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Month: March 2021

How Secure Are Shredding Services?

In 2019, identity theft and fraud cost consumers $16.9 billion. Meanwhile, companies paid billions more in fines and penalties for improperly disposing of sensitive or protected information. Nationwide, the question of how to best dispose of... read more

Why You Should Consider Data Shredding Services in 2021

It's common these days for businesses to outsource their marketing, accounting, IT, manufacturing, and more. Yet, so many organizations are still trying to dispose of their paper documents on their own. Cybercrime has become one of the largest... read more

What Is Secure Shredding In 2021?

In the past few years, security breaches led to the compromising of nearly 4 billion confidential records. This information came from businesses, federal agencies, and even private homes. Storing sensitive information may seem the obvious choice... read more