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Bulk Paper Shredding – Safe, Secure, & Easy

bulk paper shredding

Bulk Paper Shredding

Secure information disposal is critical to any business. Do it badly and you open yourself up to legal issues, bad publicity, and problems with regulators or the law. There are numerous stories worldwide in which unsuspecting members of the public find personal or confidential information in the trash. Worse still, this information is discovered by those seeking it for nefarious purposes.

Shredding is the proven way of disposing of paper records securely to help safeguard confidential information. It is secure, it is clean, it is efficient. And it’s better for the environment than landfill or incineration, which is hardly an option for most organizations in built-up regions.

IntelliShred has over two decades of experience helping organizations dispose of paper records securely. We know this business and we’re available right now with our bulk paper shredding services to help you destroy paper records securely.

If your requirements are urgent, get in touch with us straight away. We can help you with a planned, one-off purge as part of a digitization process, a general clear out, or an annual file clean up. Perhaps you’ve finalized an audit of litigation cases and need these sensitive files destroyed securely? Or maybe you’re clearing out as a result of a re-organization, relocation or consolidation? Whatever the reason, IntelliShred can help with your bulk paper shredding. Rest assured, our experts will not leave anything behind after a paper disposal process.

The problems with in-house disposal

An office paper shredder may be adequate for small batches. It’s not going to be cost-effective, however, to have an employee feeding paper in, emptying bins, and unblocking the jams for large quantities. On top of that, many office shredders have a problem with bindings, laminate covers, and notebook spirals. Add removing binding, spirals, and laminates to the time it will take your employees to prepare the items for destruction. Anything more than a few dozen batches is going to cost you time and money.

Also, office shredders often only shred vertically. Information shredded this way is recoverable. If you put the paper waste in your regular trash or recycling, you cannot guarantee that the information is irretrievable.

Imagine that you accidentally shredded winning lottery numbers using a typical desktop shredder. Could you put the ticket back together again? Our industrial and professional shredders, however, cut across as well as down making your documents 100% unrecoverable, so keep hold of your lottery tickets when you get in touch with us.

Why IntelliShred is the smarter choice

Bulk paper shredding is one of our specialisms. Our scale means that quantity isn’t a problem. We can handle the shredding needs of large educational establishments, such as universities, government agencies and their departments, and large corporations who may be moving toward electronic archiving from heavy, paper-based systems. In the insurance, legal, or medical service industries, paper remains a reliable and efficient way of operating, but only safe and secure destruction will protect the public and the organizations involved.

Even relatively small businesses benefit from professional document disposal and shredding services. We are happy to accommodate modest batches from small organizations and firms.

How IntelliShred’s options for bulk paper shredding suit every situation

We offer one-off shredding or a regularly scheduled service. For bulk paper shredding, we can provide a one-time visit to destroy documents on-site. Put your documents in a bag or use one of our security containers to minimize the risk of unauthorized access before we receive it. Our trucks will arrive and can shred the materials right there and then. You can view the whole process, from collection to loading into the vehicles, and the shredding process itself live on TV monitors. Our trucks have cameras in the shredding area to give you proof that we’ve destroyed the documents and that they are 100% non-recoverable.

IntelliShred has AAA certification with NAID, the National Association for Information Destruction. You can be confident that our systems comply with the absolute highest industry standards. Say goodbye to your sensitive documents and hello to peace of mind and full compliance with the law.