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Five Paper Shredding Myths to Clear Up

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5 Shredding Myths – Shredder Alternative

Like any new process that’s being implemented at your workplace, there can be confusion and/or hesitations as to whether there’s value in the procedure or not. When it comes to paper shredding, it’s no different; many residents and companies are not clear in regards to its importance and effectiveness as a shredder alternative.

At IntelliShred we want to address these common misconceptions, and hopefully provide the clarity you need in recognizing the importance behind secure paper shredding as an office shredder alternative.

1) Your business isn’t big enough to need a shredding service
The size of your business should not dictate whether you should be starting a shredding program. Typically most offices will go through thousands of sheets of paper each year, most of which contain confidential information surrounding your employees, company and customers.   Unless your business has gone paperless, which is highly unlikely, you need to properly destroy any unwanted documents containing private details (or alternatively, use a secure records storage service).

2) Staff will use the office shredder
Sure, it may get used sporadically when an employee has extra time, but often days get busy enough with regular job duties and therefore shredding is put aside. Furthermore, due to the time involved in feeding documents through an office shredder, employees aren’t overly motivated to do it. Documents left lying around usually wind up in the garbage bin or recycling bin because it’s convenient; this puts your business at a considerable security risk.

3) Your business is compliant if you have an office shredder
Unless shredded documents are being recorded and monitored regularly, there is no legal proof that you are complying with state privacy laws should your business experience an audit. IntelliShred will always provide you with documentation that states your information has been shred in accordance with the law. Gain peace of mind in knowing that you are 100% protected from legal liabilities with this shredder alternative.

4)   No one will sort through your trash
Contrary to popular belief, this occurs more often than you would think. Once documents leave your hands and make their way to the dumpster, anything you have tossed away is considered fair game to the general public to see/take. Unfortunately dumpster diving is a common act that takes place here in Princeton and the rest of the U.S, where individuals or even competitors, though not ethical behavior, steal juicy information about your marketing plans and/or customers. Such an incident can be damaging to company’s reputation and may lead to lost business and fines.

5)   Outsourcing paper shredding is too costly

When your paper shredding needs are handled by qualified document destruction specialists, your company actually saves time and money! Consider the time involved in operating an office shredder; it doesn’t exactly contribute to business growth, in fact it takes away from work productivity. What might take hours for an employee to destroy, can be completed in a matter of minutes with IntelliShred. Office shredders are not built for ongoing, excessive shredding and breakdown if they are overused. The hassle and replacement costs alone are simply not worth it when compared to professional services as a shredder alternative.

IntelIiShred provides NJ organizations with reliable and secure paper shredding solutions that are completed right at your location.  Contact us today to arrange a convenient pick-up schedule, or a one-time purge service.  Call us at 1-866-747-3360