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Month: November 2020

Why You Should Protect Your Business from Corporate Identity Theft

Do You Have Corporate Identity Theft Protection? There are many types of corporate identity theft, but the most common is a cyberattack. This type of attack involves a hacker that is able to steal company information by hacking into a server or... read more

NAID Certified Shredding And Why It Matters

NAID Certified Shredding With internet fraud and identity threats on an upsurge, data security and privacy are getting more complicated. A 2018 study says that the average cost of confidential records being stolen or lost is around $148 per record,... read more

5 Reasons To Use Secure Hard Drive Destruction Services

Secure hard drive destruction services should be your priority as a business, but even as an individual. It's easy to find an answer to "how" but are you ready to know why you should wipe a hard drive (HDD)? Most people might assume that... read more