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Industrial Shredding Services – Minimize Business Risk

Industrial Shredding Services

Businesses today face an increased risk of data breach. The most common reason for data breach is improper disposal of confidential documents and records.

There are many shredding laws that ensure the safety of proprietary and confidential information. Businesses will have to maintain an extra layer of security to ensure customers and employees are protected.

Shredding is one of the most effective and smart document-destruction processes. The document destruction is done on-site. This saves you the trouble of having to move the documents to the shredding service site.

All companies need to secure their information. This ensures compliance with specific regulations. All confidential business information that is outdated should be destroyed with industrial shredding services.


Minimize Risk of Unauthorized Access

The disposal process of confidential documents and reports starts with the security containers. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to any documents.

The on-site document shredding ensures that the sensitive documents are shredded and destroyed on the spot. The strict process that is followed ensures that the information is irrecoverable. This gives business owners complete peace of mind.


Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service

Information breach can cost businesses more than lost revenue, customers, and fines. It can cost them their reputation. If confidential information is not handled properly, it can get into wrong hands. This can be disastrous for your company.

If your company handles tons of paper each month, you can schedule a regular paper shredding service. This ensures that all paper documents are destroyed and recycled in a safe and secure manner.

The regular service can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the needs of your business.


On-Demand Shredding Service

If your business premises are overflowing with documents (financial records, personnel records), it can pose a risk to your business. Remove the risk by using industrial shredding services to get rid of all confidential information in a secure manner.

Companies can accumulate a lot of paper within a short time. They are not allowed to dump or throw away the documents as it will be a violation of the data protection laws. Using a certified document destruction service is a smart way to deal with the clutter of paper. Start protecting your company by using reputed industrial shredding services.

Businesses that deal with a sudden inflow of documents or companies with less frequent shredding needs can avail on demand shredding service. A wide range of industrial shredding services are available to meet the specific requirements of your business.


Certificate of Destruction

After every scheduled or unscheduled paper shredding service, a certificate of destruction is provided. This confirms that all documents are securely destroyed.

The certificate of destruction is the audit trail that demonstrates that the confidential information is not at risk. It also ensures that your company is compliant with the data protection laws.


Cost Effective and Safe

It’s cost-effective to shred business documents to protect your company from any kind of data breach. The simple process not just protects your company but your customers and employees too.

Shredding and recycling the paper also contributes to a healthy environment. Avoid shredding important documents using the office shredder. This is risky as criminals will be able to gain access to important information.


IntelliShred provides industrial shredding services to all types of companies and industries. It is capable of handling tons of papers. After the shredding is complete, a certificate of destruction is provided. This is proof that the entire process is completed in a safe and secure manner.

The shredding is done on-site in front of the clients. The destruction and recycle process is done without compromising on the confidentiality of the documents. This can give you complete peace of mind.

E-Waste Recycling Companies

Proper disposal of electronic waste is mandatory for any business. E-waste recycling companies can assist in the disposal, recycling, and recovery. This enables you to get the maximum value of the asset in a secure and safe manner.

Electronic data security is critical for any business. Computer hard drives and other types of electronic data are difficult to destroy without proper equipment.

If the business information found on hard drives and other electronic formats is not disposed of properly, it can expose confidential information.

Compromise of electronic data can affect the reputation of a company, its customers, and employees, too. Protecting confidential data is one of the highest priorities of any business.

The electronic data products that can be recycled in a safe and secure manner include:

  • Computers
  • Hard Drives
  • Keyboards
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Other Electronic Data Devices

Old electronic equipment takes up a lot of space. If they are not disposed of properly, they can pose considerable risk to the company and the environment.

Recycling electronic waste through e-waste removal services enables your company to focus on recovering assets, maximizing the usable space and pursuing efficient technology.

A complete range of environmentally sound and secure asset management and recycling services are offered by e-waste recycling companies.


Hard Drive Recycling and Shredding

When hard drives are recycled, it is important that all information pertaining to bank accounts, credit information, and other sensitive information is completely destroyed. The only way to ensure this is through a hard drive disposal service.

Hard drive shredding is the complete physical destruction of the hard drive. The hard drive is shredded as per industry standards, ensuring that the information is irrecoverable. This means the drive is fit only for recycling. It leaves your business data and reputation safe and secure.


Recycle Electronic Waste to Protect the Environment

Recycling electronic waste is a good way to protect the environment. Most reputed e-waste recycling companies provide the service on-site. This eliminates the need to transport the information off-site.

The recycling companies come to the location and collect hard drives and other electronic products for recycling and destruction. The electronic data is transported in locked containers back to the facility.

The electronic waste is sorted for recycling and asset recovery. Throughout the recycling process, the components are carefully removed and sorted. Precious metals, plastic, and steel are recovered from the recycling process. This prevents dumping of electronic waste in landfills. Other materials are checked to ensure re-usability.

E-waste devices contain hazardous materials, such as chromium, cadmium, mercury, and lead. Proper processing should be done to ensure that these hazardous materials are not released into the environment.

The recycling companies do the sorting and disposal under strict supervision. The electronic waste is destroyed and recycled in such a way that it ensures compliance with all rules and regulations.

The certified e-waste specialists use EPA approved guidelines and other responsible methods to recycle and destroy the electronic waste. This helps in creating sustainable solutions and keeps hazardous materials out of landfills.

An effective electronic waste management system at the workplace limits risk and increases productivity. This eliminates the risk of being penalized for improper disposal of e-waste.

The many convenient recycling options make it easy for businesses (large and small) to get rid of electronic waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The e-waste recycling companies can also audit the electronic devices for risk. This will help in creating an e-waste recycling program that is specific to your business needs and requirements.

The high standards of IntelliShred ensure effective e-waste management. They adhere to a strict set of requirements that regulate worker health and safety, security practices, and the environment. We can help you keeps your data safe and the environment clean.

Corporate Shredding

All business owners have a legal responsibility to destroy and recycle confidential and sensitive documents if they are no longer required. Corporate shredding is an easy and comprehensive way to destroy and recycle confidential material.

With identity theft and data breach on the rise, it is important that you prevent sensitive information from falling into wrong hands. Breach of data can have serious consequences for your business.

Accumulating paperwork that is not useful in the office can lead to clutter and affect efficiency. If the documents are not disposed of properly, they can affect the reputation of the business. The potential cost of a data breach can be very high. A systematic data disposal system is important to safeguard all important information.

Maintaining an internal shredding system in the company can be prohibitively expensive. The costs include the purchase of shredding equipment, maintenance, and repairs. Certified paper shredding services, however, will be able to provide secure and reliable destruction of documents in a cost-effective manner.


Secured Storage and Destruction

One of the important aspects of corporate shredding is ensuring that the confidential information is stored securely before it is shredded.

The disposal process starts with the security containers. The containers are locked and this keeps the documents safe until they are destroyed. This prevents any kind of unauthorized access. All documents are destroyed quickly and confidentially after they are removed from the security containers.

The on-site shredding of documents ensures that all information is destroyed and is irrecoverable. The shredded material is recycled. This completely reduces the risk of exposing confidential information.


Purge Shredding or One-Time Shredding

Businesses need to take great care in the way important documents are destroyed and recycled. A systematic corporate shredding process will give the company, its customers, and its employees peace of mind.

In certain situations, businesses will have to shred a large volume of documents. This can be due to an urgent situation or a one-time circumstance.

When the documents are purged and destroyed, it will help regain office space that had been occupied by the large volume of documents.


Regular Scheduled Shredding Service

When you schedule a regular shredding service, you will be able to promote effective document destruction practices at your company. It will help in maintaining the security of sensitive and confidential documents.

Getting rid of clutter will help in keeping the office organized. It will also ensure that your company stays in compliance with the document destruction rules and regulations.

The innovative technology used by the recycling companies ensure that tons of paper are recycled quickly. This helps save a lot of time and effort.


Recycling for a Healthy Environment

Recycling paper contributes to a healthy environment. Shredding and recycling important documents helps keep the landfills from filling up so soon.

A professional paper shredding company will be able to shred and recycle the paper in a safe manner. This ensures that paper and other similar material is not dumped into landfills, which is very beneficial to the environment.

IntelliShred provides a secure corporate shredding service that complies with data protection laws. The documents are destroyed as per industry standards. The customized on-site service will ensure that all confidential information pertaining to your business is safe and secure.

A certificate of destruction is provided for all shredded documents. This can give you complete peace of mind that all sensitive information is destroyed in a safe and secure manner. Corporate shredding provides a clean and safe way to take care of important documents that are no longer useful or necessary.

Avoid shredding important documents in an office and setting them aside for recycling. This is risky as the shredded material can be accessed by criminals. Get in touch with us for fast, efficient, secure, and convenient document destruction services.

Certified Paper Shredding For All Industries

Companies across industries use a lot of paper. With an increase in digital crime, paper documents are susceptible to theft and misuse. It is important to create a culture of security at the workplace so that confidential information is protected at all levels.

Old paper documents take up valuable office space and affect efficiency. The documents cannot just be dumped. They need to be thoroughly destroyed and recycled. Sensitive information should be disposed of with utmost care.

A certified paper shredding service ensures privacy, security, and compliance with the latest regulations. The services are also customized to meet the specific needs of the industry.

A risk assessment at the workplace will help in identifying areas of risk. A comprehensive shredding schedule will ensure that documents are destroyed at the right time. This helps in protecting confidential information of your company.


Mobile Shredding

Our certified paper shredding is provided on-site. Mobile shredding trucks arrive at the location and documents are shredded at the site. The entire document destruction process can be viewed on the active video screen of the truck.

After the entire process is completed, the shredded paper is transported back to the recycling facility. The mobile trucks can shred tons of paper each day. The trucks feature extensive security features.


Secure Collection

The certified paper shredding service collects documents from the business premises and transports it securely back to the facility for shredding and recycling. Documents in all forms are accepted for shredding.

The documents are collected in secure bins or containers. This prevents any unauthorized access to the documents. The highly efficient shredding and recycling equipment make the entire process economical.


One-Time Purges and Special Projects

Most businesses experience the need for a thorough clean up of documents from time to time. There are also special projects or situations when a large volume of documents need to be systematically purged.

The purge services are available for small and large purges. They are often used for annual clean up of documents or during relocation.

Documents are purged for compliance or legal purposes too. Finalization of a litigation or audit can also result in the purge of documents. Start protecting your company by purging documents that are no longer needed.


Regularly Scheduled Shredding Service

Our regularly scheduled shredding service is an ideal choice for companies that need to destroy confidential information on a daily basis. The certified paper shredding service assesses document produced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and designs a customized plan to destroy and recycle documents.

The scheduled paper shredding services help promote efficient document destruction practices. Security of the confidential information is enhanced with secure, lockable containers.

Regular certified paper shredding of unwanted documents will help keep the office organized. It can help your company stay in compliance with document destruction rules and regulations.


Proof of Destruction

A certificate of destruction is issued after all the documents are destroyed and recycled. The certificate clearly states how many documents were destroyed and is proof that the documents were destroyed in a safe and secure manner. We include these with every data destruction service we perform.

IntelliShred is NAID AAA Certified as well as being a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). This certification is the highest level of security in the shredding industry. It ensures that confidential information pertaining to your business, customers, and employees is protected at all times.

The highest ethical standards and practices are followed when shredding confidential documents. This makes the process efficient and gives business owners peace of mind as all documents are destroyed and recycled in a professional, safe and secure manner.

For more information about data protection, privacy, and our certified paper shredding services, get in touch today. 1-866-747-3360

Data Destruction Service

Isn’t it nice when your business is thriving to the point that you outfit your office and employees with new computers, printers, monitors and the like? Now, you have a problem though. What do you do with all your old computers that are no longer needed?

You could just throw everything in a closet and hope for the best, although you’ll eventually need that space for something else. Are you thinking of tossing old hardware into the garbage? There are laws against doing things like that, especially if you are a business. Heavy fines could be coming your way.

Don’t be one of the more than 53% of businesses that haven’t used a professional service to destroy old paperwork, documents, hard drives, USBs, or other hardware that contains sensitive information. The only way to ensure data is 100% removed is to have it completely physically destroyed from hard drives with a data destruction service.


Different Ways to Destroy Data


Document Shredding

In today’s world, there is always the threat of data breaches. This happens to companies of all sizes and it’s due to the fact that many businesses don’t properly dispose of important documents and other physical records.

The smartest data destruction service for documents is secure document shredding. You will want a company that handles that for you because attempting it yourself can lead to missed important pages or papers. On many occasions, employees feel they do not have the time to do the task properly and sensitive information becomes discarded and lost rather than destroyed.

With our disposal service, we start with disposal containers. These minimize the risk of unauthorized personnel gaining access to your company’s documents.

Our on-site shredding means that your documents are shredded right in front of you. Our guarantee means that 100% of your documents are unrecoverable. Our Certificate of Destruction means documents are disposed of in a safe manner.

Product Destruction

You know that confidential information exists in ways other than merely paper documents. There are other forms such as recalled goods, defective products, returned merchandise, out-dated products, and more, which make up a lot of material that accumulates in your offices and needs to be eliminated. You can’t just throw things like this away.

IntelliShred has the equipment, tools, and staff to get the job done for you. Our product destruction services include pick-up by specially trained representatives, a secure chain of custody as your products move through the destruction services, a Certificate of Destruction issued to you, and the knowledge that your products have been disposed or recycled in safe, environmentally-friendly ways.

E-Waste Services

Every business today operates on their computers, USBs, monitors, smartphones, printers and other electronic devices. Once you have electronic data stored on your office equipment, it is crucial that you have a way to destroy that data securely.

This is not something to undertake on your own. What you need is a professional data destruction service. We have the expertise to know which products can be recycled and which must be safely destroyed.

Products such as computers, hard drives, printers, monitors, servers, keyboards, and other electronic devices can be recycled through our data destruction service.

Products we destroy include CDs and DVDs, floppy drives, video cassettes, microfilm, microfiche, data tapes, and x-ray film. If left in places where others can use them, these items can fall into the wrong hands and become a security nightmare for your company.

Hard drives with company files that are not disposed of properly could expose sensitive information that can lead to a cyber attack against your business, the leaking of personal information, and loss of reputation for your business.

Information and data will help your business thrive, but don’t let information compromise your company. It is crucial that all e-documents be destroyed in accordance with compliance laws. Let us handle that for you for total peace of mind. Call us today for a quote or to learn more about our data destruction service. 1-866-747-3360

IntelliShred’s Hard Drive Disposal Service

Data breaches are something you hear about every day. It seems not a day goes by when there isn’t some news about another company experiencing a data breach. Understandably, if you own a business, this is one of the biggest fears you may have.

When it comes to getting rid of old hard drives, it’s vital to make every effort to avoid data breaches. If you want to avoid all the problems that come with accidental loss of data, have IntelliShred take care of your hard drive disposal service.


All Data Becomes Unrecoverable

Disposing of hard drives in the proper way means they cannot be accessed by criminals who would just love to have them and all the data on them. They know that a hard drive from a very small business may provide access to their larger business partners.

Hard drives that are thrown away, damaged, and even erased can all have their information recovered by identify thieves. Why risk company information leaks or worse, when there is a simple solution for all of your old hard drives.

Why take any risks when it comes to your company’s sensitive data? Don’t do physical destruction of your hard drives on your own. Only by using high-security data destruction machines can you be assured that any data from your company has been completely destroyed.


Don’t Be Fined for Not Disposing of Hard Drives Properly

There are hefty fines for anyone who doesn’t dispose of business hard drives in the proper way. It is of the utmost importance to dispose of all data storage media for every business.

Any time there is a security breach and your company is involved, it will cost you thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention the unwanted publicity that goes along with such a situation. To avoid paying fines, use our hard drive disposal service.


Organize Your Office Space the Right Way

Storing old hard drives is a waste of space. Stay efficient by enlisting the help of our e-waste pickup and product destruction services. Our services include pickup by trained, uniformed representatives; handling procedures that leave you with a secure chain of custody; a certificate of destruction for you, and disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.

By disposing of hard drives in the right way, you’re making room (mentally and physically) for newer, more efficient modes of operation and that can only be a good thing for your company.


Be in Regulatory Compliance

As a professional data destruction company, we know the regulations covering every piece of sensitive data and products such as hard drives. We know the rules because it is our job to comply with the regulations that apply to you. By having us take care of all of your data needs, you are automatically eliminating the worry about compliance, fines, and data breaches.


Be Assured of Complete Removal of All Data

Our hard drive disposal service can assure you that all data that is stored on old hard drives and other data media is completely removed. By using a high-security data destroyer, we ensure that all data is eliminated completely. There is never the risk of criminals getting their hands on your data for such things as identity theft, or company info leaks.

Our methods mean that all data on hard drives is made unrecoverable. There are modern forensic techniques to try and get your data back, but these will not work when we destroy your hard drives for you.

If you are looking for a reliable company to take care of your company’s hard drive disposal service, contact us today. We securely destroy all sensitive data media storage that is found on old hard drives. By doing so, we also ensure your company is in total regulatory compliance. It doesn’t get any easier than that.