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Month: July 2019

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make With Handling Confidential Information

Handling Confidential Information In today’s information age, every business should be knowledgeable about handling confidential information. No matter the industry, size or scope that the company works within, there should be comprehensive... read more

All Companies Should Consistently Review HIPAA Updates

HIPAA Updates HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law in 1996. It was created to help safeguard confidential information, stored within companies, from getting into the wrong hands. There are always... read more

How To Safeguard Confidential Information Of Your Business

Safeguard Confidential Information There are many ways businesses can reduce the risk of facing information theft and security breaches. One of the easiest preventive measures to implement is a routine schedule of the destruction of documents to... read more

4 Easy Steps to Protect The Theft Of Confidential Information

Theft Of Confidential Information Today there are many different threats a business could face – but the costliest threat is theft of confidential information. Here are four steps you can take to protect your company and its sensitive... read more