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Secure E-Waste Disposal: What To Destroy and Why

secure e-waste disposal

Secure E-Waste Disposal

There are many new terms used to describe electronic equipment that is no longer useful to a business or an individual consumer. Recently, the term “e-waste” is more commonly used to describe these specific items and some of their components.

There are several trends which contribute to the growing amount of e-waste. Our society has officially entered the global information era where it’s critical to protect proprietary information. With the constant increase in the sheer number of users and even faster advances in technology, e-waste has become a problem we can no longer ignore.

Today, most people own more than one information and communication technology (ICT) device. A recent study by The National Safety Council predicts that smart phones are discarded at a rate of 170 million per year and that nearly 300 million computers will become obsolete very soon. The life cycles for or mobile phones and computers have shortened and because of technological advances, people are replacing their devices and equipment at a faster rate. Recent data also suggests that the amount of global e-waste generated will increase substantially over the next decade.

E-waste materials can’t just be tossed in a landfill – there are regulations which govern secure e-waste disposal because it typically contains hazardous substances which could seriously damage our environment and the health of the public.

To determine if you have e-waste, just ask these three important questions:

  1. Can you plug this item into an electrical outlet or power source?
  2. Does it contain any circuit boards or memory chips?
  3. Did you use it to store confidential or sensitive information?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then you have e-waste on your hands. Remember, most of these products and their components contain hazardous materials, like heavy metals which can seriously harm the environment if they’re not disposed of properly.

Here’s a list of the most common e-waste items:

– All smart devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Fitbits, Kindles, Nooks, Amazon Fire Tablet, etc.)
– Virtual Reality gear
– Virtual Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)
– Computers/CPUs/Monitors
– Laptops
– Photocopiers
– Printers/Scanners/Fax machines
– Stereos/Radios
– MP3 players (or iPods)
– CDs/DVDs
– Televisions/VCRs
– Cameras
– CD players/DVD players
– Video game consoles
– Portable speakers
– Security cameras
– Professional and personal drones
– Modems and routers
– GPS Devices

It’s best for your company or household to seek out a professional secure e-waste disposal service to assist you with your e-waste. It’s obvious that your confidential information could get into the wrong hands if the item is simply discarded. There are several federal and state regulations in place which govern secure e-waste disposal, so it’s best to adhere to them in order for your business to remain compliant.

Protecting business and personal information is easier than you think – a professional secure e-waste disposal service can provide proper destruction of these items for you.

At IntelliShred, our highly-qualified team of experts can handle the safe, secure e-waste disposal you need – we’ll help keep your business safe from data breaches and information theft. We’ve spent many years helping our customers protect their confidential information. Please contact us today for more information on how we can assist you. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!