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A Guide to E-Waste Pickup Services in the Tri-State Area

Getting the latest and greatest device is always an exciting time, but it leaves a trail of outdated and unwanted hardware. Not only does this take up space, but getting rid of it is more complex than a trip to the trash can.

Proper e-waste disposal reduces the impact of electronics on the environment. It stops all the toxic fluids and broken glass from getting where it shouldn’t. The only way for e-waste disposal to work, though, is with a proper place for e-waste disposal.

We here at IntelliShred pride ourselves in serving the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania areas for all their e-waste pickup needs. Let us dive deeper into the importance of proper e-waste disposal.

Global E-Waste Issues

Whether it’s cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, our fast-paced world is always eager advance to a better technology, year after year. Electronics have always produced waste, but in recent years, the rate at which we use and discard devices has rapidly increased.

For every person who purchased a cell phone last year, their device should still be working up to par – so then why replace a perfectly good, recent model with the newest one? Whatever the device, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or TVs, the fact that consumers are replacing them so quickly causes a significant increase in e-waste, thus a need in e-waste pickup.

This constant accumulation of e-waste is difficult to ignore and it’s becoming yet another threat to our environment. E-waste is a global issue that impacts ecological systems and if not disposed of properly, they could cause a whole host of other issues. Electronic devices often contain a variety of hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and silver and these toxins can pollute the soil and drinking water supply, which makes e-waste pickup a vital service.

Electronic waste needs to be handled in the most environmentally responsible manner. Companies need to find a service provider with the right expertise with the proper disposal process. For compliance purposes, you must ensure that the vendor you choose to hire meets all federal, state and local regulations for proper e-waste pickup and disposal. The destruction process should be secure, convenient and compliant from end to end, see our mobile hard drive shredding service as an example.

e-waste pickup servicesThe Precautions to Take Before E-Waste Disposal

No matter the reason for disposing of any piece of electronics, the first step to proper e-waste disposal is to take some precautions. Electronics use fragile pieces that can be sharp and hazardous if broken. Not to mention any liquids in screens or batteries.

Before you take your e-waste to a disposal site, check these 3 major parts.

1. Cover Leaks and Dangerous Materials

The first issue is dealing with any obvious danger that the electronic might possess. If you are only upgrading an intact and working piece of equipment, this step can be simple and easy. If you are replacing something broken, then make sure to take care.

Gather up any broken glass into a hard container. If you use a flimsy bag, it may cut through, so even a plastic bin can work wonders for busted monitors and such.

If there are any leaking fluids, make sure to contain the object as soon as possible into a tight and sealed container. Make sure to clean up any leaks outside of the container, using gloves and disposable cleaning rags. Double-check the potential toxicity of an item before touching it with your hands.

2. Clear Your Data

We do so much on our phones and computers. Anything that once had financial or personal information needs clearing of any data. If you can’t access the data because the item has too much damage, then talk with the professionals at your e-waste disposal site.

3. Organize Similar Items Together

After the hazards, make sure to organize the items as well as you can. This means putting together similar products, like phones with phones. You also should keep all the individual pieces of a single electronic together. Any cords or batteries that went with the electronics should go together. This helps the e-waste pickup attendants to make the process smooth and simple.

Finding An E-Waste Pickup Site Near You

Now that your items are safe and in one place, where do you take it? Finding the right retailer or government facility that can take e-waste can be time-consuming. Instead, trusting to a specialized e-waste disposal company like us at IntelliShred helps you know where you can go. We have locations in New Jersey and beyond, each armed with the best tools and personnel on hand to get rid of your electronics and any sensitive data left on them.

Getting The Best Disposal With Intellishred

When you are replacing your next tech gadget, you now know the best way to get rid of it safely, securely, and quickly. Find your nearest e-waste pickup site and get back to enjoying the best in electronics. For all of your questions, from site locations to the best waste organization, we at IntelliShred are happy to help. Contact us today for more information.

More than 50% of iPhone users upgrade their phones as soon as their provider allows it. That’s usually two years after their previous upgrade. The phones that we ditch when we upgrade are usually perfectly usable. We’ve come to see electronic items as disposable; ready to be replaced as soon as something new appears.

There’s a problem with this, however: it’s generating a large amount of electronic scrap.

What Is Electronic Scrap?

Electronic scrap refers to any unwanted commercial or personal electronic equipment. This can include items such as phones, computers, printers, monitors, and more.
These kinds of items can’t just be thrown away with the rest of your trash. That’s because they can contain hazardous substances such as heavy metals or combustible material that could cause a health hazard.  Another issue with throwing away items such as computers is that they could contain personal or business information that could easily fall into the wrong hands.

All the data in discarded electronic devices must be destroyed to ensure your business and your clients are safe. Even if the device appears to be destroyed or is simply not working this does not mean that the data has also been destroyed. Confidential data may remain in CPUs and internal hard drives. Many businesses also discard external hard drives, often because they become defective. However, the data on hard drives remains recoverable with the right technology and know-how. Even hard drives that do not work and are physically damaged pose a risk to your security because the data remains accessible.It’s not enough to discard electronic devices if they may contain storage. They must be destroyed safely and securely. At IntelliShred, we can process your electronic scrap to give you peace of mind and protect your business and clients.

How To Get Rid Of Electronic Scrap

E-waste materials can’t just be tossed in a landfill – there are laws which require the safe disposal of e-waste because it may contain hazardous substances which could seriously damage our environment and public health. The National Safety Council projects that mobile phones are discarded at a rate of 130 million per year and nearly 250 million computers will be obsolete in the next five years.


As we have seen, people often get rid of phones that are only two years old and still in perfect working order. If you have a fairly new piece of electronic equipment, you may be able to sell it. You can use online marketplaces, or there are websites that specialize in purchasing used electronics. Admittedly this is only passing the problem of disposal to someone else, but it makes sense that the item gets used for as long as it can.


If your electronic items are a little older, you may not be able to sell them for much money. In this case, you should consider donating them. There are plenty of charities who would appreciate your donation.

A Certified Electronic Scrap Disposal Company

If you have confidential data on your device, then find a certified electronic scrap disposal company.

It’s critical to destroy confidential information before discarding your devices. By working with IntelliShred, you can ensure that your confidential information is physically destroyed. You should note that formatting a drive does not destroy all your confidential information. It prepares a drive to be written on again and it can make the data harder to access, but it is not irrecoverable. The only way to ensure that your data cannot be recovered is to physically destroy the drive.

IntelliShred uses cutting-edge technology and practices to ensure that we destroy e-waste with 100% success. We have many years of data destruction experience so you can rely on us to make sure that your e-waste is discarded securely.

Don’t leave it to chance. Career criminals are actively looking for e-waste for opportunities for fraud, ransom, and identity theft. And data lost accidentally is still lost data, which can lead to the erosion of trust and your reputation within the industry. Leave it to IntelliShred to safeguard your data with our secure the waste disposal service.

It’s by far the safest option.

Stack of used laptops for recycle , white background

We Can Answer Your Questions

For more information on what you need to destroy, why, and how, please get in touch with us. Our experienced professionals are looking forward to providing you with the information you need. We’ll make sure your business is secure and reduce your risk of data protection problems and fines.

If you need bulk waste disposal due to changes in regulations, relocation, or any other reason, we can handle anything you throw at us. If your business is more likely to need occasional or regular waste disposal, we can offer a flexible service.

While businesses differ, the need to destroy confidential information is universal. We understand what is required and we can get the job done. Our team of experts can handle secure disposal of any items you need – keep your business safe from data breaches and information theft with our small business fraud prevention shredding. Contact us today for more information.

You’ve been in business for several years now. And your pile of “important documents” is proof of that. Of course, many of those documents are now outdated and no longer needed. And that means it’s time to having a shredding party. The good news? You don’t have to be the one to throw the party. Instead, you can leave that task to a document shredding party, thus freeing up your time for more important tasks related to your business.

Maybe your business needs to shred large volumes of documents, or maybe you need to prevent data breaches. Either way, here’s a rundown on the benefits of paper shredding in Montgomery County, PA.

Document Shredding Benefits

A local shredding service offers the benefit of saving you valuable time. That’s because paper shredding is actually a more time-consuming process than it might look like on the surface.

First, you have to remove staples and paper clips. Then, you have to straighten your paper sheets. Afterward, you must clean up your paper particles and dispose of your shredded paper. Finally, you have to dispose of your shredded paper.

If you’re the one handling all of these duties, this will suck valuable time away from other important business management tasks. Or, if you assign this task to one of your employees, they won’t be focusing on generating money for your company during this time. With a paper shredding company, you can boost your own productivity as well as your staff’s. And this is exactly what you want for your bottom line.

Additional Benefits of Document Shredding Services

Another essential reason to hire a document shredding service? They’ll help you to uphold your obligation to keep your clients’ information private.

The FACTAthe HIPAA, and the GLB Act all enforce standards related to maintaining the privacy of patient or client information. Part of this process is disposing of people’s sensitive information properly.

Fortunately, a shredding service can help you to destroy sensitive information in a manner that complies with today’s privacy protection laws. On top of that, receiving a destruction certificate can serve as proof that you destroyed your clients’ information, as well as when and how you did it.

If you fail to shred your business’s important documents properly, this could do damage to your company’s reputation. That’s because your information might end up in the wrong person’s hands. This, in turn, may cause your clients or patients to stop trusting you.

After all, in today’s social media world, it’s easy for news of a privacy breach to spread like wildfire. With a professional shredding company, you can rest assured that your documents will be destroyed according to strict procedures every time.

Additional Considerations

In some states, statutes forbid businesses from recycling essential documents for specific amounts of time.

As an example, you may have to hold onto your employees’ pay stubs for one year or more before shredding them. This is important to make sure that the stubs match their W2 forms for tax filing. Likewise, if you issue a credit card statement, you shouldn’t shred the statement until 45 days after you issued it.

If you hire a paper shredding service, they can help you to remain in compliance with such requirements while shredding your documents. They’ll help you to determine the most appropriate times for getting rid of your confidential information in a secure way. Finally, when you choose to use a paper shredding service, you could say that your company is essentially a “green” business. Why?

Because recycling papers contributes to creating a healthier planet. By using a company to destroy your papers and recycle them for you, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint. It’s one of the easiest ways for your business to take part in today’s popular eco-friendly movement.

How Paper Shredding in Montgomery County PA Takes Place

To maximize security, we don’t ask you to risk moving your confidential information. We don’t remove it from your location either. Instead, we come to you at a scheduled time and destroy your paperwork on-site.

When you work with IntelliShred, you will receive one or more of our secure containers. Your staff will fill these, until one of our representatives arrives to take care of the documents. He or she will take your documents to our mobile shredding vehicle. We invite you to watch the destruction process as it happens via CCTV.

Not only can you watch the destruction of your confidential information, but we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. This will detail how much we destroyed and when. Displaying or providing this document can be a good way to reassure your clients that you care about their security and that ensure the safety of their information.

There are many reasons to destroy your confidential information with Montgomery County PA paper shredding.

  • Remove the need for cumbersome storage containers. Some of our clients have freed up valuable real estate by getting rid of confidential information rather than storing it.
  • Remove the doubt over what would happen if the confidential information should fall into the wrong hands.
  • Changes in the law may require your business to destroy confidential information fast.
  • Destroying documents can help a business protect its ideas and trade secrets

Whatever the reason, you can rely on IntelliShred to provide prompt and professional Montgomery County PA paper shredding. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

More and more Montgomery County PA businesses are taking their data security responsibilities seriously. Doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. By working with IntelliShred, you can customize the scope and frequency of your document destruction.

Our Montgomery County paper shredding services are flexible enough to be customized for you and your staff. Typically, our representatives can visit your premises bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. If you require a different schedule, just let us know what we can do for you.

While many of our clients decide to use our regular scheduled document destruction service, we also offer one-time shredding or purge shredding. This service has been especially useful for businesses performing annual cleanup of documents, moving locations, or responding to changes in legislation.

If you would like to talk with someone about what constitutes confidential information and what needs to be destroyed, it’s our business to understand the legislation. We will be happy to guide you regarding legal considerations.

Some businesses choose to simplify the protection of their clients by routinely shredding all paper documents, rather than identifying only the truly critical, confidential data. The latter approach tends to be laborious, puts a lot of responsibility onto individual staff, and opens the door to human error. This is why many businesses we work with opt for a shred-all approach. And this does not have to break the bank. Our efficiency could save your business money; our reliability could save your business.

Whichever service you need and for whatever reasons, you can rely on us to get the job done. We have a proven record of reliable paper shredding in Montgomery County PA. Get in touch with us today so that we can provide our expert paper shredding services for your Montgomery County business and help keep you and your clients secure.