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Why On-Site Shredding Services are Essential to Your Business

on-site shredding services

On-site Shredding Services

There are so many reasons for business owners to properly dispose of important documents and computer storage components. Obviously, the most important reason is privacy. If your company’s private documents or hard drives were to get into in the wrong hands, the confidential information they contain would be at risk.

Our on-site shredding services can easily solve this problem. These services are designed to support your business by destroying your documents effectively and efficiently. There are some companies who still do the shredding themselves, but end up being burdened by the valuable time and resources they spend on the destruction.

With on-site shredding services, you can:

  1. Save Time & Resources
    On-site shredding services can eliminate the burden placed on your office staff. Shredding takes valuable time and resources away from other tasks.
  2. Go Green & Recycle Documents
    Professional shredding equipment has the capability to reduce documents to tiny pieces that cannot be reassembled. Shredded documents are typically sent to a recycling center, where the material will be recycled into new paper products.
  3. Ensure Protection with a Licensed and Bonded Vendor
    The destruction of documents must be a completely secure process. The most important reason to hire an on-site shredding service is the degree of protection they provide. Business owners should not be concerned about the information in their documents falling into the wrong hands.

IntelliShred provides full-service on-site paper shredding and offers daily, weekly, monthly, service packages.

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