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Essential Precautions For Sensitive Data

Confidential Document Destruction

As a business owner, when it comes to your New Jersey company, regardless if it’s a mega corporation or a small startup, protecting yours and your staff members’ confidential information is critical. Over the past few years, identity theft is being a growing issue in New Jersey and across the United States, and confidential document destruction is a sure way to prevent this.

In 2014, 17.6 million American residents fall victim to identity theft crimes and when government and corporate databases are lost or stolen, nearly 100 million more residents have their private, personal information put at risk of identity theft. In addition, 64.1% of reported identity theft is from the misuse of a credit card, 35% of an existing bank account and 14.2% of others personal, private information.

According to Statista, there were 1,473 data breaches in the United States in 2019 alone. As the national press focuses on hackers and digital crime, it’s easy to forget that small-scale theft can use more old-fashioned techniques.

Here are a few ways your New Jersey business can lower the risk of identity theft from happening.

Are You Protecting Your Staff and Customers?

Take a moment to think about how often you print out information during your typical workday. Perhaps you’ll print off a timesheet or contract, notice a typo, then print it again. Or, you’ll create a quote for a customer who then changes their mind about some details on the order, so you print off a fresh copy with the correct details. What do you do with the outdated documents?

If you throw them in the trash, you could be unwittingly putting people at risk of identity theft. You might think that there’s not much a person can do with that information, but names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are all useful pieces of information. If the documents getting thrown away have other identifiers or financial information on them then they are an even more powerful tool for would-be scammers to build a profile of a person.

Ripping Up Documents is Not Enough

Some well-meaning managers encourage people to rip up documents before discarding them. While it’s true that a scammer would rather get their hands on an intact copy of a payslip or utility bill, the documents still have a use when ripped up by hand. If parts of the document are legible, then that’s enough for the scammer to forge a copy or just extract the information they need. The practice of rifling through bins is known as ‘dumpster diving’, and it’s lucrative enough to have persisted to this day.

Confidential Document Destruction Services

To combat dumpster diving, ensure that you have your documents and records properly shredded by hiring a professional shredding service in NJ. We recommend using a professional shredding company with shredders that “cross-shred” documents so that they cannot be pieced back together. Our confidential document destruction team will ensure that all of your documents and records completely destroyed using our state-of-the-art equipment. Make sure that you know where your documents are going and who will be handling them. We allow clients to watch their documents being shredded on-premises via a TV screen and recycle the shredded paper, giving you peace of mind that everything is disposed of in an ethical and environmentally-friendly way.

Strong Computer Passwords

Breaches into online accounts and computer systems are spreading fast. A key to small business fraud prevention is to ensure that your online accounts are hard to crack, make sure your passwords are complex. Use a combination of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and computer symbols, such as $ # & *, and in addition, make sure your passwords are 8 characters long, at minimum.

Install Anti-Spyware Software

While using strong passwords is important, data hackers are still finding ways of breaking into your computer systems to take your information. Many hackers use spyware software to access your information on your computer. Use strong antivirus and antispyware software programs that will help protect your private data.

Regularly Review Your Bank Account and Credit Card Reports

For every statement with updates to your personal and business bank accounts and credit cards, take extra time to read over them over. Regardless how small the dollar amount could be on paper, if money was taken out of your account or charges or purchases on your credit card, contact your banking representatives right away. Review all information and reports on your statements each month and once you no longer need your reports, make sure you have them correctly destroyed, via professionally shredded.

Before you book a confidential document destruction service, we recommend that you sort through your documents and decide what you need to keep and what can safely be destroyed. Keep important documents in a secure part of the premises, and periodically destroy older, unnecessary documents. Once you build the habit it will give you peace of mind that your customer and employee data is secure.For more information on our confidential document destruction services, contact us at 1 (866) 747-3360.

What To Shred

Most of us know that we should shred our personal documents. However, you might not know just how easy it is for identity thieves these days, even with strip cutting.

We all have so many documents. It’s all too easy to overlook a certain kind of document that seems innocuous.

This is why, to drive down identity theft, everyone should learn what to shred.

So we’re going to do the public a service and list the top 5 things that everyone should shred religiously.

  1. Your Personal Information

Shred anything with your:

  • account numbers
  • passwords
  • signatures

Destroy monthly bills that contain your:

  • full name
  • address
  • signature
  • account details

The most important things to shred include:

  • bank correspondences
  • expired identity cards
  • expired credit and debit cards
  • tax related documents that are older than 7 years old
  1. Your Social Security Number

Your social security number is as good as gold to identity thieves. This is why you should destroy any unnecessary documents containing your social security number.

What if you notice that there’s a persistent source of documents containing it? In that case, it’s worthwhile to ask the provider if they can withhold your social security number from printed forms as an extra precaution.

  1. Utility And Credit Card Bills

Your bills and account information won’t open as many doors as your social security number will, but a clever thief can still use them against you.

It’s important to remember that any of your financial information can be used against you. This includes your utility bills and credit card bills.

When thinking about what to shred, always remember that this sort of information is useful to thieves. Therefore it should be shredded religiously.

  1. Credit Card Offers

Yes, even those annoying spammy credit card offers you receive in the mail must be taken out right away and shredded promptly.

Why is this necessary you ask?

It’s a sad fact of life that identity theft is most often perpetuated by those who know us well. This includes friends, neighbors, and even family members.

Any of the above people can fill out one of these forms, claim your new credit card and then proceed to destroy your credit rating without your knowledge.

  1. Expired Or Cancelled Credit Cards

It may come as a surprise to some, but thieves actually love finding expired or cancelled credit cards. Why?

Well, oftentimes renewed credit cards have the same account number as the expired or cancelled card. Often times the only difference between the two cards is the expiration date. This makes stealing your new account easy.

Even cancelled credit card accounts provide a way for thieves to gain access to your new account, or to open a new account under your name.

As you can see, the number of ways that identity thieves can use your personal information is scary. The best way to protect your identity is to learn what to shred and then shred religiously. If you have too many things to shred on your own, our mobile paper shredding service can help.

Quality Shredding

Why Is Quality Shredding Important?

If you run a business then chances are that you handle a lot of confidential information from customers and clients.

When this confidential information is no longer relevant, it must be disposed of properly. This is important for protecting your clients’ information. It’s also important for protecting your company from hefty lawsuits in case your clients’ information is misappropriated.

How Do We Define Quality Shredding?

Quality shredding is determined by many different factors. These factors include: shredding volume, shredding speed, security, and convenience.

As you move up in the different tiers of paper shredders, these factors increase accordingly.

Tiers of Paper Shredders

The three tiers of paper shredders are:

  1. strip cut
  2. cross cut
  3. confetti cut

The cross cut and confetti cut varieties provide high quality shredding and surpass the strip cut in every category except price.

There are also three categories of paper shredding equipment. Each category is made for a different purpose.

Categories of Paper Shredders

The different categories of shredders are: home shredders, office shredders and industrial shredders.

  1. A cross cut home shredder will provide sufficient security at a decent price for homeowners.
  2. For offices, a confetti cut office shredder will provide the best security for clients.
  3. For large companies and corporations, an industrial shredder (which is rather large) is the most efficient option.

Other Quality Shredding Options

Quality shredding isn’t just defined by the speed and cut; it’s also defined by convenience.

Some of the most convenient paper shredders available are handheld shredders and desktop shredders.

The handheld shredder is light and easy to use. The only caveat is not all handheld shredders can shred A4 size papers. However, you can get around this issue by folding or tearing the paper before inserting it into the shredding tray.

The handheld shredder is useful for shredding small papers like receipts. To sum it up: handheld shredders are useful, convenient, and cheap, so they probably deserve a place in most households.

The Best Quality Shredding

Most businesses don’t have time to shred papers, so they let the junior employees handle it. This can be a bad idea for many reasons. The employee could be overworked already. He could misplace documents, leading to information falling into the wrong hands.

This is why, for the best quality shredding, one should hire a document shredding company. Our company shreds documents quickly and effectively.

And in terms of convenience, you can’t beat onsite document shredding. After the shredding is completed we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction. The certificate is proof that we shoulder the responsibility for the destroyed documents.

For the best quality shredding, give us a call now. 1-866-747-3360

Middlesex County Shredding

Why is onsite document shredding so great?

You might be thinking that you can make do with a standard paper shredder. However, standard paper shredders really aren’t in the same league as professional industrial machines.  Our onsite Middlesex County shredding services at IntelliShred are at least twice as fast and twice as effective as a standard shredder.

First, your documents will be shredded into long strips, similar to a standard paper shredder – and then those strips will be shredded a second time, until those strips are nothing more than confetti. Now, you get the picture. Onsite document shredding is very effective.

But what other reasons would you decide to go for our Middlesex County paper shredding service?

In-House Leaks

If your company works with sensitive documents, then you have to consider the possibility of in-house leaks.

Ideally, you’d want the least valuable employees handling the mundane task of document shredding. However, if these are sensitive documents, then the risk is even greater that these employees might misuse them.

Time Is Money

Paper shredding large numbers of documents can take hours. Unfortunately, it has to be done.

Even if you have your most trusted and valuable people handle these sensitive documents, you’ll still be wasting several hours of valuable human capital.

Think about how much paperwork you have to shred on your own. Is it worth spending hours on this task, especially on a regular basis?


If you’re in the business of handling valuable information from clients, then they will want to know that their information is safe in your hands. They will think twice about doing business with you based on the level of security you provide. If you can show them that you send their documents to a professional onsite document shredding company, then their worries will be lessened.


And speaking of your clients – if your company shreds your clients’ documents, then all the liability is on you. If your employees misuse your clients’ information, your company could be the target of a lawsuit. However, when you hire an onsite document shredding company, more of the liability burden is shifted on us.


There are several options for document disposal, but all of them involve some degree of risk, or significant expenditure of time, not all shredding solutions are the same. With an onsite document shredding company however, both risk and time investments are greatly reduced.

Besides these benefits, utilizing our Middlesex County shredding services will give your company more credibility, which could be the deciding factor for getting hired by a new potential client.

Shredder Service

Today’s businesses can be at risk if they don’t properly handle the destruction of important, sensitive or proprietary information. To keep customer and employee information secure, a shredder service is the best solution.

Businesses should know what documents and other information storage items need to be destroyed.  Here’s a basic list to get you started:



  1. Employee Information:
  • Contact Information (Email address and phone numbers)
  • Employment Information
  • Health Documents
  • Contracts
  • Resumes
  1. Customer Information
  • Account Numbers
  • Credit history reports
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices
  1. Legal and Financial Information
  • Account Statements
  • Budgets
  • Leases and or rental contracts
  • Sales forecasts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Product information
  • Design documentation
  • Patents

The best way to keep your company, employee, and client information secure is to hire a corporate document shredding service. These companies will efficiently destroy documents, discs and other items which contain private information.

Another reason to hire a shredder service to dispose of your sensitive documents is to protect your competitive edge. If, for instance, something as simple as even a patent application fell into unscrupulous hands, it could cost your company untold amounts of money.

Identity theft is a huge concern for all types of companies. There are new laws in place which could hold your company liable if an identity theft victim was compromised by sensitive information that was mishandled or not properly destroyed.

IntelliShred has years of expertise providing comprehensive shredding services. Contact us today to learn more about how our shredder service can help protect your company’s information.

Legal Paper Shredding

Part of doing business means dealing with many different types of sensitive information. Of course, storing data electronically can be risky, but so can keeping paper files.

Company forms, transactions, contracts and other legal documents contain private information – from payroll and credit card records to client lists and employment information. If these documents are still in your possession, but are no longer useful, then it’s important to have them shredded.

Privacy Legislation
There are special laws in place which protect an employee’s right to privacy. If their personal information is not kept safe, your business could be liable if anything should happen to it. Shredding important employee documents helps protect their information and reduces your risk of receiving fines for mishandling customer information. Penalties can be severe for businesses that fail to comply with these regulations.

Make sure your business is compliant with the following regulations:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Once sorted, shredding physical documents is the best way to ensure that they’re destroyed correctly. A data breach can put your organization at risk as well as tarnish your reputation, especially with legal paper shredding.

Saving the Environment
It’s not just illegal to throw away documents with sensitive information, there is also a significant environmental impact. Simply recycling your documents is not enough – shredding is a better, more environmentally sound way to ensure that sensitive information does not just get shuffled around and distributed by your recycling vendor. Shredding companies have the ability to cut paper down to a size where it is unrecognizable and they can send higher volumes of it to be recycled more easily.

A professional shredding company can help you stay in compliance with legal paper shredding. Avoid legal trouble, help save the environment and obtain peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can to protect the valuable information you store.

If you need shredding services in NJ, IntelliShred provides NAID certified shredding, and offers daily, weekly and monthly service packages. Learn more about how we can help you protect your business, contact us today!