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Top 5 Reasons to Destroy Old Hard Drives

destroy old hard drives

Most companies need a reliable system for getting rid of documents and old equipment. Data breaches and identity theft are some of the biggest problems you can run into when old data is not disposed of properly. Many businesses have information stored on hard drives and on documents that can compromise even the most trusted of companies.

When it comes to hard drives, people incorrectly assume they can chop up, crush, or burn the devices to make them unusable. Not so. Believe it or not, information on those old hard drives can be stolen even if the equipment is damaged. Don’t destroy old hard drives yourself. Leave hard drive destruction to the professionals.

Here are the top 5 reasons to destroy old hard drives:

#1 Data Is Destroyed Permanently

Even when you think data has been destroyed on old hard drives, it is still there. Deleting files does not rid your computer of them – they are still in the hard drive and can easily be recovered by hackers or thieves.

IntelliShred guarantees the destruction of old hard drives. We put them through industrial-strength shredders that reduce them to thousands of pieces. This is the only way to ensure there is no chance of any data recovery.

#2 Be In Compliance And Avoid Fines

Today, every company must comply with many things. Data storage media is just one of them. You don’t want your company to be the next involved in a security breach – this could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

Sensitive information needs to be disposed of properly. Once we complete our hard drive destruction services, we provide you with a certificate of destruction. This certificate verifies that you have done everything within regulatory compliance.

#3 Keep Your Workplace In Top Shape

The last thing your company needs are old hard drives taking up space. Valuable time is wasted when you take on the task of destroying old hard drives. And data will still be recoverable. Leaving old equipment sitting in closets or storerooms makes them vulnerable to theft or electronic breaches.

With IntelliShred, however, your worries are over. Let us help you to free up workspace to generate more income for you. This is why it’s always safer to turn to us for reliable and verifiable old hard drive destruction.

#4 You Have A Reputation To Protect

You have built your company on trustworthy ethical standards. Nothing less will do. When you don’t destroy old hard drives, the data could fall into the wrong hands. That data breach could be substantial and costly.

Corporate information management 101 – keep your company’s private information private. You have customers to protect and they rely on your good services to keep their information safe and away from those who would love to attain it for illegal purposes.

#5 Be Assured That All Data Is Removed

With our data destruction services, all data becomes unrecoverable. You cannot just throw away hard drives or damage them where you think they are destroyed. Even if you are a small company, your private data can impact larger business partners and lead to many unanticipated problems.

Data breaches and security leaks compromise people every day. Don’t take risks when it comes to your company’s sensitive data. Don’t attempt physical destruction of hard drives on your own. You need high-security data destruction machines that will ensure company data is destroyed.

If you are looking for a reliable company to handle your business’s hard drive disposal, be sure to contact us today. We destroy old hard drives and more and ensure that your company is in total regulatory compliance.