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Security Breaches: If You’re Not Shredding Confidential Information, You Are at Risk

shredding confidential information

Shredding Confidential Information

Today’s business environment is challenging enough without the fear of an information security breach, or outright identity theft. Information security has become a necessity for every business that handles confidential information. Regardless of the industry or the size of your company, these privacy threats are very real, and can be quite challenging to overcome.

Even though these threats can affect every business, according to several reports, the following sectors have been known to be the most at risk: Healthcare, Business, Educational, Financial, and Government. For these businesses, the destruction and disposal of paper and other information storage items must be secure.

Whether you work in a school, a medical office or a financial services firm, it’s important that your business has a strict information security policy. It’s essential to also remind your employees to adhere to the company’s confidential information disposal practices.

Businesses should be shredding confidential information on a regular basis.
There is proprietary information, like price lists, research, proposals and bids, email lists, customer information, if stolen or neglected can be a tremendous loss. Not disposing of hard drives or paper documents properly can also expose your business to horrible consequences.

Sensitive documents should be destroyed according to schedule.
Typically a business will keep documents for a number of years, but in order to remain compliant, they must follow the governing legal requirements for privacy. When the retention period is over for confidential information, all records should be destroyed.

Even ordinary business records should be destroyed.
Identity thieves and industry competitors could monitor your daily success if they get access to your daily trash. Records and memos, including misprints, drafts and other important information can get into the wrong hands causing total mayhem. There are dire consequences for not shredding confidential information.

Recycling is not acceptable for sensitive or confidential data.
Recycling companies often use un-screened, minimum wage workers to extract paper from recycling facilities. The workers must labor extensively to sort through paper. Often, these conditions are not closely monitored. The acceptable paper is stored for indefinite periods of time until there is enough type of that paper to sell in bulk quantities to post-recycling entities. The sorted paper is sold, still intact, to the highest bidder. These buyers are often overseas and can store the baled paper for weeks or months until it is used to make recycled consumer goods.

Choose a Reliable Document Destruction Company
It’s best to choose a certified product destruction company which provides a certificate of destruction, which gives your business compliance with federal guidelines. A professional and accredited shredding confidential information service is ideal, because if an identity theft case ever surfaces, your business could be held liable. Most companies provide certificates of destruction which prove that the process was executed properly.

The benefits of hiring a professional shredding service are clear – shredding confidential information services are the safest and most effective means avoiding the many information security risks. It’s absolutely crucial to put safeguards in place that will protect your business. IntelliShred has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Contact us today on how we can assist you. 1-866-747-3360