

Finally, you should create a plan for training every member of your team. They need to be aware of policies about document management, storage, and destruction. When everyone knows the proper procedures, it’s easier to ensure your data will be safe.

Set Up a Shredding Schedule with a Reliable Partner

Next, you’ll want to team up with a reliable partner to ensure your paper documents are shredded the right way. You’ll work with this business on a regular basis so paper documents can be disposed of in a safe and timely manner.

You can usually choose between mobile and offsite service. Offsite services shred your documents in a secure facility with thousands of other documents. Mobile services come to you and shred onsite.

You can choose to shred in-house. This may seem easier, as employees can shred their documents the moment they decide to get rid of them. This may not be time effective, as employees can sometimes spend hours every week shredding. It also may not be as secure as working with a provider. Before you team up with any paper shredding business, you’ll want to take a look at their process. How do they ensure your documents will be unidentifiable?

Manage Your Data the Right Way

A good paper shredding business plan is one step in the right direction for data management. With it, you can ensure compliance and keep your data safe.

You should also think about the management of your electronic records. If you’re looking for a provider who can help you manage all your records, it’s time to get in touch. Peace of mind about record security is close at hand.

X-Ray Disposal

According to the laws in most states, patient X-rays are supposed to be kept on file for seven years after the last date of treatment—the same requirement as for patient records. In general, healthcare providers are aware that minor patient X-rays need to be retained until the patient reaches age 25.

X-ray disposal is crucial to maintaining a patient’s privacy – especially their health information. However, because of patient privacy laws and EPA regulations, you can’t just throw X-rays in the trash. X-ray films must be destroyed in order to protect a patient’s health information.

There have been several recent amendments to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. These changes mandate that there be a more secure disposal of protected health information (PHI). The regulations behind HITECH state that all PHI, including all X-ray films, be securely destroyed before being disposed of.

HIPAA states that the responsibility of X-ray disposal falls into the hands of the physicians or health care facilities. Physicians or health care facilities can choose to have X-ray disposal either on-site or off-site, but it must be executed in a manner which protects the patient’s confidential information.

Other state-level rules and regulations may vary across the country and penalties for non-compliance can be harsh. It’s been noted that in some states, they mandate that there should be a notification and response from patients before the destruction of their X-rays. Before you begin moving towards destruction, it is extremely important to understand and adhere to your state’s regulations regarding X-ray disposal.

There are several methods of X-ray disposal. They include shredding, burning, or pulverizing them so they become unreadable and can’t be reconstructed. Small office shredders are certainly not fit for destroying X-rays and the films have hazardous material that cannot be legally disposed of in landfills.

There’s another reason X-rays should be properly destroyed. Dental, medical and veterinary X-ray films can cause harm to the environment if they are not disposed of in the right way. These films or remnants of them should not be disposed of into the waste stream as they contain silver, which is a heavy metal that can contaminate the environment.

The most secure way to destroy X-rays is to hire a professional services, like our commercial shredding services. Utilizing this type service is the most efficient and cost-effective way to destroy X-rays and other important health documents or records. These services can be customized to meet your destruction needs, but should also include a HIPAA Business Associate agreement and an immediate certificate of destruction.

x-ray disposal filmRecycling Personal X-Ray Film

While doctor offices and hospitals are required to dispose of x-rays properly, people who received copies of their x-rays may not know that they can’t throw them in the trash. Recycling x-ray film is a good way to protect your identity, but it’s also good for the environment. If you have old x-rays taking up storage space in your house, it may be time to recycle them.

Even if you think you don’t need your old x-rays anymore, contact your doctor to confirm that you can destroy them. If you plan to move or change doctors, it may be in your best interest to keep your x-rays to share with your new doctor. If your injury is connected to a lawsuit, you may need to keep your x-rays for legal purposes.

If your doctor says you no longer need them, they may offer to dispose of your x-rays for you. You can also remove your personal information from the x-ray and donate it to a school. Otherwise, the best way to know your information is safe is to dispose of your x-rays yourself.

You may think you can run your old x-ray through your home shredder, but the materials in x-rays can destroy your shredder. X-rays are made from PET plastics and silver, which are toxic in certain quantities. Many states legally require the proper disposal of x-rays since they can cause significant harm to the environment.

Disposing of x-rays goes beyond shredding them. The materials used to make x-rays are valuable. If you’re interested in protecting the environment, recycled x-ray film can be used for future x-rays once all personal information is destroyed.  Working with a document elimination company is the best option to get rid of your x-rays in an environmentally-friendly way. That’s why we offer one-time document shredding services to help you get rid of your x-rays responsibly.

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IntelliShred is a leading professional shredding company that maintains HIPAA & HITECH compliance. We will ensure that your patient’s healthcare information is fully-protected by destroying and disposing of your X-rays. Upon completion, we will give you an official “Certificate of Destruction” for your records. Our fleet of high-tech, mobile shredding trucks will shred your confidential X-rays right at your location. We provide X-ray disposal services to medical offices and medical providers in the tri-state area.

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