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Month: January 2021

10 Reasons You Should Choose On Site Document Destruction

Hiring an on site document destruction service is something you should consider regardless of your industry, company, or organization. Large databases of paper and electronic files offer many challenges to both your productivity and legal... read more

Mobile Shredding Services For Residential Individuals

We hear a lot about online identity theft and fraud in the news, but did you know that non-digital theft is more common? More than half of consumer identity data theft in the U.S. is analog, which means the perpetrator accessed paperwork or... read more

Do You Need To Shred Junk Mail?

Identity theft is big business. We’re not joking. In 2019, $16.9 million was lost in the US as a result of fraud. That was despite a 0.6% drop in the number of customers affected. More thieves are now attacking the same group of people again... read more