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What can a Document Shredding Truck do for You?

document shredding truck

Document Shredding Truck

Many companies and businesses have numerous interactions with clients or customers. This often leads to a buildup of paper resulting from storing client data or transaction information.

In many states the law requires such sensitive information to be handled and destroyed in a certain way in order to prevent information leaks and identity theft. A very convenient way of doing this is by hiring our document shredding truck. We offer our top of the line professional paper shredding services for all types of businesses and companies. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

1) Convenience

Our document shredding truck will come right to your door step. You do not have to worry about transporting your documents to other sites for shredding. This way all sensitive information will be shredded in your presence.

Our shredding services are convenient for clients who generate a lot of paper waste on a daily or weekly basis. We can shred tons of paper in as little as an hour.

You will also save on additional costs resulting from using an office shredder, such as: purchase of disposal bags, electricity cost, repair cost and even costs of purchasing additional office shredders.

2). Secure and environmentally friendly shredding services.

We offer assurance your documents will be securely shredded. Shredding is carried out by our company personnel. This reduces the chances of information leakage within the office.

Once shredded your company papers are co-mingled with other company’s shredded documents. This eliminates the risk of information being reconstructed. All shredded paper is stored in a secure lock bin until it gets to the recycling center. It is then recycled and becomes part of environmentally friendly cycle. No need to burn or litter and degrade the environment.

3). Improves productivity.

You get to save your employees a lot of time that would be wasted shredding papers. They get to focus their energy and time on income generating activities.

4). Documentation

Once we complete our shredding job, we will issue you a Certificate of Destruction to show you have complied to all legal requirements related to disposal of sensitive information. This document can be used in case of any legal issues.

5). Pocket friendly rates.

By hiring us, you will enjoy fast efficient shredding at a pocket friendly rate. Our staff is competent and will offer you privacy and keep your documents secure throughout the process.

So next time you are in the market for a document shredding truck service, contact us, and take advantage of our top of the line services.