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E-Waste Pickup – Save the Environment by Eliminating E-Waste

e-waste pickup

E-Waste Pickup

Whether it’s cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, our fast-paced world is always eager advance to a better technology, year after year. Electronics have always produced waste, but in recent years, the rate at which we use and discard devices has rapidly increased.

For every person who purchased a cell phone last year, their device should still be working up to par – so then why replace a perfectly good, recent model with the newest one? Whatever the device, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or TVs, the fact that consumers are replacing them so quickly causes a significant increase in e-waste, thus a need in e-waste pickup.

This constant accumulation of e-waste is difficult to ignore and it’s becoming yet another threat to our environment. E-waste is a global issue that impacts ecological systems and if not disposed of properly, they could cause a whole host of other issues. Electronic devices often contain a variety of hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and silver and these toxins can pollute the soil and drinking water supply, which makes e-waste pickup a vital service.

Because of its impact on the ecosystem, the increase in e-waste cannot be ignored. The right way to stop e-waste from accumulating is to reduce, reuse, recycle or destroy it. Companies and consumers can eliminate electronic waste by destroying it through an e-waste pickup and destruction service.

Electronic waste needs to be handled in the most environmentally responsible manner. Companies need to find a service provider with the right expertise with the proper disposal process. For compliance purposes, you must ensure that the vendor you choose to hire meets all federal, state and local regulations for proper e-waste pickup and disposal. The destruction process should be secure, convenient and compliant from end to end, see our mobile hard drive shredding service as an example.

At IntelliShred, we are proud that our e-waste pickup services we offer help save the environment. We have state of the art mobile shredding and destruction trucks that are equipped to handle whatever documents or electronics you need to destroy. We are able to shred and destroy on site, right in front of your eyes. Our past clients are not only satisfied with us, they recommend us to their colleagues. Contact us today for more information on our services and find out more about how we can help save the environment together.