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10 Reasons You Should Choose On Site Document Destruction

Hiring an on site document destruction service is something you should consider regardless of your industry, company, or organization.

Large databases of paper and electronic files offer many challenges to both your productivity and legal department.

In the following article, we’ll be delving into why hiring one on-site makes all the sense in the world. Let’s begin!

1. Shredding Is Not Core To Your Business

Onsite paper shredding services have arisen in popularity in recent years. That’s partly because many businesses are tired of focusing their energy and efforts on things that are not central to their business.

Think about why you started your company or choose to work and manage people within it. You didn’t do it to propagate busywork. You wanted to change your industry and leave an impact on the world. For the vast majority of companies and organizations, shredding documents accomplishes no part of that. However, it remains necessary, and that’s where onsite services can be handy.

2. Going Offsite Raises Security Concerns

Trusting bulk document destruction to an offline facility puts your company and its customers at risk. Many documents are innocuous enough, but you’re destined to collect a lot of personal information over the years.

If the destruction of said documents is done offsite with zero supervision, you’re pretty much trusting the vendor not to lose anything or be negligent with the information. That can be a rather costly move all the way around.

3. Onsite Destruction Guarantees Nothing Is Missed

With an on-site shredding service, you guarantee nothing is missed that will compromise trade secrets, customer information, or other vital details. You can organize the files and oversee their destruction without taking time away from your daily tasks.

It is difficult to have those guarantees when you just have the stuff hauled away to a private facility or landfill. Getting the same peace of mind would require sending a supervisor to oversee the task. That isn’t a practical solution when you are trying to maximize your employees’ efforts.

4. Shredding Services Eliminate Employee Safety Concerns

An on-site shredding company typically works within its own safety protocols. Any harm or injury that might come from working around dangerous equipment is also insured for your protection.

This is not the case when you take the tasks on yourself. You can either work with very small shredder systems, which takes a lot more time to accomplish, or you have to invest in heavier equipment and facilities to make sure the job is done right. These larger systems require more safety and precautions.

5. They Save Money

Document shredding on-site is a relatively inexpensive service. For every document you shred yourself (or task to your employees), you are essentially paying payroll wages and higher salaries for the task.

As a result, you will save money every time you hire a quality document shredding service to handle the task for you. Since said service doesn’t have to haul the materials away, it will limit the amount of labor that can drive your costs through the roof. Just be certain to get a quote ahead of time that entails the full range of the company’s services.

6. Bring Convenience

Onsite shredding companies are convenient. They show up with everything they need to do the job. They don’t require you to purchase, keep, and maintain the equipment necessary.

One phone call is all it typically takes. You direct them toward the job at hand. Then, they do the rest. The normal workflow of your business goes uninterrupted as the service handles everything else.

7. Services Also Feature Electronic Data Destruction

Some files that you need to destroy will no doubt be electronic. That means hard drives, discs, and other materials that require more than a paper shredder.

Furthermore, it’s about destroying the hardware in addition to the software. This isn’t as cut-and-dry of a task as it might seem. Entrusting it to a professional service ensures that all data is destroyed and nothing is salvageable and since it all happens within your servers, you have protection from any nefarious activities.

8. They Cut Back On Administrative Gobbledygook

Every time you destroy a paper file, you have to remove staples or paper clips or some other adornment that holds the material together. Furthermore, you find yourself sifting through files, getting sidetracked, and flipping through loose leaf pages.

These administrative processes add nothing to your bottom line. They are gobbledygook of the highest order, and each of your employees should be useful enough to have better things to do. Onsite shredding services do not have that same attachment to old records. They can go about each of these tasks efficiently without falling down any rabbit holes.

9. Shredding Onsite Covers Your Liabilities

You have a legal obligation as a business or organization that stores personal information to protect it from breaches and threats. That ability to live up to your responsibility goes away the moment any of your files leave the facility.

Hiring a service to come in and do it for you will greatly reduce the threat of any data breaches. That can save you a great deal of money in legal fees and payouts as many in high-risk industries like healthcare are finding out.

10. It Is Better For The Environment

Onsite document shredding services worth their salt will honor the environmental obligation they have in handling waste materials. By making sure this is a priority to the service before hiring them, you can rest easy knowing that you have done your part as well.

So, what does environmental responsibility look like if you are a company that deals with any type of records management? In a word, recycling. You make sure all the materials that you’ve kept do not add to the world’s growing trash supply. Instead, you find ways to put them back into use and slow the destruction of our planet’s resources.

Peace of Mind Comes With On Site Document Destruction

An on site document destruction service not only will help you manage your files and maximize your employees but it will also help you save money and become a better corporate citizen. Ready to see what it’s all about? Contact IntelliShred today for a free quote.

We hear a lot about online identity theft and fraud in the news, but did you know that non-digital theft is more common? More than half of consumer identity data theft in the U.S. is analog, which means the perpetrator accessed paperwork or another physical item that contained sensitive information.

That’s why IntelliShred is proud to offer mobile shredding services to residential customers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in addition to serving our corporate customers. Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring our residential shredding service and why it’s a more secure option than shredding documents yourself at home.

How Our Residential Mobile Shredding Service Works

From old tax reports to bank statements, there are all kinds of documents that can bring harm to you if they fall into the hands of the wrong person. Shredding these documents and disposing of them securely takes time. Your home shredder may not be equipped to break down documents into very small pieces or have the ability to shred non-paper materials such as credit cards and microfilm.

ItelliShred makes disposing of sensitive documents stress-free. First, you contact us for a quote and let us know what types of materials you wish to have shredded. We’ll then schedule a time and come directly to your residence.

We place your documents directly into one of our locked security bins, so our staff never see nor touch them. The bin is then lifted automatically into the truck and the materials are emptied directly into the shredder. They are destroyed immediately. You can watch the entire process live via a TV monitor we have in our vehicles. Afterward, we take away the shredded material to be recycled responsively.

We are also operating our business in compliance with recommended COVID-19 guidelines, which means our employees maintain social distancing at all times. You may leave your materials to be shredded outside your front door to ensure a no-contact service.

Why Should I Hire a Mobile Shredding Service If I Have a Shredder?

You may be wondering why you should hire a mobile shredding service if you own a home shredder. Can’t they shred sensitive documents just as effectively? Not necessarily.

Many home shredders are strip-cut shredders, which means they cut documents in one direction which turns them into strips. This means theoretically that anyone could piece together the strips to read the data on it. The strips are also wide enough that numbers and other bits of data are still visible on them. Many people then dispose of these strips in their trash where they can be picked through and put back together by anybody.

IntelliShred’s equipment uses a cross-cut shredding mechanism that cuts a document in two directions to break it down into smaller particles. In fact, cross-cut shredders cut a single piece of paper into 400+ confetti-like pieces. This in itself provides added security that your documents cannot be reconstructed.

However, we don’t dispose of your shredding material in the trash. We recycle it to give you peace of mind that no one else will see it, and that it’s helping the environment. We’ve been awarded AAA certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) which is the highest security rating a data destruction company can hold.

You can hire us for a one-time shredding service or regularly scheduled service. The latter can be particularly useful if you’re working from home and have sensitive company documents to dispose of or run a business out of your home.

What We Shred

Another added benefit of hiring us to shred your sensitive material is that can we shred so much more than just paper. Here’s a partial list of what our shredders can handle:

  • Notebook covers and binders (this means you don’t have to remove paper you wish to be shredded from notebooks)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • X-rays
  • Microfilm
  • VHS tapes
  • Medical records
  • Hard drives and flash drives
  • Computers

And there’s much more. If you don’t see what you need to be destroyed on this list, contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know if we can shred it for you.

When to Use a Mobile Shredding Service

There are many times when hiring a shredding service to dispose of any sensitive documents may come in handy. For starters, shredding documents can help prevent your identity from being stolen and compromised. It can also be particularly useful in anticipation of moving when you wish to declutter your home as much as possible.

Whatever your reason, IntelliShred is ready to serve you with all of your shredding needs.

Years of Experience Destroying Sensitive Documentation

IntelliShred has been in operation since 1999, making us one of the oldest data destruction companies in the tri-state area. We’ve always prided ourselves on providing personalized customer service. We give our residential customers the same level of care and attention as our corporate customers.

As a NAID certified shredding company, we hold our employees and business operations to the highest standards to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all our clients.

This means we conduct random criminal background checks on all employees prior to hiring and perform drug screening during the pre-employment process and again randomly once they’re hired. All IntelliShred personnel in uniform must wear a visible photo ID badge and all staff must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Residential Mobile Shredding Services

Our mobile shredding services make it easy and convenient for you to declutter your home of personal documents and materials that contain personal information.

Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and to request a free quote.

Identity theft is big business. We’re not joking. In 2019, $16.9 million was lost in the US as a result of fraud. That was despite a 0.6% drop in the number of customers affected. More thieves are now attacking the same group of people again and again.

Why is this important for you? Because if you choose not to shred junk mail, you could be next. You might be waving goodbye to your savings, assets, and insurance if you don’t protect yourself. These people will target you, your business, and even your children if you let them. But fear not, because we are not going to let them.

In this article, you will find out why you must shred your junk mail and which items you should destroy. You will also discover the additional benefits of shredding junk mail and if there are any safe documents you can dispose of without shredding.

What Should I Shred in Particular?

You should shred a lot more junk than you think. One example is used boarding passes from your business trips.

Thieves can use the QR code on your boarding pass to find out your travel plans, making you a possible target for pickpocketing or worse crimes when out-of-town. Criminals can also use the QR code to hack into your online account for a particular airline, change your details and steal any loyalty points and stored credit cards.

The personal privacy risks related to not shredding your boarding pass are also why you should never post pictures of these on social media.  You should also shred old utility and tax bills. Even if you think they’re useless to anyone once you’ve paid them, criminals can use your personal information on them to access places where you keep your money.

The same goes for receipts, which still include parts of your credit card details. This is especially important if you’ve bought something with a business account, since a hack could affect your ability to pay your employees and partners.

Are There Any Documents I Can Get Away With Not Shredding?

Takeout menus can be safe not to shred, as long as they do not include your name and address. Newspapers you’ve bought from the store are also okay to throw away without shredding, as are old magazines.  All other leaflets and neighborhood coupons without your name on can also be thrown away without shredding.

However, the problem with all of the above is that most of them are heavier items that take up a lot of space in landfill sites. And let’s be honest, taking them out is a chore.

You can save yourself time and energy by opting out of certain kinds of junk mail. The Federal Trade Commission has a page on its site with more details. You can choose to stop receiving these types of post either for five years or forever.

How Should I Store Documents That Might Be Important Later?

Some mail we consider to be junk will be useful to us later. Tax returns are an example of this, as are some transaction receipts. But you shouldn’t leave them lying around your home or office.

Documents that you might need later should be stored in a lockable location. One example is a safe, while you might also want to invest in a filing cabinet if you have a lot of paper to deal with.  If you later no longer need these papers – for example, the necessary time has passed to keep hold of tax records – you should still shred them like you otherwise would. Even after decades, thieves can still use your name for identity theft.

You can alternatively choose to scan documents onto your computer and keep them stored in a secure cloud. In such instances, however, you need to think about the risks of a possible cyber attack.

What Are the Other Benefits of Shredding Junk Mail?

Shredding junk mail guarantees that even harmless-looking coupons won’t pose a data theft risk. Having a decluttered office will also lower your stress levels.

Since you will not be as tense each day, you’ll think more clearly and get extra work done. Which is great for your business, because that means more revenue.

Mail shredding is also good for the environment. 40% of timber chopped for commercial purposes globally is for paper, but you can use shredded paper as an ingredient in compost. And of course, it’s easier to carry to the recycling bin.

Is There a Difference in Mail Shredding Services?

NAID Certified shredding services offer an extra layer of protection when you choose to shred junk mail. All companies of this kind check to make sure their employees haven’t been involved in criminal activity while also making them sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

You should also shred your papers with a NAID Certified business because they have officially met national standards for destroying data safely.

Verified companies also keep up with the requirements they first met since they are liable to random audit checks without prior warning.

As well as taking care when handling confidential data and stopping the wrong individuals from getting hold of them, NAID Certified shredders also make sure that electronic data is wiped after disposal.

Shred Unwanted Documents and Enjoy Peace of Mind 

While throwing out a lot of junk mail may seem harmless, the reality can be the opposite if you aren’t careful. Thieves can use unshredded documents and receipts to access your personal information and steal your identity for their own interests. Shredding your junk mail also allows you to think clearer in a decluttered workspace and also do your bit to save the planet.

Fraud costs businesses, families, and hardworking individuals millions of dollars each year. Unshredded junk mail contributes to this. You can help beat this problem by thinking twice before you dump your paper without shredding it.

IntelliShred offers comprehensive shredding solutions throughout the tri-state area. To find out how we can help you safely destroy sensitive information, contact us.