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Local Shredding Services For NJ Businesses

Data breaches are not only caused by electronic records but also often by improper care taken with physical records. A second important myth to bust is that they do not only affect large companies but also smaller, local businesses. The good news is that IntelliShred provides professional and high-quality local shredding services for NJ businesses at an affordable rate.

NJ businesses require shredding services because the loss of sensitive or confidential information risks customers and clients. If customers discover that their details are not secure, this can lead to distrust and loss of business. It can cause loss of reputation from which many companies never recover. Rather than risk this problem, we believe it’s much better to protect your business, customers, and clients with local shredding services.

Paper Shredding For NJ Businesses

Many local businesses think that they are not targets for crime perpetuated by this kind of criminal. The truth, however, is that businesses of any size and in all industries are at risk from fraud and identity theft if they are not taking precautions. The proper precautions include securing electronic storage devices, but also dealing appropriately with hard copies, such as by using local shredding services.

When it comes to destroying physical documents, shredding is the most effective way to ensure they will not fall into the wrong hands. And we make it even harder for unauthorized people to access your confidential papers by providing secure containers for your staff to use and by shredding your documents at your location. We don’t charge transportation fees to remove your documents and we can even destroy the documents in front of you. We invite you to watch the process via CCTV as it takes place in a mobile shredding truck.

Our local shredding service is as flexible as you need and always as secure as required by the law. Regardless of your industry or business size, you can expect to be treated with the highest quality service. Our professionals will arrive promptly and will take care of your documents to make them 100% irrecoverable.

Some Of The Benefits Of Working With IntelliShred

Certificate of Destruction

We are the firm to trust if you are looking for reliable, local shredding services to take care of data protection worries. To help our customers sleep better at night, we provide a Certificate of Destruction. This confirms how many documents we shredded and that we did so safely and securely. Producing this document is an excellent way to reassure your existing or potential customers that you are serious about the security of their information.

One-Time or Purge Shredding

If you need to shred a lot of documents in a hurry, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that there are many reasons our clients might require one-time paper shredding. Often, a business is relocating or wants to re-organize. Changes in the law can also necessitate immediate paper shredding on a large scale. Or you may be protecting trade secrets. Whatever the reason, if you want it gone, never to return, please give us a call.

Regular Local Shredding Service

Whether you have one small business or a chain of businesses, we will provide high-quality service if you need secure document destruction. Our service is customizable, so you can schedule bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly local paper shredding. To discuss other options to suit your business needs, get in touch with our helpful staff.

Our paper shredding services for local, NJ businesses are flexible, fast, and fairly priced. Please get in touch with us to let us know the extent of your paper shredding requirements and we will let you know how we can help.

If you are in Ocean County and need to fulfill your data protection commitments, don’t forget to focus on the security of paper as well as electronic devices. While you may have firewalls, encryption, and other reliable electronic security methods, too many firms neglect the security of printed documents. Fortunately, we are here to make sure that this is not an avenue for criminals to access your firm or your customers’ data.

Our Ocean County paper shredding services ensure that your business can keep operating securely. Whether you need to destroy confidential information because you are relocating or because of regulatory reasons, you can rely on our 20 years of experience in document destruction. Look to us for the highest standards and peace of mind for you, your staff, and your clients.

Our Paper Shredding Services In Ocean County

Criminals are looking for businesses that are careless with private information. While there is an increased focus on electronic security, we must not take our eyes away from what happens to confidential data on paper. Misplaced or stolen documents can lead to fraud and identity theft.

And not only big businesses are at risk from criminals’ efforts to steal data. Small businesses that may have a more modest budget for security are often seen as gateways to their larger business partners. If you have confidential data on paper, you require confidential data destruction. Our Ocean County paper shredding services can help maintain the integrity of your business.

By working with us, you will discover that secure, paper shredding needn’t be prohibitively expensive. We have a range of services available. And we are happy to discuss them with you so that you can get just what you need to keep your business on the right side of the law.

Why Choose Our Paper Shredding Firm?

At IntelliShred, we provide comprehensive document destruction, among other high-quality services. When we have destroyed your documents, we will provide you with a document to certify the act in accordance with data protection guidelines. This document can be useful for earning or maintaining your clients’ trust, and it may be useful for regulators.

We provide a service that means our personnel comes to you. Instead of risking the transport of documents to a secure location, we can shred your paper on-site. In this case, your staff would place documents to be shredded in one of our secure containers. On the scheduled day, our staff will arrive to empty the containers.

Unlike other security firms, we will not have to take your documents from your location to secure them. We avoid this step where possible because it can add unnecessary risk and complexity. Instead, we can begin paper shredding at your Ocean County location. And we invite you to look on as we destroy your documents, which is made possible via CCTV.

Customized Ocean County Paper Shredding

We are here to provide the secure document destruction and disposal that you need. You can take advantage of our one-time shredding service or regular shredding. We have the equipment, staff, and expertise to handle any of your document destruction needs.

One-time shredding – also known as purge shredding, this service is for clients who require urgent or occasional shredding. You may need this due to a change in the law, to maintain secrecy regarding proprietary information, or to create physical space. Whatever the reason, we can help you achieve your goals.

Regular shredding – many businesses use sensitive information everyday and frequently generate confidential documents. These papers need to be secured and destroyed appropriately. Our regular service – bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly – can help maintain your business’s organization, security, and legality.

Please get in touch with us to experience the peace of mind you get from our prompt and professional service. To get the job done right with a flexible approach and a fair quote, please call us to discuss your needs.

As information technology becomes more advanced, the need to store and secure that information grows, too. When it comes to securing confidential data, such as client addresses, past orders, and account details, all businesses need to consider what happens to that information when it is in hard copy form.

If you have customer information and you need to dispose of it securely, commercial document shredding services are the answer. Our firm can offer you peace of mind with a comprehensive, no-fuss approach to document destruction.

Why Use Commercial Document Shredding Services?

Shredding confidential documents ensures security for your firm, your employees, and your clients. By employing a firm to provide commercial document shredding services, you can rest assured that you will be adhering to the relevant regulations governing data protection.

Our technicians will provide you with a certificate to prove that the documents were destroyed and certify that they were disposed of securely. This document is great for your records. You can show it to your clients to reassure them that you are a trustworthy business and have their interests in mind.

How To Find Commercial Document Shredding Services

Choose your commercial document shredding service by looking at its track record. Examine client testimonials. You can’t afford to take a chance with the security of confidential information, so it’s worth opting for the most reliable service you can find. We recommend that you are motivated by quality rather than cost, although we understand that both may be a factor in decision making.

When you work with our commercial document shredding firm, we make things easy for you by coming to your location to get the job done. Not only is this convenient, but not having to move your documents around means that disposing of them will be more secure. All you need to do is place your documents in the secure containers that we will provide. Our technicians will collect these bins and destroy them on-site.

We destroy your documents on your premises. And we also invite you to watch it happen. With CCTV, you can watch us securely shred your documents in our mobile unit.

How Does Shredding Work?

Some cybercriminals are opportunists who happen upon confidential information and decide to use it or they may be career criminals who target an organization to get access to secure information. No matter the size of your business or the industry you are in, you need to consider the security and appropriate destruction of confidential papers.

It’s not enough to dispose of confidential material in a bin. And while recycling is great for communities and the planet, we don’t recommend it until after we have shredded the documents. Proper shredding helps protect your business from risks such as fraud and identity theft.

Our shredding service makes it impossible to piece the destroyed paper back together. It is much more thorough than the kinds of shredders available for self-service. And our shredders can handle much larger volumes of documents per hour.

Whether you need a one-off service because you are moving location, involved in legal issues, or clearing out an area to make more space, we can take care of bulk shredding. If you need regular document destruction service to take care of your clients and staff and fulfill regulatory obligations, we provide the flexible but comprehensive service you need.

For all of your commercial document shredding needs, and however frequently or infrequently, IntelliShred has the expertise you need. Please get in touch with us to discuss your goals. We will be happy to run through our services and adapt them to suit your needs.